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Mock Test Features That Will Help You Get Your Desired PTE Score

Students make plenty of mistakes during the PTE exam and do not even notice them. Our PTE mock test free online service will help you identify and improve your weak spots before sitting in the exam.

Real-time Test Experience

Students will get the real-time test experience before sitting in the exam by taking our best free PTE mock test.

Accurate Scoring Or Result

Our latest AI technology will give you accurate scoring or result (like the real PTE test) according to your level.


After the test, our latest AI technology will give you a complete analysis of your score with some tips to improve the areas you made mistakes.

Similar Questions

Our PTE mock test free online will give you similar or verified questions just like you will face in the real PTE test.

Updated Pattern Or Format

Our free PTE mock test is based on the latest and updated format of the PTE exam. So You will understand the actual PTE test format by taking our free PTE mock test.

Benefits of taking mock test
  • You will get an idea of what you must face on the exam day.
  • Help you analyze your preparation and performance.
  • You can test different strategies in mock tests and choose the strategy that works well for you.
  • You will learn how to manage time on exam day.
  • Get to know your weak and strong points.
  • You can track your performance.

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How Our Mock Test Scoring Criteria Works

Step 1
Automated scoring

After completing our free PTE mock test, your test will be automatically scored by our latest AI-based PTE exam software, like the actual PTE exam.

Step 2
Score Review

We, course mentor, do not just rely on software for your result. After the computerized result, our expert team will check your test and find where you need improvement.

Step 3

You will get your scorecard and a clear understanding of your level of preparation.

Step 4
Detailed report

After the review check of our expert tutors, you will get a detailed report card with a proper analysis of each question.

Step 5
Additional expert support

Our experts will be available 24*7 for your help, and they will help you improve your score based on your PTE mock test result.

PTE Academic Exam FAQs

Is PTE mock test free?
Yes, you can get the free mock test to check your PTE test preparation. We provide an accurate result of your mock test, just like you get in the exam. You have to register to avail free mock test offer.
Is PTE mock test accurate?
There is only one way to find out whether PTE mock test result is accurate or not. You have to give a minimum of 7 or 8 mock tests and compare the result of the mock test with your actual test result.
How can I get a 90 score in PTE?
Tips to score 90 in every section of PTE exam.

For speaking
Pay attention to intonation, pronunciation, fluency, and sense of language.

For reading
Read newspapers and magazines.

For Writing
Learn grammar and punctuation.

For Listening
Listen to English songs and watch English movies.

Do you also provide online coaching?
Yes, we are available for online coaching. You can visit our support, and from there, they will guide you to the further process for online coaching.
Who created these mock tests you are providing?
Certified PTE trainers who have given the PTE test have created these mock tests by keeping in mind all the standards set by the Pearson PLC group for the PTE exam.
Who will check these mock tests?
We, course mentor, do not just rely on software for your result. After the computerized result, our expert team checked and found where you need improvement.
How many times can I take 1 mock test?
You get 1 chance of each mock test for free. You won’t be able to retake any mock tests.
Which is easy IELTS or PTE?
At some point, you can say that the PTE exam is easier than the IELTS because, in the PTE exam, you have to give the speaking on the computer, and in IELTS, you have to give face-to-face speaking. Sometimes candidates may feel nervous while giving face-to-face speaking.
Is 1 month enough for PTE?
Mostly it depends on person to person how much time he or she takes to prepare for the exam. But generally, a person can prepare for the exam in 4 to 6 weeks.
Is PTE exam difficult?
The PTE exam is neither too difficult nor too easy to take, it only depends upon how well you practice for the exam. If you practice well, you can easily get desired PTE score.
What is the highest score in PTE?
In the PTE exam, you can score a maximum of 90.
Is PTE question bank useful?
The question bank is very helpful in building confidence for the exam and also helpful in preparing every type of question.

How you can use our material

We have three types of mock available, from which you can choose from

  • PTE full mock test
    There will be a complete and free PTE mock test. You will have a maximum of 2 hours 20 minutes to complete your test (Speaking and writing - 54-67 minutes, Reading - 29-30 minutes, Listening - 30-43 minutes).
  • PTE section-wise mock test
    If you don’t want to take our full PTE mock test free online, you can avail of our section-wise PTE mock test. The duration of the section-wise mock test will vary based on the section you choose.
  • PTE question-wise practice test
    For students who want to check their level in specific questions, they can take the PTE mock test question-wise. They can choose the question they want to practice and get a detailed overview of their level.