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Psychology means " Study of the mind. It is the scientific study of mind and behavior. Psychology explores how the brain functions, as well as how it affects human behavior. If you're a college student and you're having trouble wrapping your mind around the concepts being taught in your psychology course, you're not alone! Many students face this kind of issues. If you need fast, reliable psychology homework help, you'll come to the right place. experts are here, for helping students to reach their academic goals.

Branches Of Pure Psychology

  • General Psychology:
  • This is a generalized study of the behaviors of ordinary human beings based on general theories and principles.

  • Abnormal Psychology:
  • It is the study of the behavior and mental state of people suffering from abnormalities. It analyzes the causes, symptoms and symptoms, descriptions, and treatments of abnormalities in the behavior prevalent the people.

  • Social Psychology:
  • It studies the behavior of a person when placed in a group. In other words, it studies the dynamics of the group and the inter-relationships of people with others. It assesses the impact of individual and social norms, prejudices, likes, dislikes, and attitudes of different individuals.

  • Experimental Psychology:
  • This is a study which is based on scientific methods applied in controlled and laboratory conditions to study the mental process and behavior of individuals. The study focuses on understanding and interpreting certain behaviors and changing patterns of behavior in certain situations.

  • Physiological Psychology:
  • It studies the behavior of individuals based on biological and physical factors. When analyzing behavior, the internal position and anatomical structure of the body are taken into account.

  • Parapsychology:
  • It studies events that are supernatural sensations: it is tough to understand and explain them – events like a rebirth, telepathy and associated problems.

  • Geo-psychology:
  • It studies behavior based on the external environment of the individual. It analyzes the weather, climate, landscape, and impact of soil on the behavior of the individual.

  • Development Psychology:
  • It studies the development of a person from birth to death. During this growth, different processes are strengthened, which affect the attitude and the attitude of the individual, which affects his/her behavior.

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