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What is Nursing?

21st-century nursing bit different than the old age nursing which was practiced in the past. Now, we can describe nursing as the bond that holds’ a patients’ health. All over the world if theirs is someone who is sick and need care then, in that case, the nurses come in action to take care of that particular person. Nurses are this much qualified that they can ensure the most accurate diagnosis to take care of the person with critical health issues.

Nursing is both art and science with a heart and a mind too. Heart because it needs a person to be polite and to respect a patient’s dignity and needs and it needed mind because it needs a lot of learning how to take care of patient by just judging to integrate objective data with experience of a patients’ behavior and physical needs.

What do nurses do?

There is no basic or advance work limit for a nurse because the responsibilities of a nurse because the job a nurse can vary from a simple problem to a very severe issue. Basically, their work is to take care of a patient by keeping his or her well-being in mind.

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