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What Is Java?

It is a software application of high quality and developed by Sun Microsoft. It is an object-oriented language and closely resembles C++, and it has many advanced features. That makes C++ a little different but still unique in a different way. The central feature java offers us is that it can run on all platforms.

Java language is an object-oriented programming language. Everything in java is an object because, as referred earlier that the java is an object-oriented Programming Language.

The code and all of a program's data reside within the objects and classes. It is used to build a stable app, and It is one of the reasons behind the classes and Objects. This can be run on a single computer or spread over a network on various servers.

Features of Java Programming: -


It is very easy to learn. Its syntax is simple, clean and easy to understand. If you recognize the basic concept of OOP Java, it would be easy to master.


As referred earlier that java is an object-oriented language. Infect, It is a fully object-oriented language. It has many concepts that identify it as such language and those are as given below.

  • Object
  • Class
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation

Java programming language is a portable language which means that the java programs which we make can easily be moved from a system to another without any issue. The program can be moved anytime and anywhere. This means that java language provides us the concept of a portable language. Which means that we can run the same program `with java on different platforms available.

Platform independent:

Java programming language is a platform-independent language as referred earlier that we can run a project anywhere regardless of system. As C and C++ languages are platform dependent because these application programs if written in one operating system then it will not run in another operating system. But as java is a platform-independent language that is written in one operating system can run in a different operating system.


Java programming language is one of the best-secured programming languages because security is a very important concern. It provides a wide range of security from different viruses programs and it also ensures that there is no security or damage that happened to the system.


Java Programming language is a robust language. It provides many safeguards to ensure reliable code. It provides us many types of safeguards just to make sure that our program is safe and reliable. It has strict compile-time and runs time checking for data types. It is designed as a garbage-collected language relieving the programmers virtually all the issues with memory management.


Java language supports multiple types of threads to get executed. We can write different types of Java Programs that deal with many tasks at once by defining multiple threads. It also utilizes the same memory and other resources.


Java is a dynamic language. It supports dynamic loading of classes. Java also supports functions from its native languages, i.e., C and C++

Benefits of Learning Java:

  • Java Programming language is a very popular language because it has so many different features that no other languages provide. It is a Very Popular programming Language in the industry of software programming. And it can provide you different opportunities in the field of programming language.
  • You can use Java to implement any kind of Software. It can be an Enterprise Application, a Website, and a Desktop application, a Search Engine or a Gadget.
  • Java programming language is one of the secured platforms. This is one of the primary reasons worldwide companies are using this Language.
  • One of the best benefits of the java programming language is android app development. Because if you are familiar with the java then learning android development will be easier for you.

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