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General article Writing Expert

Suzanne M. M.
General article Writing
United States


Ever since I was a child, I have always had a natural proclivity for editing. As a tot, I would examine books, billboards, menus, directions, and magazines with high hopes of finding an omitted comma or a misspelled word. I guess no one was really surprised when I became an English teacher! It has been a true honor to have spent the last 16 years formally teaching grammar rules and conventions to my students. I have also proofread countless documents, manuscripts, and dissertations; earned a master's degree (4.0 average); and maintained a 4.0 average in my current doctoral program. Here's how I approach editing * with pure joy and enthusiasm because I truly love to help people sharpen their writing; * with the eye of an eagle, the heart of a scholar, and the tenacity of a tiger; * with respect for your voice, your message, and your delivery style; and * withOUT a red pen! You can count on me for positive messaging, encouragement, and unwavering support for whatever you are trying to accomplish. Let's team-up!

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