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Computer Science Expert

Givanio.M M
Computer Science


I'm passionate about building things, hardware or software, I like to see things that I've built "coming to life" and working. And I have been working with web application development since 2009, since then I have developed applications using a .net framework, c #, javascript, jquery, and other web technologies. During my internship in 2010 and 2011, I had contact with contents management, e-commerce, and ERP technologies. I also have some experience as a teacher in training courses in the area of web development using JSP and Servlets. Since 2012 I have been working with computer vision, image processing and augmented reality as part of my academic research. This academic research has resulted in several applications in areas such as oil extraction, aircraft maintenance, maintenance of power transmission lines, among others. During this time, besides working on my master's degree, I did not stop expanding my personal framework always seeking new tools and knowledge. I have been in touch with various desktop tools such as Qt and WPF, Data Analysis like R and Matlab, web tools such as Angular and Shiny, and game development technologies like Unity.

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