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As a professional online math and SAT tutor, I spend most of my time teaching my current one-to-one students, planning future courses, training my students for SAT exam along writing curriculum and new education books. My tutoring approach is to be firm but fair. I expect my students to be kind, courteous and respectful of others. Lessons with me are fun yet focused and I try to use a variety of teaching techniques to help my students to learn in a way that's highly engaging. I am incredibly proud not just of my own successes as a tutor but of the incredible results that my students have achieved over the years. This year alone, all of my privately tutored students got selected in the college of their choice, secured great scores at SAT and their school exams. Clients have praised me for my ability to go above and beyond for the sake of seeing my students succeed. I usually work with a variety of international students and I'm happy to take on new students to help them attain their best

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