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Management Expert

United States


Put my mastery of the English language to work for you. Allow me to write or edit what you want to say for optimum clarity and impact. Add creative layout and design work for award-winning digital and print publications. Highlights of my educational and professional experiences include: -University of Notre Dame classical education (Great Books); -Master's level research and writing in distinguished American universities; -30 years of experience in research, writing, editing, and proofreading for clients in philosophy, law, business, science, public service and the arts; -Professional marketing and advertising content creation; -Communications media development for non-profit organizations and small businesses (email marketing, newsletters, website editing and optimization); -10+ years of successful, award-winning non-profit grant-writing; -Translations from French and Spanish into native English; -Language-lover (studied French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic and Latin)

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