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Ghazala R.


RESEARCH CONTENT AND ACADEMIC SUPPORT I provide support for research, writing and editing services on subjects ranging from Business, Psychology, Politics, English Literature, Health and Medicine, Developmental Studies and many more. Our clients include Ph.D. scholars, journal article writers, and academic book authors AdWORDS, DIGITAL MARKETING and BULK SEO ARTICLES I am an ex-Google employee who specialises in campaign creation, optimisation and analysis, and can guarantee the improvement of your quality score, traffic generation, and conversions. I have worked with clients across the globe, across different sectors. CRYPTOCURRENCY I have written several Whitepapers for successfully launched ICOs. Articles for review and analysis of latest development in CryptoCurrencies. LEADERSHIP AND CORPORATE TRAINING I am associated with a leading training and service outsourcing company, (which partners with the RAIN group in India), that has clients from diverse sectors, including insurance sales, financial sales, corporate sales, and leadership development. We develop training manuals based on client’s need analysis and customised to fill the skill gaps. CREATIVE I have worked for relationship and lifestyle sections in diverse newspapers, as well as managed online media magazines. We provide novel editing and proofreading services for aspiring authors. INSURANCE AND FINANCIAL SERVICES I provide specific analysis and industry insights on Insurance and Financial sectors. I have managed content and social media marketing for organisations like CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND TEACHING MODULES I have a team of experienced teachers who develop curriculum and teaching modules for all grades, as well as for higher education including MBA.

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