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Management Expert

Juan Pablo


ERP is the current standard for business administration and management. Odoo platform is the most cost-effective solution for small and medium businesses and institutions in all areas: commercial, academic, medical ... I am an Odoo and business analyst and I can perform Odoo implementation for your company: server installation, modules configuration, accounting set up, products, manufacturing, inventory, online shop. The most important thing is to first develop an implementation project for Odoo. The project includes the specific processes related to the company and the methodology to integrate ODOO. Without a well-designed project the implementation may be unsuccessful or you may waste time and money. My specialty area is to analyse your company and design the ERP implementation project. I will also guide you through the learning process of all modules and functions of Odoo system through real examples, while setting up your own company. I can customize Odoo to meet your own specific requirements, but I always advise to start with the standard Odoo Community version , and use it out of the box for some time before investing in modules' customization or migrating to Odoo Enterprise version. I will analyse your business model to end up with the best possible Odoo solution. Don't wait for any more. You deserve ERP for your startup or small business!

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