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Gustavo .Q


Hello, I am Gustavo Quintini a Seasoned Business Finance Professor with more than 7 years of experience teaching Financial Management, Accounting and Enterprise Business Development Projects. I currently work at both the Technological University of the Center (UNITEC) and the University Institute of Technology of Industrial Administration (IUTA). Moreover, I am an Investment Management Specialist by the University of Geneve, coursing a Financial Modelling Specialization with the Wharton Business School and have experience with the design of business plans (the plan is an example) and i'm working as a Financial Analyst and Consultant throght I have experience doing Value investment stock analysis for both Esatto Services and (contracted as an Investment Expert), financial models, business models, commission for sales models, pro-forma Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cashflow Statement), Valuation using Discounted Cashflow Method, Multiples (P/E, P/S, Price To Cashflows, B/M Ratio, etc...) Additional to this, i have experience doing Business Plans for companies like (E commerce Startup), NSA Technologies (Payment Processing Services) and Safe House Restaurant Higher Education: Bachelor of Business Administration. University of Carabobo 2016 Investment Management Specialization. University of Geneva 2017 Coursing a Financial Modelling Specialization by the Wharton Business School

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