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Finance Expert

Elaine Jane


My writing experience dates back to my days as an administrative employee working on various fields including Human Resource, Administrative Support, Medical Support, Finance and my forte, Quality Assurance. My skills were honed while creating necessary business documents that included administrative and business letters, reports and proposals, job descriptions, manuals and procedures and training programs. I also proofread and edited the work of my colleagues who also did such writing in their own field of work. Over the years, I have developed and improved my skills through hands on training, self-teaching and research and participation in different writing seminars and conventions. My training on Quality Assurance also honed my skills since I learned different tools and disciplines which I was able to use in my writing and editing. I have been able to write effectively on topics I am not trained for, such as those medically and technically related through extensive research to gain knowledge and verify / validate collected data. Recent writing, proofreading and editing experiences have been made through online work. In one of my online contracts, I started out with data entry tasks with simple writing skills involved. Having proven my skills and dedication to work, I was then given more complicated writing tasks together with the review and editing of the work of others. I have also worked on creating summaries for business books, proofreading and editing translated manuscripts

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