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Economics Expert

United States


I am a professor of economics with a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Washington. I specialize in microeconomics and quantitative analysis, especially using observational data (although I have my share of experiment design experience as well). I have more than ten years of experience using Stata, and can help you with any Stata coding issues you have, or can help you learn Stata yourself. I'm more than capable of working in R as well. I can help with coding in some other packages or languages, such as Matlab and Python, but I have less experience with those. I can help with research design, either for projects that use observational administrative or government data or for experimental design. Finally, I do plenty of work helping people edit or revise their research writing. Please note that I am an economist, not a financier or businessperson. I am unlikely to be able to help you design investment plans, business operations, or a blockchain white paper. I'm also not a specialist in time series analysis. If you've already figured out how you want your time series model run and you just want someone to code it up, I can help with that. But if you want someone to help design your time series model you may be better off with a time series expert.

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