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Financial planning is a sub-subject which is studied under finance. It provides the student with an understanding of the process for the financial planning of the organization or business. It teaches students various ways of analyzing financial statements and coming up with a solid financial plan that is in the benefit of the organization. To put it in a few words, financial planning is the process of evaluating the current financial situation and making predictions and planning for financial decision making based on this.

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Major Areas Of Financial Planning

Here are some major areas of personal financial planning, according to the Financial Planning Standard Board

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management is related to the financial position of a person. Considering cash flow and cash outflows, this is the primary concern of cash flow management to determine whether the income generated by a person is sufficient to meet his or her monthly expenses. Cash flow analysis takes into account whether a person is spending more than what he is earning.

Risk Management

Risk management takes into account unexpected actions in the future. Some important areas of risk are a disability, death, loss of property, health, etc. Complete and reasonable financial planning helps you cover all possible areas of personal risk.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning includes a plan to dispose of a person's property in case of death. At the time of death of a person, there is a tax due to the state or federal government. This requires careful liquidation of property by the government, which may not include the family of that person.

Tax Planning

To do optimal use of tax policies and benefits of tax exemptions and rebates which the government offers to require a smart plan for tax. Therefore, tax management is necessary to get maximum benefits from paying tax to individuals. This is considered to be the most important aspects that require personal finance management.

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