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Microsoft excel is a program or a software made by Microsoft, as the name suggests, it’s obvious that it is made by Microsoft. It is made by the Microsoft as a major aspect of the office suite. Because there should be some software which could be especially used for office purposes. Because every office needs some software to write documents, making presentation or to manage data in the forms of tables etc. some need excel.

So, basically to manage the office work every office or we can say organization and company needs a sort of software which can help them to manage the data. And that software is Microsoft office.

Microsoft office has everything for everyone like if in case you need to write some documents then it has Microsoft office for you and if you need to make a presentation then it has PowerPoint for you. If you need to maintain sheets and wants to store, organize and manipulate data then it has got Microsoft Excel for you.

And many other software in the suite for different purposes.

What is Microsoft Excel and why it is used?

As discussed above that Microsoft Excel is a Software by the company Microsoft and it is used for office purposes.

Microsoft office is and spreadsheet which is used to store, organize and manipulating any type of data.

So, you can store any type of data in Excel and as unorganized data is just garbage.

So, you can organize the data saved in excel and then if you need to manipulate that data then you can also do that in the Excel’s spreadsheet.

Overall, you can store data and then make changes in it to make the data organized as per your need.

As, Microsoft office is an office suite. That is why it is getting used in almost every workplace or organization around the globe and that is why you should know how to use it as it is becoming the need of every workplace. The most important thing is that it is getting used in different fields like Mathematics, Statistics, Finance and engineering.

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