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What is Data Structure?

The data structure is a way to store and collocate data in a computer system so that we can use the data easily. That is, the data is stored and organized so that it can be easily reached at any time later.

For Example:- you use a dictionary to know the correct meaning of a word. By dictionary, you find any word and its meaning very immediately. You can do so because all the words in the dictionary are correctly stored.

If the words of the dictionary are irregularly stored rather than stored in sorted order, then you can take several days to find the meaning of a word. Dictionary data is a real-life example of structure and its importance.

The way words are sorted out in a dictionary help in finding the meaning of words quickly and easily. Similarly, there are many problems that you need to store and organize data to solve correctly.

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Characteristics of Data Structure


The most important feature of any data structure is that it resolves the problem correctly. If a data structure solves the problem incompletely, then it cannot contemplate a correct data structure for that problem.

Time problem

The time takes to perform any data structure operations is called the time complexity of that data structure. Performance analysis and computation tools are used to check the time complexity of different data structure.

Space complication

The amount of computer memory space used for storage and operations of any data structure data is called space complication of that data structure. Many performances and analysis tools are also used to test space complication. The data structure used by the least amount of space is review to be the best solution to solve the problem.

Operations performed by a data structure take the least amount of time. The data structure that presents the least amount of time is considered right to solve the data structure problem.

Advantages of Data Structure

Gives proficiency to Store and Process Data in proper Way

One of the most essential advantages of data structures is that you can store data in a way that you want and perform effectiveness on it in the way you want it.

Uses Less Processor Time

Some of operations processors utilize less time by the help of data structure. This outcome in less load on the computer processor, and it can also process the available data in large amounts in less time.

Uses Less Memory Space

When you work on a large project, using computer memory properly is a priority. Data structures acquire minimum memory space in the form of a solution to an issue.

Easy To Perform system Operations

The complex operations can be used easily by data structures about any problem.

Types of Data Structure

Two types of data structure

primitive data structure

A data type distributes the structure to store a specific type of data. Therefore primitive data types provided by programming languages are also collated to be data structures. These data structures are called natural data structures.

Non-primitive data structure

connection of primitive data types are made from non-primitive or user-defined data types, so user-defined data types are also called non-primitive data structures.

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