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What is corporate finance?

It is a part of finance that deal with sources of funding, managing the capital structure of corporations, the actions that ensure to increase the value of the firm and corporation to the shareholders continuously. It also helps the corporation or firm to make an essential decision on finance. Corporate finance main focus on to increase the value of shareholders. Corporate finance teaching is different from managerial finance. The main concepts in the branch of corporate finance to analysis all kind of financial difficulty faced by firms. It generally deals with analysis and valuation of projects, risk management and corporate strategies, capital purchases, and investment, relating to financial planning, etc.

Corporate finance has sub-disciplines are

capital budgeting is concerned with assessing the projected costs of an organization that include long-term investments such as purchasing a piece of new machinery. Working capital is the administration of monetary fund's that deal with short's term projects. Here only manage the cash and inventories.

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Is corporate finance different from investment banking?

Corporate finance is concerned with increasing the business of an organization or firm. The terms corporate finance also linked with investment banking. The purpose of an investment bank to estimate the financial needs of firm or organizations and raise the suitable kind of capital that best suits those needs. The corporate-financier phrases deal with transactions in which money is collected to create, grow, develop, and acquire businesses. It is the way to find the best balance between the risks and profits to increase the value of shareholder of the firm and organization. It finds the right opportunities for the organization to invest. All the purpose and task of corporate finance are aimed at assuring that the firm can reach to highest possible value to the shareholders. The corporate manager finds the right investment opportunity and must decide how to divide profits from these investments by using finance analysis.

Financial management is dealing with the allocation of capital resources to increase a firm's importance to the shareholders, while accounting is the reporting of historical financial information.

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