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What is a Capital Budgeting?

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What are the different capital budgeting techniques?

Businesses use various Captial budgeting techniques. The most common uses are the payback period system and the APR system (accounting rate of return method).

Payback period system

The payback period refers to the time that is needed to get the cost of an investment back. The payback period method is the most straightforward techniques for ordinary people to understand who don't know even the basic concept of this field. The purpose of the payback period is usually expressed in years which only the in years that is taken for paying back the beginning investment of a capital project.

ARR Method (Accounting rate of return method)

ARR stands for accounting rate of return. The sum of profit that is required by an individual based on the investment that he or she has done in the project. Another name of the Accounting rate of return method is a simple rate of return. The accounting rate of return is calculated by dividing the initial investment of a project by average annual accounting profit.

What are the problems is Capital Budgeting?

Time Element:

The time element refers to the occurrence of cost and profit of a decision at different points of time. It requires to be adjustable for the time value of money to be comparable — the possibilities of uncertainty rise when the period is longer.

Future uncertainty:

The decisions in the capital budgeting are long term, which means they are unpredictable. An actual guess is no possible even making special efforts and hard work. The uncertainty in the future takes place relating to different factors such as the cost of the project, need in the future, competition, and several more.

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