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C language is a computer programming language. C programming language is a high level and structure oriented programming language. C programming language was developed at bell laboratories in 1972. C language is a very powerful language there is nothing you can’t do with the code of C programming language. It is used in many scientific programming situations whether it can be in the field of medical or any other field.

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  • C file structure, variables.
  • Pointers to pointers, Stacks, queues and multidimensional arrays.
  • Arrays, strings, sorting, Pointers and searching algorithms.
  • Writing, compiling, and debugging programs.
  • Function pointers, hash table & Preprocessor macros.
  • Functions and problem statements.

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Importance of C Programming Language

Here we are going to share importance of the C programming language and why the C programming language is preferred over other programming languages.

C is the base of every type of programming language such as Java, Android, and C++ etc.

It is a favorite programming language of most of the programmers due to its different qualities. And some of those qualities are:

  • C programming language is a robust language which means that its setup is rich and has built in function and operators, which can be used in writing complex program.
  • In C programming language we have a variety of different data types and powerful operators which can be used in writing different type of programs.
  • In this language it has only 33 types of different keyword.
  • The C programming language is mainly used to code or develop an operating system because it is a System programming language.
  • C language is a portable language, which means C programs written for one computer system, can be run on another computer system.
  • The C programming language is very well suited as a structured programming language.
  • The most important feature of C Programming Language is we that we can also create our own functions which we can use further we need to create a program and add it to the library.

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