Proof of language proficiency is a much-needed document for non-native English speakers who want to study or work in an English-speaking nation.

They must submit their scorecard for the English language proficiency test and their visa application.

The most commonly taken exams are IELTS and PTE to prove language proficiency. But now the question arises for those who want to study or work in English-speaking countries, PTE vs IELTS, which option will be better for them?

This blog will compare every aspect of both exams and help you choose one. Here you will also get the answer to the most asked queries of people about PTE vs IELTS. So read the complete blog to choose one exam between IELTS and PTE. 

Key Differences: PTE vs IELTS

Here, you will get the key differences in the IELTS exam based on the following mentioned criteria;

  1. Definition
  2. Types of Exam
  3. Duration
  4. Question Types
  5. Test Fees
  6. Result declaration
  7. Test fairness
  8. Score Table
  9. Preparation Material
  10. Test taken Authorities


What is IELTS Exam?

IELTS is an English language proficiency test that measures students’ English language proficiency in four modules:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking

This test is conducted by the IDP (International Development Program). According to research in 2018, the number of IELTS test takers every year was 3.5 million. You can verify it on the official website of IELTS.

The listening, Reading, and Writing test are conducted on the same day. And the speaking is conducted after or before the listening, writing, and reading test. 

What Is PTE Exam?

PTE is an internationally accepted English language proficiency test students use for study and immigration visa applications. 

It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) scoring, which offers objectivity and a quicker turnaround time for results. 

Types Of Exams

IELTS Academic vs General

IELTS AcademicsStudents who want to prove their English language proficiency to study abroad take the IELTS Academic test.
IELTS GeneralThose who want to prove their English language proficiency for work or PR purposes take the IELTS General exam.

PTE General Exam Vs PTE Academic Exam

PTE GeneralIt is not applicable for immigration purposes. PTE General is suitable for higher education and works in Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine. 
PTE AcademicsPTE Academic is accepted for higher education in international universities and immigration purposes. It is accepted in countries like the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.


IELTS Duration

The IELTS Exam lasts approximately 170 minutes, or 2 hours and 45 minutes. The following is the IELTS exam’s section-by-section timetable:

Listening40 minutes (30 minutes for listening recording and 10 minutes to transfer answers to an answer sheet)
Reading1 hour
Writing1 hour 
Speaking11 – 14 minutes

PTE Duration

The duration of the PTE exam is 191 minutes or 3 hours, with the following sections having different durations:

Writing and Speaking54 – 67 minutes
Listening30 – 43 minutes
Reading29 – 30 minutes

Question Types

The question types in PTE and IELTS are quite different. Here you will get the PTE vs IELTS question types to decide which exam is best for you.

PTE Test Question Type

Speaking & WritingReadingListening
Repeat sentence
Describe image
Re-tell lecture
Answer short question
Summarize written text
Reading & writing: Fill in the blanks
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
Re-order paragraphs
Reading: Fill in the blanks
Multiple-choice, choose single answer
Summarize spoken text
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
Fill in the blanks
Highlight correct summary
Multiple-choice, choose single answerSelect missing word
Highlight incorrect words
Write from dictation

IELTS Test Question Type

Multiple choice
Matching information
Plan, map, diagram labeling
Form, note, table, flow-chart, summary completion
Sentence completion
Short-answer questions
Multiple choice
Identifying information
Identifying the writer’s views/claims
Matching headings
Matching features
Matching sentence endings
Sentence completion
Summary, note, table, flow-chart completion
Diagram label completion
Short-answer questions
IELTS Academic Task 1
Bar Chart
Multiple Graphs
Pie Chart
Process Diagram
Line Graph
IELTS General Task 1
Formal letter
Informal letter
Semi-formal letter
IELTS Academic & General Task 2
Agree or disagree
Advantages and disadvantages
Direct essay
Cause/solution essay
Positive/negative essay
Discussion essay
Part 1 – Introductive question
Part 2 – Cue card
Part 3 – Follow-up

Test Fees

Both tests are extremely similar; however, pricing may differ based on your country. PTE and IELTS fees in India are as follows:

CountryPTE Costs IELTS Costs
United StatesUSD 235USD 245–310 
IndiaINR 15,900INR 16,250

Result Declaration

  • IELTS paper test: 13 days after your test, you can fill out a test report form.
  • IELTS computer test: IELTS computer test results are available in 3 to 5 days after your test. 
  • PTE result: The results are available within 48 hours of taking the exam.

Test Fairness

PTE’s scoring system is fair Because the tests are algorithm-based and have a high predictability factor.

PTE Test Fairness

  • PTE has created its proprietary automated software for PTE assessment.
  • Test takers are less stressed/anxious Because no one judges their performance while trying to answer.
  • There is no scope for human bias in the scoring because the question formats are standard.

IELTS Test Fairness

  • IELTS encourages test-takers to respond to a simulated real-life situation.
  • Test takers communicate with people, not computers.
  • Specialized human examiners grade your tasks.

Score Table

Skill Level PTE IELTS
Expert 89-909
Very Good 83-858.5
Very Good 74-848
Good 73-777.5
Good 64-727
Competent 58-636.5
Competent 50-576
Modest 42-495.5

Preparation Material

It is essential to prepare for the exam from the best study material to achieve a good score in any exam. So for you, we have narrowed down the best study material to help you achieve your dream of migrating to an English-speaking nation for work or study.

The best preparation material for the PTE exam;

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic
  • Practice Tests Plus: PTE Academic
  • Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2
  • PTE Academic Official website (Click Here)
  • PTE Academic Official Preparation App
  • Wiley’s PTE Advantage For The Academic Module
  • PTE Academic Practice Test Plus – Volume 1 and 2

The best IELTS books or preparation material to get a good score in the IELTS exam;

  • The Official Cambridge Guide To Ielts
  • Barron’s Ielts
  • Official IELTS Practice Materials
  • Cambridge IELTS 12 General Training Student’s Book
  • Ace the IELTS: IELTS General Module
  • Target Band 7: IELTS Academic Module
  • Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS
  • English Grammar in Use

Test Taken Authorities

Trustworthy institutions run both IELTS and PTE with many years of assessment experience and expertise.

PTEPearson PLC, the world’s top British MNC for publishing and education, runs PTE Academic.
IELTSJointly owned by the British Council, IDP (International Development Program)

PTE Academic

Pearson PLC, the world’s top British MNC for publishing and education, runs PTE Academic.


The British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English jointly conducted IELTS.

Comparison Table: PTE vs IELTS

Here are the key differences between IELTS vs PTE; let’s have a look at the table given below.

ConductorPearson PLC GroupJointly owned by the British Council, IDP (International Development Program)
AcceptanceMany universities worldwide, such as Harvard Business School, INSEAD, and Yale, accept PTE academics. Australian, New Zealand, and UK governments accept PTE for migration purposes. Many organizations in more than 140 countries accept IELTS. These include government departments and immigration authorities, universities, schools, colleges, and training organizations. 
Price₹15900 INRComputer-delivered & Pen-paper IELTS INR 16,250
ValidityIt is valid for 2 years for academic purposes in Australia. It is valid for 3 years for immigration purposes in Australia.Test Report Forms are valid for 2 years
VersionAcademic General Training and Academic
FormatComputer-based Pen-Paper-based and Computer-based 
Length2 hours in 1 sitting One day Listening, reading, and writing – 2 hours 45 minutes without any break.
Speaking will take place before or after the exam – 11 to 14 minutes.
Results5 working days, mostly in 24 hoursPaper-based test (13 days) and computer-based test (5 days)
Assessment MechanismAssessed by AI (Artificial IntelligenceAssessed by examiners (writing and speaking)
Preparation Material / Mock TestMock test with the same Artificial Intelligence that assesses your real test!There is no official mock test available, only a practice test available with answers 
AdvantagesQuick exam result.

No human bias, as AI checks your test.

There are no ambiguous questions that have different meanings.

The test is completed on the same day.
Globally accepted.

Accepted for both study and work visas.

Available in both variants: pen-paper and computer.
DisadvantagesNot accepted for immigration visa applications in Canada and some other top countries.

A heavy accent may cause a score deduction.

Sometimes students’ voices may not get properly captured, and they may not get scores.
Some students may find face-to-face speaking difficult in IELTS.

It takes two days to complete the test.

Other Important PTE vs IELTS Differences

Apart from the abovementioned differences, there are more immigration-related differences between IELTS and PTE exams.

Migration To Canada

The IELTS exam is widely accepted by all countries for study or work visas, while there are some restrictions on the acceptance of the PTE exam.

However, the IRCC has announced that they will start accepting PTE Academic tests under the SDS category starting on 10th August 2023.

Before 2023, Canada also does not accept the PTE test for the work permit and PR files, but by the end of 2023, they will start accepting the PTE essential test for PR or work permit files.

The PTE exam is on the list of newly added exams for the SDS category, while the IELTS was accepted by IRCC since 2005.

Trusted worldwide

The IELTS exam is accepted by over 11,000 organizations worldwide. This makes IELTS the most trusted and fair exam for proving English language proficiency. 

On the other side, the PTE test is accepted by approximately 3000 organizations worldwide, which is only around 25 to 30% of the organizations accept the IELTS exam.
This is a very crucial or important factor that you must keep in mind while choosing one exam between PTE vs IELTS.
Before finalizing an exam, check on the official website of the organization you are applying to whether they accept the exam you have chosen or not.

Availability in Both Formats (Online And Offline)

The IELTS exam is available to take in both formats that is, online (computer-based) and offline (pen-paper-based), while the PTE is available in only computer-based format.
So if you are comfortable with taking the exam on the computer, then you can choose any one the exam between PTE vs IELTS. But, if you want to take the pen-paper-based exam then IELTS is the only option for you.

Single Sitting

The IELTS exam takes place on two different days, that is, the listening, reading, and writing module takes place on one day, while the speaking test can take place before or after the other modules. 

But in the case of the PTE exam, this is not the case. Students don’t have to visit the test centers for two different days. As the PTE exam takes place in a single sitting.
So, if you do not want to visit the test centers twice to take an English language test then you must choose the PTE exam.

Latest Updates of IELTS and PTE!

Here are some latest updates of IELTS and PTE take a look below: 


IELTS Indicator: This is a new test from the British Council, IDP, and Cambridge Assessment English. It is a shorter and easier form of the IELTS Academic test, and it is meant to give you an early idea of how you will do on the IELTS.

IELTS Life Skills: This test measures how well you can use English in everyday situations. It is a shorter and cheaper version of the IELTS General Training test, and it is meant to help you shop, travel, and work in an English-speaking setting.

IELTS on Demand is a new service that lets you take the IELTS test online at a time that works for you.


PTE at Home is a new way to take the PTE Academic test from the comfort of your own home. During the test, you will be watched by a proctor and will need a computer with a screen and a microphone.

PTE Speaking: This is a new part of the PTE Academic test that lets you record your answers when you speak. If you are not used to talking in front of a microphone, this can help.

You can now write your essay for the PTE Academic test in a word processor, which is a new option. This can help if you find writing in a word processor easier.

Tips for the Exam

After knowing the PTE vs IELTS comparison, here are some of the best tips for both exams to ace the exam with a good score.

  • Before taking the final exam, take many practice tests. To avoid any confusion or delays, you should be familiar with the test’s format and pattern.
  • Keep an eye on each section’s time limit. To avoid missing any questions, you must use efficient time management while attempting all of the parts.
  • When writing, we may get confused between American and British English. Learn to distinguish between the two and stick to one English for the exam duration. Also, make sure your grammar and spelling are in good working order.
  • To improve your listening skills, go through a collection of English films and recordings while doing the listening and reading sections. Every day, read the recommended English novels and develop your vocabulary.
  • Finally, read newspapers, magazines, journals, books, and online articles to immerse yourself in the English language.

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In this blog, we have explained the differences between PTE vs IELTS. These are two of the most chosen exam by students to prove their language proficiency.

Students are mostly have confusion that which exam they should choose and why, for them, this blog is the perfect answer. After reading this blog, they can identify the best exam for them.

For example, if you are uncomfortable with face-to-face speaking, then the PTE is a good option for you, but if you are uncomfortable taking exams on the computer, you must go for IELTS. 

We hope we have cleared all your queries and questions related to PTE vs IELTS. Contact our experts if you have any queries or questions about the topic.

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PTE vs IELTS, which is easy?

The answer to this question may vary from person to person, as both exams test your English language proficiency in four modules: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. But you may find the PTE exam easier if you are comfortable taking an exam on the computer.

Is PTE banned in Canada 2023?

No, in 2023 PTE exam is not banned in Canada. The IRCC has announced that Canada will start accepting the PTE Academic test under the SDS category. PTE essential test will also be accepted by the end of 2023 for immigration purposes.

PTE vs IELTS, which is better?

The answer may depend on which country you plan to migrate to. PTE is a good option for Australia, but if you plan to move to Canada, you should go for IELTS.

How Does PTE Speaking Differ From IELTS?

The speaking section in both exams is quite different, as the PTE is fully computerized, and the speaking in PTE is tested through AI technology. In IELTS, speaking is more of a face-to-face interview, and the examiner will give your score.