The PTE General exam is an English language proficiency test. PTE (Pearson English Language Test) evaluates the English language of the students based on:

  1. Writing
  2. Speaking
  3. Listening
  4. Reading

We will discuss all these four criteria in this blog.

Who should give this Exam?

The PTE General Exam is not recognized by Universities as proof of English proficiency. It is also not helpful in immigration. The sole purpose of the PTE General test is to test the knowledge of the English language. It may be shown in some workplaces.

How PTE General Is Different From PTE Academics

Two types of PTE exams are conducted by the organization- Academic and General.

The difference between both types is given below:

DifferencePTE AcademicPTE General
PurposeTo gain admission to English-speaking countriesMostly to test English proficiency in a general manner.
Validity2 yearsLifetime
Test datesAlmost all the time of a yearOnly in the months of May, June, August, November, and December
Accepted in countriesUK, US, Australia, and  CanadaSpain, Switzerland, Italy, Latvia, Greece, Poland, and Lithuania.

Who Accepts PTE General Exam 

Many countries accept the PTE exam for study visas and work immigration. There is the list of such countries is given below

  • UK
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Latvia
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Mexico
  • Lithuania
  • Albania 
  • Columbia
  • Ecuador
  • Switzerland

Test Levels of PTE General exam

The PTE General test consists of 6 levels with respect to the Common European Framework of Reference.

LevelSpoken InterviewWritten TestTotal Time
A15 mins75 mins1 hour 15 mins
A25 mins95 mins1 hour 35 mins
B17 mins95 mins1 hour 35 mins
B27 mins120 mins2 hours
C18 mins150 mins2 hours 30  mins
C28 mins175 mins2 hours 55 mins
Foundation level- A1The A1 level is focused on testing the foundation of the language of the students. The exam tests the grammar of the student as well as the survival instinct. Universities do not accept PTE General A1 level certification. The Foundation level is just to check students’ most basic knowledge of English. Sustained monologues, Prescribed pictures, and Roleplay are included in the spoken interview which is for 5 minutes.
Level A2The A2 level PTE General test is for beginners in English who want to move a step ahead from the A1 level. Universities do not accept PTE General A2 level certification. However, if a student is a beginner in the language, then giving the A2 level exam can help to build confidence. 
Level B1The B1 level PTE General exam is for students having intermediate knowledge of the English language. Universities do not accept PTE General B1 level certification. This level tests students based on general questions based on work and study environments like tourism, public places, travel, workplaces, educational places, etc. 
Level B2The B2 level is similar to the B1 level with the addition of some difficulty in questions. Universities do not accept PTE General B2 level certification.
Level C1The C1 level certifies an individual as a near-native English speaker. Universities do not accept PTE General C1 level certification. This level contains questions on broad and conceptual topics like pollution, conservation, development, etc.
Level C2The C2 level is to certify an individual to be a native speaker of the English language. The C2 level is considered the Master level of the language. In the test, the fluency of the student is given importance. This test is for individuals possessing advanced level knowledge and fluency in the English language.

PTE Exam Pattern

The PTE General test is taken in two parts- A spoken interview and a Writing test. The spoken interview involves testing of communication skills of the student as well as fluency in speaking. The spoken interview is conducted first among the two parts. After 1 week, the written test is conducted. The spoken interview is conducted by a person whose native language is English. The PTE exam accepts spellings in UK, US, Australian and Canadian English. 

Paper SectionWeightage
Spoken Interview25 marks
Written Test 75 marks
Total100 marks

Students can give the PTE General exam in May, June, August, November, and December. To be eligible for the PTE General test, students need to be at least 16 years old.

PTE General Test Score 

The score of the PTE General test has a lifetime validation, with no expiry date. The exam contains 13 sections in total, among which 9 sections are in the written test and 10-13 are in the spoken interview.

Maximum scores of the 9 written sections are given below: 

SectionSkills testedMaximum Score
2Listening and Writing10

The total no. of marks in all sections is 75

Maximum scores of the 4 interview sections are given below:

SectionSkills tested

Note: Maximum scores are evaluated from the mixture of all 4 sections based on speaking abilities

PTE Components 

The PTE test is made up of some components 


In this, you are given the time to read the prompt. It depends on the question’s length. The length of questions is measured in sentences or words.

Prepare to answer

You have 10 to 15 minutes to answer the questions, so you can think and prepare answers.


It’s time to share answers. This is the total time where you need to perform. 

When you write, your answers are saved as text, and when you speak, your answers are recorded. 

Benefits of the PTE General Test

Builds confidence

The spoken interview of the PTE General Test especially builds the confidence of students in their fluency of speaking. By giving the C1, and C2 level exams, students can be highly confident about their grip on the language.

Lifetime validity

Unlike the PTE Academic exam which has a validity of just 2 years, the PTE General Test scores are valid forever.

Highly recognized

The scores of the PTE General test are recognized worldwide by almost all countries as proof of English language proficiency. However, it is not recognized by universities for admission or immigration purposes.

We wish all the students all the best for the exam!

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How can I prepare for PTE general exam?

1. Know your target score.
2. Know the test format.
3. Understand how the test is scored.
4. Choose your preparation resources.
5. Tips for test day.

How many types of PTE are there?

There are three types of PTE:
1. PTE Academic
2. PTE General
3. PTE Young Learners