The PTE Academics or the Pearson Test of English was the first entirely computer-based English test worldwide. Also, the PTE Academics test is trusted by the UK, Australian, and New Zealand governments, as well as thousands of academics and professional institutions around the world, as proof of your English language skills. So if you want to move to another country where English is the main language or want to study at a university that teaches English, then PTE is the test for you. 

Moreover, PTE Academics is incredibly convenient and can easily be taken at a test center near you, and available 365 days a year. Apart from this, this test is computer-based, which means you will get your result quickly-typically within two days. In addition to this, you won’t have to speak to an examiner or write the exams by hand so now you can be confident that you won’t be judged unfairly. 

PTE Academics Eligibility Requirements 2023

Before making an attempt at PTE Academics, you must know its Eligibility Criteria and the requirements to appear for the exam.

  • You must have the nationality of a country. As a candidate, you must belong to a nation (and should be a follower of the same set of rules governing the PTE exam). PTE Academics is open to all students of all nationalities so it can only be taken from those candidates who have valid details of their IDs such as Passport or other eligible documents mentioned on the official site of PTE.
  • The plus point of the PTE exam is that the authorities of PTE have not specified any education eligibility criteria. But their only criterion is that the candidate should be persuasive in English.  
  • The age requirements matter for the PTE exam. The candidate must be over the age of 16 years to take the PTE Academics. Exam. Moreover, the PTE official site has not specified any upper-age limit for the exam. If you are 16 to 18 years of age then you are also eligible to take the PTE Exam but you have to submit a parental consent form in advance. However, the consent form you may download from the official website of PTE.
  • As it is mentioned above that the PTE board authorities have not specified lower or upper age limit groups who want to take the SAT exam. Meanwhile, their only requirement is that the candidates who are appearing for the exam must have completed the basic education from high education school. However, most candidates are of the 17-19 years of the age group who appear for the SAT exam. 

PTE Academics Test Format 2023

PTE Academics exam format includes three sections  Listening, Reading, and Speaking & Writing. However, you get marks on these three sections, which help you get PTE Academic scores as well. The exam components are mentioned in the detail for the benefit of the student. Those students who want to appear for their PTE academic exam can check out this test format for 2023.

This PTE Academic Exam pattern has been compressed by one hour and now the entire PTE exam is conducted for 2 hours.

Syllabus for PTE Academics Exam 2023

If you are appearing for the PTE Academics exam then it is crucial to understand the syllabus before the exam. However, the syllabus of the PTE academics has been broadly divided into three sections as already mentioned above: PTE speaking & writing, reading, and listening sections. Students can check out the syllabus of the PTE Academics exam pattern 2023 as written below.

Topics for PTE Reading sections

Students for the reading sections would get a total of 29-30 minutes to complete the section. However, in the reading section, you can see any of the following topics.

Fill in the BlanksFirst, you have to drag a box and then fill the gaps with text on your computer screen
Multiple Choice, Multiple AnswerIn this, you have to select more than one response
Re-order ParagraphsIn this topic, you have to put the text boxes in a correct order
Multiple Choice Questions in single answer typeIn this one, you have to select one response when you complete the reading of the text
Reading & Writing: Fill in the BlanksSimply drag those worlds which you think is appropriate for your answer

Topics for PTE Speaking & Writing sections

PTE Speaking & Writing sections would have a total time of 54-68 minutes. However, this section includes many interesting topics such as.

Read AloudIn this one, you have to read the test at a loud volume on an appearing screen
Re-tell LectureIn your own words or language, you have to re-tell the sentences
Repeat SentencesRepeat the shown recording on your screen
Personal IntroductionIn an introduction, you have to write about yourself and also provide information about the institution as well 
Describe an ImageAn image will be shown on your screen, you have to describe in detail
Answer Short QuestionsDon’t waste your time on writing long paragraphs, short and simple in one or few words.
EssayEssay writing within 200 to 300 words
Summarise Written TextLastly, summarise the written passage in one sentence

Topics for PTE Listening sections

This section may take 30 to 44 minutes in total. For the listening sections, the topics would include the following types.

Summarise Spoken TextShould not use more than 50 to 70 words
Highlight Correct SummarySummarise the given topic after listening to the recording section
Highlight Incorrect WordsSimply identify the words which differ from the recording
Fill in the BlanksFill the missing gaps
Multiple Choice, Single AnswersNeed to select only one response
Select Missing WordFind out the missing word after listening to the recording 
Multiple Choice, Multiple AnswersSelect more than one response
Write from DictationListen carefully and type the sentence on your screen.

PTE Academics Preparation Tips & Tricks

To ace your PTE Academics score we have provided the PTE exam preparation tips to score good marks in the exam.

PTE Reading Tips

  • First of all, you must build up your vocabulary and learn new words daily.
  • Also, you should ignore the technicalities while reading the passages
  • Try to adopt the elimination strategy.
  • Use more grammatical words which is an extensively important part of the reading section.
  • Also, time management is an essential strategy to ace the reading part of PTE Academics.

Follow these reading PTE tips to score well in the exam.

PTE Speaking & Writing Tips

Some of the PTE speaking & writing tips are provided below when dealing with this part of PTE Academics.

PTE Speaking Tips

  • You should focus on copying the modulation of each word as there might be many ups and downs for each alphabet.
  • Also, try to copy native English speakers to improve your English speaking skills by watching American, British and Australian accents. 
  • Watch pronunciation videos on Youtube which helps in achieving desired oral fluency. 
  • Use google or YouTube IPA and phonemes for the improvement of your pronunciation skills.
  • Moreover, you also need to be aware of the position of the jaw, tongue, and lips while pronouncing the words.

PTE Writing Tips

  • Before start writing the section, you should analyze the presented task.
  • Try to focus on the key points in the essay
  • Also, present your content that is clear and establish a point of view
  • More focus on recognizing the keywords in the prompt section.
  • Along with this, you should also understand the presented topic.

PTE Listening Tips

We have provided some of the most sought-after PTE listening tips as informed earlier for candidates who want to ace their listening skills.

  • Firstly, students should check the sentence structure, grammar part, vocabulary, and spelling for their finished response.
  • Moreover, the students should listen to the conversation with concentration.
  • Also, the students should be able to frame their answers in response to their questions which wolves the main idea of the recording.
  • Candidates should also practice their time management skills so that they will be able to complete the listening section in the given frame of time.

Conclusion (PTE Academics)

So this is all about the PTE Academics. In this blog, we have provided you with a bit of detail about the PTE academics eligibility requirements to tips, and tricks to score well in the exam. This exam is beneficial for those who find the IELTS exam difficult. Thus, there are still many reasons to choose PTE academics over IELTS. 

The first one is that it takes only 48 hours to receive the test results, which is fast. Also, you can complete your exam preparation with free sample exams and graded resources which increases your test day self-assurance. However, it is less stressful as compared to other English test exams. 

As it is a computer-based exam that takes only two hours in which test setting, simple booking is included. With PTE academics, you will experience a better and more convenient pattern than others. 

FAQs (PTE Academics)

How many times can I take the PTE Academics test?

Well, you can take the PTE Academics test multiple times. Thus, there is no set limit on the exam on which you can take the rest. Although, there is only one condition: you have to be patient until you receive your PTE exam scores before booking another lot to retake the test.

How many countries accept the PTE test?

There are over 3000+ colleges and institutions worldwide that accept tour PTE exam scores. Generally, PTE verifies the English proficiency of the candidate and there is the UK, Australia and New Zealand government that accepts PTE scores as proof of English for all Visa Tiers.