IELTS speaking is an important part of the IELTS exam and assesses a candidate’s communication ability in English through speaking.

Speaking part of the IELTS exam is more like a face-to-face interview that will last long for 11 to 14 minutes.

There are a total of 3 types of questions in the IELTS speaking;

  • Introduction
  • Cue card
  • Follow-ups

In the IELTS speaking, your speaking is evaluated under four different criteria;

  1. Fluency and coherence
  2. Lexical resource
  3. Grammatical range and accuracy
  4. Pronunciation

There are  8 to 10 questions in the IELTS speaking module, and in this blog, I will give the latest IELTS speaking questions that students must try to get a good score in IELTS speaking.

Let’s get started!

You will also get a link to the IELTS speaking pdf that you download to get the sample answer for the IELTS speaking questions.

IELTS Speaking Format

Before moving toward IELTS speaking questions, you must understand the IELTS speaking test format.

As I mentioned above, there are three types of questions in the IELTS speaking module, here, you will get the proper format for the IELTS speaking module.

Question TypeDurationNumber of questionsDescription
Introduction4 to 5 minutes4 to 5 In this, the examiner will ask you introductive questions related to you, your home, your family, or your study.
Cue card3 to 4 minutes1In this, the examiner will give you a topic, you will have to speak for at least 1.30 to 2 minutes on that topic, and you will have 1 minute to prepare for the topic.
Follow-up4 to 5 minutes4 to 5In this, the examiner will ask you some general questions that may or may not relate to the cue card. You are required to give answers to these questions in 3 to 4 lines. 

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IELTS Speaking Questions

You will get a proper topic-wise list of questions in all three parts of the IELTS speaking exam.

Questions for Part 1 (Introduction)

It may be clear by the name of this section that the examiner will ask you some introductive questions. You have to answer these introductive questions in one or two lines. Now let’s see the IELTS speaking questions for part 1 of IELTS.

WorkWhat is your job?
Where do you work?
Why did you choose that job?
Do you like your job?
In the future, do you planning to do the same job?
StudyWhat do you study?
Where do you study?
Do you like the subjects you are studying?
Are the subjects you choose popular in your country?
Is it easy to find a job after studying these subjects?
What kind of jobs can you do after studying these subjects?
HomeDo you live in a house or flat?
Where is your home?
Do you like your home?
With whom do you live there?
Which is your favorite room in your home?
Do you plan to live there in the future, also?
HometownWhere is your hometown?
Do you love your hometown?
What type of facilities is available in your hometown?
Do you want to change anything in your hometown? If yes, why?
Are you planning to live here in the future also?
Do you think it is a great place to nurture children?
ArtDo you love art?
Do you enjoy doing art?
Have you ever taken part in any art competition?
Do you think it is important to do good art?
Should children be motivated to do art from childhood?
Birthday Do you celebrate your birthday?
With whom do you celebrate your birthday?
How do you celebrate your birthday?
Do you think it is necessary to celebrate the birthday of children?
Daily RoutineDo you have a fixed daily routine? 
Do you ever think about changing your daily routine?
Do you make a routine by yourself or take help from a friend or family member?
Do you think everyone should have a daily routine?
Family & FriendsWith whom do you love to spend time, family or friends?
Who is more important, family or friends?
With whom do you love to spend time, family or friends?
Are you close to your family?
Who is more important, family or friends?
Is it important to have a lot of friends?
ClothesHow often do you buy clothes?
From where do you buy clothes?
With whom do you prefer to go to buy clothes?
Is it important to buy expensive or branded clothes?
What kind of clothes do you prefer to wear?
Have you ever thought you have wasted a lot of money on clothes?
Do men and women have the same views on clothes?
InternetDo you love listening to music?
How often do you listen to music?
What kind of music do you prefer to listen to?
Does music help you feel relaxed?
Who is your favorite singer?
Do you prefer to listen to music at a live concert?
Do you play any musical instrument?
Which is your favorite song? Why?
MusicDo you love listening to music?
How often do you listen to music?
What kind of music do you prefer to listen to?
Does music help you feel relaxed?
Who is your favorite singer?
Do you prefer to listen to music at a live concert?
Do you play any type of musical instrument?
Which is your favorite song? Why?
FlowersDo you love flowers? Why or why not?
Which is your favorite flower? Why?
Do flowers have any special meaning?
Have you ever gifted flowers to someone?
Have you ever received flowers as a gift?
Do you love plucking flowers? If not, why?
Are flowers have any importance in your culture?
Social MediaDo you use social media?
Do you think you spend a huge amount of time on social media?
How much time do you spend on social media?
Which is the most popular social media platform in India and why?
Does social media help you in any way?
Which is your favorite social media platform?
Do your friends also prefer the same social media platform?
SnacksWhat type of snacks do you prefer to eat?
Do you love Indian snacks or Chinese, Mexican, or Italian?
How often do you eat snacks?
Did you love eating snacks when you were young?
Do you think it is healthy to eat snacks daily?
Public TransportationWhich type of public transport do you prefer to use?
How often do you use public transport and why?
When was the first time you used public transport?
WatchDo you prefer to wear a watch?
What kind of watch do you prefer to wear?
Have you ever been gifted or received a watch from someone?
Do you prefer an expensive watch or a normal one?
For how long are you been wearing a watch?
Did you used to wear a watch when you were a kid?

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Other topics for IELTS speaking part 1

  • Bicycles
  • Childhood
  • Computers
  • Dictionaries
  • Evenings
  • Food
  • Going Out
  • Happiness
  • Hobbies
  • Leisure time
  • Neighbours & Neighbourhood
  • Newspapers
  • Pets
  • Reading
  • Shopping
  • Sport
  • TV
  • Transport
  • Weather

Questions for Part 2 (Cue-Card)

In this part, the examiner will give you a topic or Cue Card on which you have to speak for 2 minutes. For your help, 3 or 4 bullet points will be given with the question, and you have to cover all these points in your speech. Now let’s see the IELTS speaking questions for part 2 of IELTS.


Describe a piece of art you like.

You should say:

  • what the work of art is
  • when you first saw it
  • what you know about it
  • Explain why you like it.


Describe a book you have recently read.

You should say:

  • what kind of book is it
  • what it is about
  • what sort of people would enjoy it
  • Explain why you liked it.


Describe some advice you recently received.

You should say:

  • when this happened
  • who gave you the advice
  • what the advice was
  • Explain how you felt about the advice.

Daily Routine

Time of the day you like.

You should say:

  • what time of day is it
  • what you do at that time
  • who you are usually with
  • Explain why you like it.


Describe an exercise you know.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • how it is done
  • when you first tried it
  • what kind of people do this exercise
  • Explain why it is a good exercise.


Talk about a family member you are close with.

You should say:

  • who it is
  • what is your relationship with that person
  • what is that person like
  • what you do together
  • Explain why you get on so well.


Describe a gift you give to someone recently.

You should say:

  • who you gave it to
  • what the gift was
  • what occasion was the gift for
  • Explain why you chose that gift.

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Describe an interesting hobby.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • what type of people does it
  • how is it done
  • Explain why you think it is interesting.

Recent IELTS Speaking Questions In Part 2

Here are some recent questions about the IELTS speaking part 2 exam. You should practice these questions as there are chances that you may get the same question or question related to this in your speaking cue card. 

Let’s discuss the recent IELTS speaking questions:

  • Talk about a time when you saw huge plastic waste (E.g., on a beach or park)
  • Talk about any place in your nation you like to recommend to travelers or visitors.
  • Talk about something that you had to share with others.
  • Describe something that you did in a group or with a single person.
  • Talk about the first day at college or school you remember.
  • Talk about a place you visited and faced the air pollution issue.
  • Describe any novel or story you read and found very interesting.
  • Talk about any program you love to watch with others or alone.
  • Talk about a time you have to search for a piece of information.
  • Describe a famous place to do sports that you visited.
  • Talk about an essential thing you learned but not in school or college.
  • Describe a person who likes to grow plants.
  • Talk about a time when you taught a relative or friend something.
  • Talk about something you have done and feel proud.
  • Describe an old person you have met and find interesting.
  • Describe a person whom you met at any party and enjoyed talking to.
  • Talk about a time when you and your friend argued.
  • Describe a place that was noisy.
  • Describe an animal you want to know more about.
  • Describe a time when you waited in a long queue.
  • Describe an activity that you enjoy doing with your family.
  • Talk about a subject you studied in school that you found interesting.
  • Describe a product or service that you recently purchased and are happy with.
  • Describe a situation when you received good customer service.
  • Describe a place that you have recently visited and liked.
  • Talk about a historical event that you find interesting.
  • Talk about a person who you think has impacted your life.
  • Describe a goal that you have achieved in your life.
  • Talk about a leisure activity that you enjoy doing in your free time.
  • Describe a piece of clothing that you love wearing.
  • Talk about an environmental problem that concerns you.
  • Describe an occasion when you had to give a speech or presentation.
  • Describe a restaurant that you enjoy dining at.
  • Talk about a book that you recently read and enjoyed.
  • Describe a festival or celebration that is important in your culture.
  • Talk about a skill that you would like to learn in the future.
  • Describe a project that you worked on with others.
  • Describe a place you have visited that has a lot of history.
  • Talk about a difficult decision you had to make. OR Talk about a situation when you had to make a big decision.
  • Describe a person who has influenced your life.
  • Discuss a piece of technology you enjoy using. OR Talk about a recent development in technology that you find exciting.
  • Describe an outdoor activity you enjoy doing. OR Talk about an outdoor activity you have done at a new place.
  • Talk about a memorable event in your life.
  • Describe a meal that you enjoyed. OR Talk about a meal you had that was unforgettable.
  • Talk about a hobby that you have.
  • Discuss a time when you had to solve a problem.
  • Describe a time when you received good news.
  • Talk about a place where you would like to live in the future.
  • Describe a sport that you enjoy playing or watching.
  • Discuss a famous person you admire.
  • Talk about a time when you worked in a team.
  • Describe a gift that you have received that was meaningful to you.
  • Discuss a job you would like to have in the future.
  • Talk about a situation where you had to be polite.
  • Discuss a change you would like to make in your life.

You can download our IELTS speaking pdf 2023 to get the IELTS speaking questions with sample answers.

Other important IELTS speaking Questions for part 2

  • A useful website.
  • A kind person.
  • A language you have learned.
  • A song you like.
  • Good news you recently received.
  • An older person, you know.
  • A photograph you like the most.
  • Talk about a person you respect.
  • Describe a sport you will learn in the future.

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Questions for Part 3 (Follow-up)

In this part, the examiner will ask questions related to your cue card, and you have to answer those questions in 3 to 4 lines. Now let’s see the IELTS speaking questions for part 3 of IELTS.


  • What kind of art do you prefer?
  • What is necessary for good painting?
  • Can children benefit from learning art?
  • Has there been any change in art in the last few decades?


  • Is it possible to know about a person from their clothes?
  • Why do some companies need their employees to wear uniforms?
  • When do people wear traditional clothes in your nation?
  • What is the difference between young and older people’s clothes?


  • What is essential to becoming a good student?
  • What is the teacher’s role in the class?
  • What has been the change in teaching in recent years?
  • How can a teacher make lessons interesting for students?


  • Is family important in your country?
  • What will be the changes in the family in the future?
  • What is a grandparent’s role in the family in your country?
  • Who should care for older people, family, or the government?


  • Is diet important?
  • What comes with a balanced diet?
  • What is the typical diet for your country’s people?
  • Is there any difference between home-cooked or restaurant food?


  • How can people improve their health?
  • Is there prevention for every disease?
  • Is health care should be free?
  • Will there be fewer illnesses in the future?

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IELTS Speaking Questions With Sample Answers

Here are the sample answers for all parts of the IELTS speaking questions, students can get an idea of how to answer the questions in IELTS speaking from these.


Please tell me your full name.

My full name is Rahul Sharma, but you can address me by my first name Rahul.

Where are you from?

I am from Pehowa, it is a small town of Kurukshetra and known for its religious activities like the Saraswati Fair in March every year.

Do you work or study?

Currently, I am studying B.Sc (Computer Science) from Kurukshetra University.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I love playing outdoor games like cricket and football to keep myself fit. Sometimes I also love to read different kinds of books.

Which is your favorite book?

My favorite book is “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” by J. K. Rowling.

Cue card Sample

Describe a memorable trip you have taken.

I have taken a lot of trips in my life, some with friends and some with family members. But here I will discuss the most memorable trip of my life when I visited the Grand Canyon in the United States. This was the first time when I had visited an abroad country in my life. Actually, it was the time of summer vacation when I was pursuing my Sr. Secondary education.

One of my aunts has United States PR and invited me and my brother to the US for the summer holidays. When I visited the US, I asked my aunt Nisha to take me to the Grand Canyon as it is the most attractive tourist destination in the US. 
I remember standing at the canyon’s edge and being in wonder at its immense size and natural beauty. The colors of the rocks, the steep cliffs, and the canyon’s vastness were mesmerizing.

I went on a hiking trail that took me down into the canyon during the trip. It was a challenging hike, but the views from within the canyon were absolutely spectacular. I could see layers of different rock formations and the Colorado River flowing through the bottom of the canyon. It was a surreal feeling to be surrounded by such natural wonders.

Apart from the scenic beauty, I also had the opportunity to learn about the history and geology of the Grand Canyon through guided tours and informational displays.

Overall, my visit to the Grand Canyon was truly unforgettable. The canyon’s grandeur, the challenging hike, and the opportunity to learn about its history made it a trip I will cherish forever.

Follow-Ups Samples

How did the trip to the Grand Canyon change your perspective on nature?

The trip to the Grand Canyon completely changed my perspective on nature. Standing at the canyon’s edge and witnessing its vastness made me realize the incredible power and beauty of the natural world. It made me appreciate the importance of preserving and protecting such magnificent landscapes for future generations.

Did you face any challenges during your hike in the Grand Canyon? And if you face them, how did you overcome them?

The hike in the Grand Canyon presented many challenges. The terrain was rugged and steep, and the weather was also hot. It required physical stamina and endurance to complete the hike. I overcame these challenges by staying hydrated, taking necessary breaks, and pacing myself.

Did you interact with the locals during your visit to the Grand Canyon? How was your experience?

Yes, I had the opportunity to interact with some locals during my visit to the Grand Canyon. They were incredibly friendly and helpful, providing information about the best viewpoints and hiking trails. They also shared interesting stories and anecdotes about the history and significance of the Grand Canyon.

IELTS Speaking pdf

You can download our IELTS speaking pdf 2023 to get the IELTS speaking questions with sample answers.

Common Mistakes Students Make In IELTS Speaking

Here, I will discuss the most common mistakes students make while answering the IELTS speaking questions part 1, 2 & 3.

  1. Not listening to the question properly
  2. Giving short answers
  3. Not speaking clearly
  4. Not using a wide range of vocabulary
  5. Not using correct grammar
  6. Being too formal or too informal

How To Deal With Difficult Questions

Here, I will give some tips that will be beneficial for you to deal with difficult ielts speaking questions part 1, 2 & 3.

You must follow these tips if you want to get good results while answering speaking questions.

  • Ask for clarification
  • Paraphrase the question
  • Take your time but not too much
  • Use filler words
  • Be confident


In this blog, I have discussed the most common and recent IELTS speaking questions. If you plan to take the IELTS exam, you must prepare for these questions. 

It can be possible that you may get the questions from this list in your IELTS speaking module. Here you will get the questions for all three parts of IELTS speaking.

I hope I have cleared all your queries and questions about IELTS speaking questions, and if you have any questions left, you can contact our experts and let us know through comments was this blog helpful for you in your IELTS preparation.

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Is IELTS speaking easy?

The answer to this question may vary from person to person. You may find IELTS speaking very easy if you can keep yourself calm and confident during the IELTS speaking. If you feel hesitation during the speaking module, you will find it hard to get a good band score.

Is it hard to get 7 in IELTS?

The answer to this question may vary from person to person. If you prepare for the IELTS exam with full concentration and practice for every type of question, it will be very easy to get a score of 7 bands in the IELTS exam.