Hello, IELTS aspirants, In this IELTS speaking pdf 2023, we will discuss the Cue cards and sample papers that are very important for speaking in IELTS. As we all know, everyone wants to crack the IELTS exam. So, this pdf is handy for IELTS Learners. 

IELTS Speaking pdf 2023

Speaking is divided into three parts;

  • Introduction
  • Cue Card
  • follow-up

In the Introductory part, the examiner asks basic questions. In the second part, the Cue card will be asked for by the examiner. Follow-up questions will ask the candidate by the examiner in the last part related to the cue card.

Part 1 (Introduction)

  • The examiner asked general questions about yourself related to familiar topics like home, family, work, studies, and interests. 
  • Time: 4-5 minutes.

Part 2 (Cue Card)

  • You will speak about a Cue Card.
  • Time: 1 minute for the preparation and speak for at least 2 minutes about Cue Card.

Part 3 (Follow-Up)

  • You will give answers to follow-up questions that are related to the Cue Card.
  • 4-7 questions will ask in 4-6 minutes.

Other pdfs that students can download;

Most of the students are tense about how to communicate smooth-spoken or fluently and how to organize their ideas. Furthermore, don’t worry if you face the same problem. We have a solution to your problem. Moreover, You can get our new IELTS Speaking pdf 2023. It helps you to build your confidence in IELTS Speaking.

Also, Record your topic of IELTS Speaking. Listen to recordings and discuss your test with your study partner or teacher. Think about how you spoke.

  • Were you fluent?
  • Did your speech sound natural?
  • Were you able to express yourself clearly?

Use the recordings to improve yourself and practice IELTS speaking with your study partner regularly.


In this blog, we provide the IELTS Speaking pdf 2023. In this pdf, you get the latest Cue Cards that have been recently asked in the IELTS Speaking exam.

This IELTS Speaking pdf 2023 will improve your result. Furthermore, we also provide you with the updated vocabulary in this PDF.

This will help you to get a higher score band in your speaking IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam. Moreover, you can download it in the form of a pdf.


How long does the speaking test take?

The IELTS speaking test normally takes 11 to 14 minutes to complete. There are a total of 3 types of questions that the examiner asks the students.

How to answer IELTS speaking part 3?

The student must answer the IELTS speaking part three in 3 to 4 lines, and the answer should be that long that you can speak for at least 30 to 40 seconds.

How to answer IELTS speaking part 1?

In IELTS speaking part 1, the examiner will ask students introductive questions that students must answer in 2 to 3 lines. You should answer the question in yes or no or just one line.