In this blog, we will learn the difference between IDP vs British Council IELTS.

The IELTS examination requires studying hard for a candidate to progress in life and achieve their goals.

With each passing day, IELTS becomes a test that every student in the world wants to take. With that comes the responsibility of studying hard for this exam and motivating yourself to get closer to your goals every day.

However, a common misperception about this exam is that if we want to take an exam from the IDP or the British Council, which one is easier?

Don’t worry; we’re here to assist you.

Let’s get started.


IDP IELTS India acquired British Council IELTS In India
Before we begin to know the difference between IDP vs British Council IELTS, Let’s know about the important new development that has taken place for those candidates who will be taking IELTS in India. 
The IELTS exam in India is not conducted by the British Council. All the IELTS-related operations would come under IDP IELTS India. On July 25, 2021, IDP IELTS India acquired the British Council IELTS market in India.

What is IELTS?

The IELTS exam (International English Language Testing System) was created by the British Council Institute and the International Development Program (IDP). 

It requires candidates to sit for an exam that allows them to move abroad to pursue their dreams of studying abroad, working in a well-paying job, and settling down permanently.

They may travel to international countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States by taking this exam.

This IELTS test has four sections: reading, listening, writing, and speaking

Each section has its own set of questions. The candidate must prepare thoroughly for each to achieve the highest possible band score.

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What Is IDP?

IDP is another organization, similar to the British Council, that assists students in achieving their goals to progress in life and travel to any location they like. Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Republic of Ireland, and Canada might all be on the list.

There are over 1000 test centres worldwide that can assist you in taking your exam under this organization and transferring abroad for higher education.

What Is The British Council?

The British Council same as IDP provides students with the opportunity to leave their home town and relocate to a foreign country where they can pursue their dreams by finding a good job, enrolling in a good and recognized university, and permanently relocating to that country with their families.

They offer testing centres in practically every country area, including Chennai, Kolkata, and New Delhi.

And they assist students by providing them with access to some pretty good IELTS exam materials to continue their preparations in an easy and fun way.

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Differences Between IDP Vs British Council IELTS

IDP and the British Council are parts of the same larger company and co-owner of IELTS. 

Many candidates have misunderstandings about the test and the two organizations. 

The truth is that there isn’t a major difference between IDP vs British Council. 

Here are some differences between IDP Vs British Council IELTS:

Difficulty level

The difficulty level of the IELTS exam administered by IDP and the British Council is probably the most common misperception. 

Many people assume that IDP examinations are significantly easier than those given by the British Council. 

The fact is quite different Because both examinations are created by Cambridge English Language Assessment, a joint-owner of IELTS. 

This means that both tests have the same difficulty level, and neither is tougher or easier than the other. It is the first difference between IDP Vs British Council IELTS.

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IELTS examiners and the grading system

Similar to the previous point, A common belief that is also wrong is that British Council and its examiners are softer and more lenient in their grading. 

This is also false because examiners at both the IDP and the British Council are taught the same way and use the same evaluation process. 

Because both IDP and BC examiners have completed the same course and training, they use the same evaluation standards for speaking and writing. 

Furthermore, both groups of examiners have their evaluations verified regularly.

It’s also essential to note that the Reading and Listening tasks are based on correct/incorrect answers, leaving no opportunity for the examiner’s personal opinion. It is the second difference between IDP Vs British Council IELTS.

Validity of the certificate

Another myth is that applicants who have received their credentials from IDP cannot travel to countries such as the United Kingdom or the United States because they took the exam with IDP (which is based in Australia). 

Of course, This is not true. IDP and British Council IELTS certificates have the same credibility and are valid in the same way. 

Because they are both issued by the same organization, neither is superior. It is the third difference between IDP Vs British Council IELTS.

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Fees and format

Both exams are designed and produced by Cambridge English Language Assessment and follow the same format, as previously mentioned. 

This means that the exam fees are the same for both. It makes no difference whether the exam is administered by IDP or the British Council, whether it is the General or Academic form, or whether it is computer-based or paper-based. It is the fourth difference between IDP Vs British Council IELTS.

Accents and dialects

Even though IDP is located in Australia and the British Council is situated in the United Kingdom, the accents are the same when it comes to the IELTS exam. 

This is because the examiners may not be from the area and any country with an accent. 

But don’t worry: all examiners speak English with native or native-like pronunciations and accents. 

Regardless of the region or organization where the test is held, there could be many accents in the listening test, such as British, American, Canadian, or Australian.

It should be clear by now that the IDP and British Council tests are virtually the same in terms of format and grading, so it doesn’t matter which one you take. 

You must still study and prepare for the test in the same way. It is the fifth difference between IDP Vs British Council IELTS.

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How to Choose: British Council or IDP IELTS?

There are a few important points to consider while deciding between the two: 

  • The first step is for an individual to choose a testing centre close to or near their home. This is because you may wake up early in the morning or sleep late the night before the exam, and travelling far away from your home would make you feel tired, and you can’t give your best in the exam.
  • Another reason to choose between BC or IDP is to check whether the examination centre or organization uses headphones or earphones before registering. Students often prefer to wear headphones because they provide great sound and are also simple to use. So, whatever your preference may be, make your decision accordingly. 
  • Also, remember to verify the most vital thing while applying for this: double-check the exam dates. Always choose convenient dates for you – make sure you’re not going out during this time or that you’ve completed your examination preparation completely and carefully.

How Much Time Does It Take for IDP IELTS Results in India?

The average wait time for IDP IELTS paper-based test results in India is 13 calendar days, compared to 3-5 days for computer-based test results. The results are made available online, and you can access them by logging in with your Candidate ID and password to the IDP Candidate login portal. 

A Test Report Form (TRF), a hard copy of your results that may be mailed to you, is another option IDP IELTS provides. The TRF is typically mailed out on the 13th day (in the event of a paper-based test) or the third or fifth day (in the case of a computer-based test), depending on your location.

How To Register For IELTS Exam?

Here are below some steps to register for IELTS exam:

Step 1: visit to the official website “

Step 2: Select your test type, module, City and click on the “Book Now” button

Step 3: Select the available dates for IELTS exam.

Select the available dates for IELTS exam

Step 4: Give your personal details.

Give your personal details

Step 5: Give your registration details

Give your registration details

Step 6: Upload copies of your Passport

Upload copies of your Passport

Step 7: Select all the colleges where you want to send your score result.

Step 8: Review your details before making payment.

Review your details before making payment

Step 9: After reviewing the detail, Pay the test fee.Step 10: After receiving payment by idpieltsindia, you can take a printout of the acknowledgment receipt.

The IDP and the British Council: Busting the Myths!

Many candidates unintentionally pass up a good opportunity to take the test by letting myths hold them back. These tales are a handful of the candidates’ negative experiences. They use such experiences to inform their decision to take the test.

The individual applicants’ personal experiences set the IDP IELTS apart from the British Council IELTS. As a result, neither test forms nor questions differ.

  • “If you’re from New Delhi or Chandigarh, your performance will suffer. Pick a small town like Karnal or Jalandhar instead of a big city.

Although many candidates mistakenly link this misperception to the brand name, it is not the incorrect one. For instance, individuals from large cities who apply for the IDP IELTS feel they cannot achieve high bands. However, many applicants have found that if they apply from a larger city, the competition is significantly stronger, and each applicant is fluent in the language, which is why the examiner sets such a high standard.

  • “My headset change took forever,” said their personnel. 

Test candidates occasionally experience technological problems, such as headsets that aren’t functioning properly or that stop working during the listening segment. How the exam personnel handles these problems leaves a lasting impression on the candidate.

  • If you’re going to Australia, register with IDP; if you’re going to the UK or the US, register with British Council.

Another misconception that candidates have is that the British Council IELTS score may not be recognized in Australia, and the IDP IELTS score may not be valid in the UK. But this is untrue; IDP and the British Council are only the organizations in charge of administering the exams. The Cambridge English language assessment creates the IELTS test, and both test results are accepted in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

IELTS Test Centres

So, the IELTS exam is conducted in various cities which includes:

North IndiaAmbala, Amritsar, Barnala, Bathinda, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Delhi, Faridkot, Gurdaspur, Gurgaon, Hoshiarpur, Jagraon, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Karnal, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Moga, Noida, Patiala, Raipur, Rudrapur, Firozpur, and Sanger.
South IndiaAngamaly, Bangalore, Calicut, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kannur, Kochi, Kollam, Kottayam, Madurai, Mangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur, Trichy, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Kothamangalam, and Tirupati.
East IndiaBhubaneswar, Guwahati, Kolkata, and Siliguri.
West IndiaAhmedabad, Anand, Baroda, Goa, Mehsana, Mumbai, Nagpur, Navi Mumbai, Navsari, Pune, Rajkot, Surat, Indore, Nadiad, and Thane.

Conclusion (IDP Vs British Council IELTS)

In this blog, we have discussed the differences between IDP vs British Council IELTS. You can select one based on the location of your test and the materials and facilities available. This was all the information you needed on the IELTS exam and the two organizations, and with it, you’ll be able to select between the two with ease.

Hopefully, this information has been useful to you and has helped you learn more about the two organizations and the IELTS examination in general. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

IDP Vs British Council IELTS FAQs

Will the IELTS test be difficult if I register via British Council?

Whether you register for the IELTS test online through IDP’s official website or the British Council’s website, the process is the same. The difficulty level of the IELTS test will not alter.

Is the marking system different in IDP or British Council?

Certainly not! The marking method used by IDP is identical to that used by the British Council. Your band score is entirely dependent on several elements, including –> degree of preparation, –> Instructions, –> Exam date, –> The exam centre you selected; as a result, prepare yourself with such confidence that it should reflect in your band score, and always select an exam centre that is convenient and will not cause any distractions.

Is IDP IELTS the Only Exam Offered in India?

An IDP is a person compelled to leave their home yet remain in their nation. ‘Internally displaced person’ is referred to as IDP. Any nation would struggle to accommodate 200,000 IDPs.

IDP is the exclusive organization that administers the IELTS exam in a few nations like India. 
With the help of IELTS, you can live and work in English-speaking countries, including Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Ireland. IELTS is accepted by more than 11,000 organizations worldwide, including universities, corporations, governmental agencies, and immigration offices.