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Architecture Assignment Help

What Is Architecture?

The Process of Architecture includes Planning, Designing and constructing of a building or any structures. Basically the process of planning a building and the designing it as per the plan and the requirement of the client and the constructing it as it was designed comes under or known as Architecture. Architecture thesis helps students in clearing and understanding the various terms used in the field of Architecture. Because students generally find it difficult to learn different term used in the field of Architecture. That is why they usually need help with architecture work. 
So, basically the complete process of making a building or structure comes under Architecture. It may include the designing and constructing large buildings like tombs, shrines and cathedrals or may be any stadium all by Professional Architects. 
Nowadays, technology is getting used in everything and which is really a big thing because tachn0ology in every field is making the work easier in every aspect. So, technology is getting widely used in the field of architecture for constructing and designing the parts of a building and architecture. The field of architecture is developing day by day. 
The field of Architecture doesn’t only consist of just designing the outside of a building or a structure it also consist of designing the interiors of a building or a structure. To study architecture one should have knowledge of various field. Because the field of architecture includes Art, Material Science, Physics and Engineering. 

Reasons Why you Should choose Architecture as a Career:

Architecture is a field where everything should be think logically and with some hint of you artistic skills. Because the combination of both the skill and logic is so much important is in this field of architecture. And that is the only thing which makes it fun to work in this field. Because you can use your artistic skills and that makes it way more interesting. 
After the completion of the course students get more creative because at that time they know where and how to use their skills and then the students will get a great salary. Because there is a never ending need of the Architectures because everyone will get a house some day and there's no limit of the house making or any building etc. 
So, student shouldd choose Architecture as a career. 

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