Humber College Courses And Fees For International Students

Humber College Courses

Today’s blog will discuss the Humber College Courses and Fees. Humber College is a public college of the College of Applied Arts and Technology and is a well-known educational institution offering many practical programs. 

The college is respected for its hands-on approach to learning, preparing students with real-world skills. They provide diploma programs, bachelor’s degrees, and certificates, both on-campus and online. 

Humber College courses is also recognized for its supportive environment and industry connections, enhancing students’ career prospects. So, let us move on to the Humber College Courses. 

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Humber College Courses

The Humber college courses offers various bachelor’s degrees, certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, and graduate certificates in a diverse range of fields. So, here is the complete list of courses and their tuition fees. 

Courses Fees (CAD) Fees (INR)
Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Diploma Business – Accounting$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Advanced Diploma Business Administration – Accounting$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Acting for Film and Television $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Addictions and Mental Health $20,550 12,71,140 INR
Bachelor of Social Science $20,100 12,43,300 INR
Diploma Advertising & Graphic Design $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Advertising – Account Management $18,500 11,44,330 INR
Graduate Certificate Advertising – Media Management $18,500 11,44,330 INR
Diploma Advertising and Marketing Communications$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Advertising Copywriting $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Graduate Certificate Alternative Dispute Resolution $20,550 12,71,140 INR
Advanced Diploma Architectural Technology $20,100 12,43,300 INR
Certificate Art Foundation $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Diploma Baking and Pastry Arts Management $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Bachelor of Behavioural Science $20,100 12,43,300 INR
Diploma Biotechnology$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Broadcast Television / Videography$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Building Construction Technician$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Advanced Diploma Business Administration$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Business Management $16,80010,39,180 INR
Diploma Carpentry & Renovation Technician $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Certificate Carpentry & Renovation Techniques $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Advanced Diploma Child and Youth Care $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Bachelor of Child and Youth Care$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Advanced Diploma Civil Engineering Technology $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Comedy: Writing and Performance $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Community and Justice Services $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Advanced Diploma Computer Engineering Technology $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Computer Programming$18,060 11,17,120 INR
Advanced Diploma Construction Engineering Technology $16,80010,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Content Strategy $18,500 11,44,330 INR
Diploma Cosmetic Management $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Bachelor of Creative Advertising$21,080 13,03,920 INR
Graduate Certificate Creative Book Publishing $17,620 10,89,900 INR
Diploma Culinary Management$16,80010,39,180 INR
Certificate Culinary Skills $16,80010,39,180 INR
Certificate Design Foundation $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Developmental Services Worker $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Bachelor of Digital Business Management$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Bachelor of Digital Communications $21,080 13,03,920 INR
Certificate Electrical Techniques$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Electromechanical Engineering Technician $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Advanced Diploma Electromechanical Engineering Technology $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Advanced Diploma Electronics Engineering Technology $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Bachelor of Engineering – Mechatronics$20,10012,43,300 INR
Bachelor of Information Systems Engineering$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Bachelor of Engineering – The Built Environment$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Graduate Certificate Enterprise Software Development $21,080 13,03,920 INR
Graduate Certificate Business Management (Entrepreneurial Enterprise)$18,500 11,44,330 INR
Diploma Esthetician / Spa Management$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Event Management $18,500 11,44,330 INR
Diploma Fashion Arts and Business$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Fashion Management$18,50011,44,330 INR
Bachelor of Fashion Management$19,620 12,13,610 INR
Bachelor of Film and Media Production $21,080 13,03,920 INR
Graduate Certificate Film and Multiplatform Storytelling $18,50011,44,330 INR
Advanced Diploma Film and Television Production $20,100 12,43,300 INR
Bachelor of Finance$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Diploma Business Management (Financial Services)$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Fire Services $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Fitness and Health Promotion $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Food and Nutrition Management $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Certificate Furniture and Cabinetmaking Techniques$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Advanced Diploma Game Programming$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Global Business Management$18,060 11,17,120 INR
Advanced Diploma Professional Golf Management $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Advanced Diploma Graphic Design $20,100 12,43,300 INR
Bachelor of Healthcare Management$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Diploma Hearing Instrument Specialist $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma in Hospitality (Event Management) $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma in Hotel Operations Management$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate in HRM (Human Resources Management)$18,500 11,44,330 INR
Bachelor of Human Resources Management$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Bachelor of Industrial Design $21,08013,03,920 INR
Diploma Industrial Woodworking Technician $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Graduate Certificate Infection Prevention and Control $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Diploma Interior Decorating $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Bachelor of Interior Design $21,080 13,03,920 INR
Bachelor of International Business$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Graduate Certificate International Development $27,090 16,75,675 INR
Advanced Diploma Journalism $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Journalism$18,500 11,44,330 INR
Bachelor of Journalism $20,100 12,43,300 INR
Diploma Landscape Technician $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Law Clerk $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Bachelor of Management Studies$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Graduate Certificate Marketing Management $18,500 11,44,330 INR
Bachelor of Marketing$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Diploma Business – Marketing $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Advanced Diploma Massage Therapy $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Mechanical Engineering Technician$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Advanced Diploma Mechanical Engineering Technology $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Certificate Mechanical Techniques – Millwright $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Media Communications $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Certificate Media Foundation $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Multimedia Design and Development $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Graduate Certificate Music Business$18,060 11,17,120 INR
Graduate Certificate Music Composition $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Bachelor of Music $21,080 13,03,920 INR
Bachelor of Science in Nursing $21,080 13,03,920 INR
Diploma Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Paralegal $27,090 16,75,675 INR
Diploma Paralegal Education $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Bachelor of Paralegal Studies $20,100 12,43,300 INR
Diploma Pharmacy Technician $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Photography $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Certificate Plumbing Techniques $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Police Foundations $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Practical Nursing $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Certificate Project Management $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Diploma Protection, Security and Investigation $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Public Administration$27,090 16,75,675 INR
Advanced Diploma Public Relations $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Public Relations $18,500 11,44,330 INR
Bachelor of Public Relations $21,080 13,03,920 INR
Graduate Certificate Radio and Media Production $20,550 12,71,140 INR
Diploma Recreation and Leisure Services$16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Research Analyst $18.500 11,44,330 INR
Graduate Certificate Retirement Home Management $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Diploma Social Service Worker $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Sports Business Management $18,500 11,44,330 INR
Advanced Diploma Sport Management $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Supply Chain Management $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Bachelor of Supply Chain Management$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Graduate Certificate Systems Navigator $18,500 11,44,330 INR
Graduate Certificate Television Writing and Producing $18,060 11,17,120 INR
Diploma Theatre Arts – Technical Production $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Diploma Tourism $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate User Experience (UX) Design $20,550 12,71,140 INR
Bachelor of User Experience$20,100 12,43,300 INR
Diploma Visual and Digital Arts $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Certificate Welding Techniques $16,800 10,39,180 INR
Graduate Certificate Wireless Telecommunications $20,100 12,43,300 INR
Bachelor of Health Sciences$20,100 12,43,300 INR

So, it is the complete list of Humber College courses. Now, we will discuss Humber College requirements.

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Humber College Requirements

Here is the list of the English language requirements.

English Language Exam Required Scores For Diplomas, Certificates, and Advanced Diplomas Required Scores For Degrees Required Scores For Graduate Certificates 
CAEL Online or In-Person  60 60 70 
Duolingo 105 and above 115 and above125 and above 
IELTS Academic 6.0  6.56.5
MET 56 5962 
PTE 53 – 57 58 – 6061 – 64
TOEFL (paper-based)550560580
TOEFL (internet-based)808488

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed Humber College courses and fees. Humber College, a renowned educational institution in Canada, offers a variety of practical programs. With a hands-on learning approach, they provide diploma programs, bachelor’s degrees, and certificates both on-campus and online. 

Known for fostering industry connections and a supportive environment, Humber enhances students’ career prospects. The college offers diverse courses spanning business, healthcare, technology, and arts. 

Here’s a list of courses and their tuition fees for international students. Applying is easy through their website. Discover your path to real-world skills and career success at Humber College. I hope you liked this post about Humber College courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What types of programs does Humber College offer?

Humber College offers a variety of programs, including diploma programs, bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate certificates, and apprenticeships. They cover areas such as business, healthcare, technology, creative arts, and more.

Q2. How do I apply for courses at Humber College?

You can apply for courses at Humber College through their official website. Create an account, browse the available programs, and follow the application instructions. Make sure to provide all necessary documents and meet the application deadlines.

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