George Brown College Courses, Fees And Requirements

George Brown College Courses

Today’s blog will discuss George Brown College courses, tuition fees, and requirements. George Brown College was founded in 1967 and is a well-recognized public and completely accredited college of applied arts and technology located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

The college includes three spacious and vibrant campuses located in downtown Toronto. With cutting-edge programs spanning various fields, students can explore their passions and unlock their potential. Whether you’re interested in business, technology, healthcare, arts, or culinary arts, the college caters to various interests and aspirations.

George Brown College offers various courses and programs to both international and domestic students, which we will discuss in the upcoming paragraph. So, let us move on to George Brown College courses. 

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George Brown College Courses

The College offers various diplomas, certificates, advanced diplomas, graduate certificates, and degree programs. 

These programs provide education and experience and develop real-world job skills in students. So, below is the complete list of George Brown College courses. 

Courses Fees (CAD)Fees (INR)
Graduate Certificate Blockchain Development$17,960 11,04,860 INR 
Advanced Diploma Computer Programming and Analysis $17,910 11,01,790 INR
Diploma Computer Systems Technician $17,88010,99,940 INR
Advanced Diploma Game – Programming $17,56510,80,560 INR
Graduate Certificate Information Systems Business Analysis$18,175 11,18,090 INR
Graduate Certificate Mobile Application Development and Strategy$18,13511,15,630 INR
Graduate Certificate Wireless Networking $26,39016,23,460 INR
Certificate Art and Design Foundation$17,820 10,96,250 INR
Graduate Certificate Design Management $22,410 13,78,620 INR
Graduate Certificate Digital Design – Game Design$32,080 19,73,500 INR
Advanced Diploma Game – Art$21,920 13,48,470 INR
Advanced Diploma Graphic Design $17,75010,91,950 INR
Bachelor of Brand Design $20,665 12,71,270 INR
Bachelor of Digital Experience Design $20,830 12,81,420 INR
Advanced Diploma Interaction Design $20,550 12,64,195 INR
Graduate Certificate Interactive Media Management $32,000 19,68,575 INR
Graduate Certificate Interdisciplinary Design Strategy $28,740 17,68,030 INR
Graduate Certificate Web Development – Front-End Design $21,900 13,47,240 INR
Diploma Fashion Business Industry $17,880 10,99,940 INR
Diploma Fashion Management$17,910 11,01,790 INR
Diploma Fashion Techniques and Design$18,320 11,27,010 INR
Certificate Gemmology$18,645 11,47,000 INR
Graduate Certificate International Fashion Management $17,860 10,98,710 INR
Diploma Acting for Media$19,250 11,84,220 INR
Certificate Commercial Dance $28,110 17,29,270 INR
Diploma Dance Performance$19,130 11,76,840 INR
Certificate Dance Performance Preparation$19,180 11,79,915 INR
Certificate Media Foundation$20,61512,68,190 INR
Graduate Certificate Screenwriting & Narrative Design $26,420 16,25,300 INR
Graduate Certificate Sound Design & Production $32,440 19,95,640 INR
Advanced Diploma Theatre Arts – Performance$18,810 11,57,150 INR
Certificate Theatre Arts-Preparation$17,650 10,85,790 INR
Diploma Video Design & Production $17,93011,03,020 INR
Advanced Diploma Business Administration (Accounting)$17,450 10,73,490 INR
Advanced Diploma Business Administration (Finance)$17,450 10,73,490 INR
Diploma Business (Accounting)$17,450 10,73,490 INR
Diploma Business (Finance)$17,450 10,73,490 INR
Graduate Certificate Financial Planning $17,770 10,93,175 INR
Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Services) $20,360 12,52,500 INR
Advanced Diploma Business Administration (Human Resources)$17,500 10,76,560 INR
Diploma Business (Human Resources)$17,500 10,76,560 INR
Graduate Certificate Analytics for Business Decision Making$17,770 10,93,170 INR
Diploma Business $17,450 10,73,490 INR
Advanced Diploma Business Administration $17,450 10,73,490 INR
Advanced Diploma Business Administration (International Business)$17,450 10,73,490 INR
Advanced Diploma Business Administration (Project Management)$17,450 10,73,490 INR
Advanced Diploma Business Administration (Supply Chain & Operations Management)$17,450 10,73,490 INR
Graduate Certificate Entrepreneurship Management $17,770 10,93,170 INR
Graduate Certificate International Business Management $17,830 10,96,865 INR
Graduate Certificate Project Management $17,850 10,98,090 INR
Advanced Diploma Business Administration (Marketing) $17,450 10,73,490 INR
Diploma Business (Marketing)$17,450 10,73,490 INR
Bachelor of Commerce (Digital Marketing)$20,350 12,51,890 INR
Graduate Certificate Marketing Management (Financial Services)$17,77010,93,170 INR
Graduate Certificate Sport and Event Marketing $17,77010,93,170 INR
Graduate Certificate Strategic Relationship Marketing $17,930 11,03,020 INR
Bachelor of Interpretation $20,450 12,58,040 INR
Diploma Early Childhood Education$17,660 10,86,400 INR
Bachelor’s Degree Early Childhood Education$17,66010,86,400 INR
Advanced Diploma Child and Youth Care $17,450 10,73,490 INR
Diploma Community Worker$17,450 10,73,490 INR
Advanced Diploma Civil Engineering Technology $17,550 10,79,640 INR
Diploma Construction Engineering Technician $17,550 10,79,640 INR
Advanced Diploma Construction Engineering Technology $17,550 10,79,640 INR
Bachelor of Technology $20,490 12,60,500 INR
Certificate Construction Techniques $26,010 16,00,080 INR
Advanced Diploma Building Renovation Technology $17,670 10,87,020 INR
Diploma Architectural Technician $17,830 10,96,865 INR
Advanced Diploma Architectural Technology$17,830 10,96,865 INR
Graduate Certificate Advanced Manufacturing$18,180 11,18,400 INR
Diploma Electromechanical Engineering Technician$17,910 11,01,790 INR
Certificate Dental Assisting $20,91012,86,340 INR
Advanced Diploma Dental Hygiene $35,270 21,69,740 INR
Advanced Diploma Dental Technology $36,090 22,20,180 INR
Advanced Diploma Denturism $36,030 22,16,490 INR
Graduate Certificate Autism and Behavioural Science $17,850 10,98,090 INR
Diploma Behavioural Science Technician $17,420 10,71,640 INR

So, it is the complete list of George Brown College courses. So, let’s discuss George Brown College requirements.

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George Brown College Requirements

Here is the list of English language score requirements.

Exams  Diploma / CertificatePostgraduate GBC Degree Programs
IELTS (Academic) 6.0 6.5 6.5 
TOEFL80 88 84 
Duolingo English Test105125115
PTE (Academic) 54 6060
CAEL 60 7070

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the George Brown College courses. George Brown College in Toronto, Canada, offers courses in diverse fields catering to domestic and international students. From diplomas and certificates to graduate certificates and degree programs, the college ensures students have ample opportunities to pursue their passions and develop real-world job skills. 

The three vibrant campuses and cutting-edge programs provide a conducive learning environment. Moreover, for those seeking flexibility, the college offers online courses as well. With its rich history since its founding in 1967, George Brown College continues to be a renowned institution for applied arts and technology education. I hope you liked this post about George Brown College courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What courses does George Brown College offer?

George Brown College offers various courses across disciplines, including business, health sciences, community services, culinary arts, hospitality, technology, etc. The college provides diplomas, degrees, certificates, and continuing education programs.

Q2. Does George Brown College offer online courses?

George Brown College offers online courses and programs for students who prefer a flexible learning environment. These online courses cover various subjects and are designed to accommodate students’ diverse needs.

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