Algonquin College Courses & Fees In 2023: Best Guide 

Algonquin College Courses

Today’s blog will discuss Algonquin College courses and their tuition fees. Algonquin College is a learning, innovation, and opportunity hub! Located in the heart of Ottawa, Canada, Algonquin College is a vibrant academic institution recognized for its practical approach to education. 

With a wide array of programs ranging from technology and healthcare to business and arts, the college caters to diverse interests and career aspirations. 

Its dedicated faculty, modern facilities, and industry connections ensure a hands-on learning experience, preparing students for success in the real world. So, let us move on to the Algonquin College courses. 

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Algonquin College Courses

The College offers various diplomas, certificates, advanced diplomas, and graduate certificates for students in many study areas. So, here is the complete list of courses with their tuition fees.

Algonquin College CoursesTotal course Fees (CAD)Total course Fees (INR)
Graduate Certificate in Accounting and Financial Practice$26,510 16,36,480 INR
Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technician $38,730 23,90,830 INR
Advanced Diploma in Animation$57,68035,60,620 INR
Advanced Diploma in Applied Museum Studies $50,89031,41,470 INR
Diploma in Architectural Technician $37,150 22,93,290 INR
Advanced Diploma in  Architectural Technology $50,09030,92,085 INR
Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Software Development $19,150 11,82,140 INR
Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)$80,225 49,52,330 INR
Bachelor of Commerce (Strategic Human Resources Management)$79,825 49,27,640 INR
Bachelor of Commerce (Supply Chain Management)$79,03848,79,060 INR
Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Food Science$79,900 49,32,270 INR
Bachelor of Early Learning and Community Development$85,830 52,98,335 INR
Bachelor of Engineering (Automation and Robotics) $80,550 49,72,400 INR
Bachelor of Event, Sport, and Entertainment Management $78,36948,37,760 INR
Bachelor of Interior Design $84,110 51,92,160 INR
Bachelor of Public Safety $79,830 49,27,950 INR
Bachelor of Science (Building Science)$79,670 49,18,075 INR
Certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts$17,620 10,87,690 INR
Diploma in Baking and Pastry Arts Management $35,140 21,69,210 INR
Certificate in Bartending $8,610 5,31,500 INR
Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology $48,97030,22,950 INR
Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounting Practices$16,470 10,16,700 INR
Graduate Certificate in Brand Management $37,050 22,87,120 INR
Diploma in Broadcasting (Radio and Podcasting)$34,680 21,40,820 INR
Diploma in Broadcasting (Television & Streaming Video)$39,040 24,09,960 INR
Graduate Certificate in Building Automation System Operations $16,600 10,24,730 INR
Diploma in Building Construction Technician $26,560 16,39,565 INR
Diploma in Business – Accounting $32,870 20,29,085 INR
Diploma in Business – Agriculture $31,800 19,63,030 INR
Diploma in Business – Management and Entrepreneurship$32,790 20,24,145 INR
Graduate Certificate in Business Development and Sales $16,880 10,42,010 INR
Diploma in Business$32,770 20,22,910 INR
Certificate in Business Fundamentals $16,470 10,16,700 INR
Diploma in Cabinetmaking and Furniture Technician $27,370 16,89,565 INR
Diploma in Cardiovascular Technology $42,920 26,49,475 INR
Certificate in Carpentry and Renovation Techniques $16,392 10,11,890 INR
Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Care $49,480 30,54,430 INR
Graduate Certificate in Cloud Development and Operations$19,260 11,88,930 INR
Diploma in Community and Justice Services $32,660 20,16,120 INR
Diploma in Computer Programming $34,090 21,04,395 INR
Diploma in Culinary Management$35,250 21,76,000 INR
Certificate in Culinary Skills $18,09011,16,705 INR
Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security Analysis$18,750 11,57,450 INR
Certificate in Dental Assisting$28,460 17,56,850 INR
Advanced Diploma in Dental Hygiene $62,650 38,67,420 INR
Certificate in Design Foundations$17,110 10,56,210 INR
Diploma in Developmental Services Worker$32,830 20,26,620 INR
Graduate Certificate in Digital Health$28,100 17,34,630 INR
Diploma in Early Childhood Education$36,200 22,34,650 INR
Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technician$37,77023,31,565 INR
Diploma in Electromechanical Engineering Technician $50,985 31,47,330 INR
Graduate Certificate in Energy Management $17,120 10,56,830 INR
Diploma in Esthetician $29,020 17,91,420 INR
Graduate Certificate in Event Management$17,385 10,73,185 INR
Diploma in Film and Media Production $33,320 20,56,860 INR
Graduate Certificate in Financial Services (Canadian Context) $37,820 23,34,650 INR
Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion $32,780 20,23,530 INR
Graduate Certificate in Food and Nutrition Management $16,050 9,90,775 INR
Diploma in Forestry Technician$25,320 15,63,020 INR
Advanced Diploma in Game-Development $57,930 35,76,050 INR
Diploma in General Arts and Science (Aviation Management)$32,670 20,16,740 INR
Certificate in General Arts & Science (Aboriginal Studies)$16,360 10,09,910 INR
Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design $57,440 35,45,800 INR
Graduate Certificate in Green Architecture$18,300 11,29,670 INR
Diploma in Hairstyling$35,700 22,03,780 INR
Diploma in Heritage Carpentry and Joinery $32,590 20,11,800 INR
Diploma in Horticultural Industries $33,695 20,80,010 INR
Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management $17,645 10,89,235 INR
Certificate in Human Services Foundations $16,360 10,09,910 INR
Diploma in Illustration and Concept Art $25,875 15,97,280 INR
Diploma in Interactive Media Design $31,500 19,44,510 INR
Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Management $20,070 12,38,930 INR
Diploma in Interior Decorating $32,680 20,17,350 INR
Graduate Certificate in International Business Management $18,450 11,38,930 INR
Diploma in Journalism $36,360 22,44,530 INR
Diploma in Law Clerk $32,760 20,22,290 INR
Diploma in Library and Information Technician $32,900 20,30,935 INR
Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering Technician$33,490 20,67,360 INR
Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management $17,730 10,94,490 INR
Advanced Diploma in Massage Therapy $55,100 34,01,350 INR
Certificate in Medical Device Reprocessing$16,47510,17,010 INR
Advanced Diploma in Medical Radiation Technology $55,675 34,36,850 INR
Diploma in Mobile Application Design and Development $32,660 20,16,120 INR
Diploma in Motive Power Technician$25,87515,97,280 INR
Diploma in Music Industry Arts$31,700 19,56,860 INR
Certificate in Music, Media and Film Foundations $17,330 10,69,790 INR

So, it is the complete list of Algonquin College courses. 

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the Algonquin College courses. Algonquin College offers diverse courses, from technology to arts, with practical education at its core. Located in Ottawa, Canada, the college’s modern facilities and strong industry ties provide a hands-on learning experience. 

With strong industry connections and modern facilities, students can choose from various technology, healthcare, business, and arts programs. The college’s reputation for quality education and real-world readiness is well-established. 

Algonquin College’s reputation for quality education and real-world preparation makes it a respected choice. Students can effectively pursue their interests and career aspirations with numerous programs and dedicated faculty. I hope you liked this post about Algonquin College courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What programs does Algonquin College offer?

Algonquin College offers various diploma, certificate, degree, and graduate certificate programs. All these programs cover business, health sciences, information technology, media studies, engineering, and more.

Q2. Is Algonquin College a reputable institution?

Yes, Algonquin College is considered a reputable institution in Canada. It is well-known for its quality education, industry connections, and practical training programs.

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