Humber College Canada: Programs, Fees & Admission Process

Humber College

Humber Colleges was established in 1967 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Humber College is a top academic college promoting excellence, cultural communication, and innovation in various fields and becoming an institution of lifelong learning. It provides over 150 programs in more than 40 fields of study. 

Humber is known for its dedication to providing proper training, real-world experiences, high-quality education, and accessibility to the province of Ontario. The primary purpose of Humber was to build a highly skilled and experienced workforce to help the economy grow in Ontario. In this blog, we will discuss everything about Humber College. 

About Humber College Canada

Founded in 1967, Humber College is commonly known as Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning and is a well-known Ontario Applied Arts & Technology public college. The college serves more than 22,000 full-time and over 55,000 part-time candidates from across the globe. It consists of two main campuses located in Toronto: Lakeshore campus and Humber North campus. 

For over 50 years, Humber has been a global leader in providing career-focused education. The college offers over 220 programs, including certificates, diplomas, postgraduate certificates, bachelor’s degrees, and apprenticeship programs in over 40 study areas. A college education helps students to go from classroom to employment and acquire real-world knowledge and experience. 

Humber offers students various academic resources and advisors, like career finder programs. It also provides Bridge training programs to internationally trained engineering and information technology experts. The college encourages cultural community and diversity by providing programs to students from around the globe. 

Humber College is also affiliated with many institutes in Canada, including Colleges and Institutes Canada, Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association, and Canadian Bureau for International Education. Also, the college has consistently grown in the rankings of the top 50 research colleges in Canada, which makes it a fantastic choice for students to choose for further studies. 

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Humber College Courses

International students can choose from more than 220 programs, including diplomas, certificates, and diploma degrees. Students can also get the opportunity to receive scholarships and awards from college during admission based on the college requirements. Here is the list of some top courses:

Course Fees (INR)Fees (CAD)
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] AccountingINR 10.4 L/YrCAD 16,814 /Yr
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] FinanceINR 12.4 L/YrCAD 20,035 /Yr
[B.Com] Digital Business ManagementINR 12.4 L/YrCAD 20,035 /Yr
[B.Com] Fashion ManagementINR 12.4 L/YrCAD 20,035 /Yr
[B.Com] Supply Chain ManagementINR 12.4 L/YrCAD 20,035 /Yr
Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] MarketingINR 12.4 L/YrCAD 20,035 /Yr
[B.Com] Management StudiesINR 12.4 L/YrCAD 20,035 /Yr
[B.Com] Human Resources ManagementINR 12.4 L/YrCAD 20,035 /Yr
Diploma Business ManagementINR 10.4 L/YrCAD 16,814 /Yr
Diploma Computer ProgrammingINR 11.2 L/YrCAD 18,038 /Yr
Diploma in Fashion Arts and BusinessINR 10.4 L/YrCAD 16,814 /Yr
Diploma Business – MarketingINR 10.4 L/YrCAD 16,814 /Yr
Diploma Business Management – Financial ServicesINR 10.4 L/YrCAD 16,814 /Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Interior DesignINR 13 L/YrCAD 20,987 /Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Public RelationsINR 13 L/YrCAD 20,987 /Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] JournalismINR 12.4 L/YrCAD 20,035 /Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] JournalismINR 12.4 L/YrCAD 20,035 /Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Creative AdvertisingINR 13.3 L/YrCAD 21,407 /Yr
Bachelor of Nursing [B.N]INR 13 L/YrCAD 20,987 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] Behavioural ScienceINR 12.4 L/YrCAD 20,035 /Yr
Graduate Certificate Human Resource ManagementINR 11.5 L/YrCAD 18,478 /Yr
Graduate Certificate Global Business ManagementINR 11.2 L/YrCAD 18,038 /Yr
Graduate Certificate Supply Chain ManagementINR 11.2 L/YrCAD 18,038 /Yr
Graduate Certificate Financial PlanningINR 11.5 L/YrCAD 18,478 /Yr
Graduate Certificate Web DevelopmentINR 19.7 L/YrCAD 31,690 /Yr
Advanced Diploma Animation – 3DINR 13 L/YrCAD 20,987 /Y

Why Choose Humber College

Here are some reasons to choose Humber:

  • Its faculties and Programs
  • Diverse Campus and Facilities
  • Work-Integrated Learning
  • Career Outcomes
  • Employment After 6 months
  • 2nd rank on the top 50 research colleges in Canada
  • 120+ nationalities on campus
  • Affordable tuition rates

Admission Requirements

You need some documents and the English language proficiency exam scores for admission at Humber. So, here is the list of admission requirements.

Documents Required 

  • All official academic transcripts
  • Passport size photographs 
  • Passport photocopy
  • Updated CV/Resume
  • Visa
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Statement of Purpose
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Portfolio/Audition
  • Work Experience

Official Website:-

Application Fees:- $75 CAD (non-refundable)

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Required Scores

Here is the list of required scores:

English Proficiency TestsRequired Scores for Diplomas, Certificates & Advanced Diplomas Minimum Scores for Degrees Minimum Scores for Graduate Certificates 
CAEL Online or In-Person Overall 60 Overall 60Overall 70 
Duolingo 105 and above115 and above125 and above 
IELTS Academic LevelOverall 6.0Overall 6.5 Overall 6.5
MET 56 59 62 
PTE 53 – 57 58 – 60 61 – 64 
TOEFL For paper-based – 550
For Internet-based – 80 
For paper-based – 560
For Internet-based – 84 
For paper-based – 580
For Internet-based – 88 

How To Apply 

Students must follow some steps for the application process.

  1. Visit the official website of Humber College
  2. Click on Apply Now
  3. Choose a course and confirm availability
  4. Submit your proof of Academic Standing and the required documents
  5. Also, complete the requirements of the additional program 
  6. Review the tuition fees schedule and pay
  7. After paying fees, submit your application form to College
  8. At last, the college reviews your application form and sends a response through email. 

Humber College Accommodation

Humber offers students accommodation of various types, including on-campus dormitories or hostels, off-campus housing, or residences. All of these options have different costs that can depend on the requirements and needs of an individual. So, here is the approximate cost of both on and off-campus accommodations. 

On-Campus Accommodation

Housing TypeAnnual Costs (CAD)Annual Costs (INR)
Traditional Single Rooms for Humber Students7,840 4.78 lakhs
Suite Style Rooms for Humber students9,856 6.01 lakhs
Dining PlanRate (in CAD)Rate (in INR)
Regular2,850 1.81 lakhs
Medium 3,400 2.19 lakhs
Large 4,000  2.61 lakhs

Off-Campus Accommodation

Type of Accommodation Cost CAD/YearCost INR/Year
Townhouses3,000- 7,800  1.83 lakhs- 4.76 lakhs
Shared Apartment 4,800- 9,6002.93 lakhs- 5.86 lakhs
Unfurnished Apartment Rentals 3,600- 6,0002.19 lakhs- 3.66 lakhs
Dormitories4,200- 7,200 2.56 lakhs- 4.39 lakhs

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Cost of Living At Humber College Canada 

Here is the table that shows the average cost for living at Humber:

Type of ExpenseCost (CAD)Cost (INR)
AccommodationCAD 7,840- CAD 9,856 4.78 lakhs- 6.01 lakhs 
FoodCAD 870/month53 thousand/Month
TransportationCAD 100/month6 thousand/Month
Books and suppliesCAD 950/Annual53 thousand/Annual
Additional Expenses (internet, phone bill, clothing, etc)CAD 950/Month0.29 lakhs per month

Popular Alumni

At Humber, we value our alumni and seek to maintain long-lasting connections with over 278,000 graduates. As a Humber alumni member, you can enjoy various benefits, including special rates and discounts on cultural attractions, travel, insurance, and on-campus deals. 

Alumni members are dedicated to strengthening their relationship with the Humber community through its Advancement and Alumni initiatives. So, below are some notable alumni of this college:

  • Andres Arango- Canadian soccer player
  • Bev Oda- Canadian retired politician
  • Cara Ricketts- actress
  • Anne-Marie Green- news anchor
  • Nicole Arbour- Internet personality
  • Kayt Burgess- writer
  • Giacomo Gianniotti- Actor

Jobs After Study 

Humber College provides domestic and international students various job opportunities by offering them proper guidance and resources to support their employment search. Students also create customized cover letters, resumes, or work experience and conduct job searches. The college has an employment rate of 85%, and the graduates of Humber earn an average of around CAD 50,192. Below is the list of job-wise salaries at this college:

Job AreasAverage Annual Salary (CAD)Average Annual Salary (INR)
IT and software development76,00046.35 lakhs
Sales and business development53,00032.32 lakhs
Marketing, product, and communications42,00025.61 lakhs
Media, communication, and advertising51,00031.11 lakhs
Logistics, operations, and purchasing41,00025.01 lakhs

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Final Remarks

Humber College in Canada offers many programs and opportunities if you’re looking for a reputable institution to advance your career. With its commitment to excellence, real-world experiences, and accessibility, Humber College prepares students for successful careers in various fields. 

The college’s diverse campus, work-integrated learning, and strong career outcomes make it a popular choice for students. Humber College’s affordable tuition rates, extensive alumni network, and job placement support make it an attractive option. Overall, Humber College provides a quality education and a supportive environment for students to excel academically and professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How expensive is Humber College?

The college has average tuition fees of 17,840 to 22,580​ CAD, equal to around 10 to 12.91 lakhs.

Q2. What is special about Humber College?

Humber emphasizes career-focused learning and hands-on experience. The college offers various credentials – diplomas, certificates, bachelor’s degrees, or postgraduate certificates, and will help you chart the most profitable path toward your purposes.

Student Reviews

Sarah – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ (4.4 Rating)

I loved my time at Humber College! The instructors were knowledgeable and sincere about their subjects and always available to help me when I needed clarification or guidance. The campus facilities were modern and well-maintained, providing a conducive learning environment. Additionally, the college offered numerous extracurricular activities and clubs, which helped me meet new people and enhance my overall college experience. I recommend Humber College to anyone looking for a quality education.

Jason – ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4 Rating)

Humber College exceeded my expectations in terms of hands-on learning. The programs are designed to give students practical experience in their chosen fields. I had the opportunity to work on real projects and internships, which helped me develop valuable skills and build a strong network of industry contacts. The college also organized career fairs and workshops that prepared me for the job market. Overall, Humber College gave me the tools to succeed in my career.

Alex – ⭐⭐⭐  ☆ (3.8 Rating)

Humber College provided me with a vibrant and inclusive learning community. The diversity on campus was incredible, and I had the opportunity to interact with students from various cultural backgrounds. The college actively promoted diversity and inclusion through events and initiatives. The student services offered support in areas like career counseling and mental health. I also appreciated the efforts made by the college to incorporate sustainability practices into campus life. It was a genuinely enriching experience overall.

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