Cue Card 2023 – IELTS is the most popular exam students take to prove their language proficiency to study or work in an English-speaking country. 

The IELTS measures students’ proficiency in four modules Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

The first three modules of the IELTS exam take place on the same day without any break, and the speaking can be scheduled before or after the other three modules.

In this blog, we will discuss the speaking module of the IELTS exam and give a list of the latest IELTS speaking cue cards (May to September 2023). 

This list will help students to prepare for the cue cards before the exam and desired band score. 

At the end of the blog, you will also get a link to Download the latest cue cards 2023 pdf with sample answers.

What are IELTS Speaking Cue Cards?

The cue card is the 2nd part of the IELTS speaking, and in this, the examiner will give you a topic and ask you to speak about the topic for 1 to 2 minutes.

You will get 1 minute to prepare your answer before you start speaking. This is the most important question type in IELTS speaking. 

The IELTS speaking cue cards weigh maximum in your overall speaking score. If you respond to the cue card properly, your chances of getting a good score in IELTS speaking increases.

While answering the cue card question, you can give personal experiences, opinions, and examples to support your answers.

How to Prepare IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topics?

It is important to prepare for the cue card questions properly, and to make your preparation strong, we will provide some tips you must follow.

  • Familiarize yourself with common topics that the examiner can ask, for that, you can download our IELTS speaking pdf.
  • Brainstorm your ideas about different topics in the IELTS exam.
  • Practice speaking on cue card topics daily.
  • Expand your knowledge of vocabulary for IELTS speaking.
  • Ask for feedback from an experienced tutor or any friend with a good English knowledge.

You must visit the link for more details about improving your IELTS speaking skills.

New IELTS Speaking Cue Cards 2023

Here you will get the latest and updated cue cards for IELTS speaking that you can use to make your preparation. 

So, here we will give the cue cards that are added new in the new cue card 2023 list.

  1. Talk about an ad that you hate or don’t like.
  2. Describe or talk about a person or individual who inspires you to do interesting things.
  3. Explain about a website that helps you a lot or a website you visit daily.
  4. Tell us about the good news that you have heard from other people.
  5. Talk about or describe a noisy place.
  6. Describe a thing (activity or something) that you teach to your relative or your friends.
  7. Talk about a country where you want to migrate to work, study, or live for a short time period.
  8. Talk about an old person whom you met recently and find interesting.
  9. Describe a piece of technology or gadget that you find hard to use.
  10. Describe or talk about a historical event you want to learn more about.
  11. Describe a meal that was not usual for you.
  12. Talk about a success or achievement that you are proud of.
  13. Describe anything that you complained about initially but got a good result in the end.
  14. Talk about a time when you lost or couldn’t find your way.
  15. Describe an experience that gave you exited experience.
  16. Explain or describe what you will do if you get a lot of money.
  17. Talk about a time when your whole family was together.
  18. Describe a thing or activity you have done in a group or with someone.
  19. Describe a routine you follow regularly and enjoy.
  20. Talk about or describe a place you visited recently and found polluted air.
  21. Describe or talk about an actress or actor whom you follow and admire.
  22. Talk about a person with whom you want to study and work.
  23. Describe a time when you were late for something (meeting, function, class, or anything).
  24. Describe a thing that you madly wanted and received as a gift.

IELTS Speaking Cue Cards 2023 (January To April)

Here are IELTS speaking cue cards students can expect to face from January to April 2023. Students should prepare for these cue cards in 2023 to get a high band score in IELTS speaking. 

  1. Describe a popular place for sports.
  2. Describe a TV program you like (this cue card is similar to “Describe a TV program that makes you laugh a lot,” so you can prepare the same one for both cue cards).
  3. Describe a story you have heard
  4. Describe a time when someone gave you money in the form of a gift or Describe a time when you got money on your birthday.
  5. Describe a childhood friend.
  6. Describe an important English lesson.
  7. Describe a movie you want to watch again and watched recently.
  8. Talk about an essential thing you learned (not in college or school).
  9. Describe an interesting neighbor.
  10. Talk about a flower you get as a gift.
  11. Talk about an international problem.
  12. Describe someone who inspired you a lot.
  13. Talk about a time you missed an important appointment.
  14. Talk about a time when you experienced extremely bad weather.
  15. Describe when you studied at your friend’s home.
  16. Talk about your favorite beverage.
  17. Talk about a place for playing (eg. stadium or park).
  18. Talk about a rule that you love to follow.
  19. Describe a park that has been under many changes in recent years.
  20. Describe a part of your city that you dislike.
  1. Describe a time when you were busy.
  2. Describe a person who believes in dressing well.
  3. Talk about a time when you slapped someone publicly.
  4. Describe a place you love to recommend others to visit.
  5. Talk about an application on your mobile phone you used to learn a new skill.
  6. Talk about a family member you like to work with in the future.
  7. Describe a time when you shared something with others.
  8. Describe a difficult decision that you took.
  9. Describe a time when you got a positive response to your work.
  10. Talk about a time when you were stuck in a jam.
  11. Describe something you successfully did but was difficult to do.
  12. Describe a time when there was a lot of plastic waste.
  13. Describe a person who likes to dress fashionably.
  14. Talk about a time when you spent a huge amount of money (on a special occasion).
  15. Describe an apartment or house you often visit.
  16. Talk about a person you know who likes to grow plants.
  17. Describe an object that you think is beautiful.
  18. Talk about a problem you face while shopping in a store or online.
  19. Describe a time you searched on the internet for information.
  20. Talk about an activity (outdoor) you did in a new place.
  1. Describe your favorite author.
  2. Describe an electronic device you want to own.
  3. Talk about a time when you took a risk and had a positive outcome.
  4. Describe a pandemic you experienced.
  5. Talk about a movie that inspires you.
  6. Describe a decision you took by yourself.
  7. A practical skill you have learned recently.
  8. Talk about a family member with whom you have a strong bond.
  9. Describe a website you use daily.
  10. Describe an electronic gadget that you purchased recently.
  11. Talk about a company you would love to work for in the future.
  12. Describe a quiet place.
  13. A book that you recently read and did not like.
  14. Describe a time when you gave advice to others
  15. Describe a place you visited ( Not Your Hometown ) That you recommended others to live in
  16. Talk About A Joke That Made You Laugh
  17. Talk About A Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting
  18. Talk About A Time When You Were Asked Opinion In A Survey
  19. Talk About A Debatable Issue
  20. Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked
  1. Talk About A Tourist Attraction OF Your Country
  2. Describe a shocking News that made you happy
  3. Describe an object you find particularly beautiful
  4. Describe an invention that has changed how people live
  5. Talk about a special day which was not that expensive or on which you didn’t have to spend a lot of money
  6. Describe a friend you like to talk with
  7. Describe a time when you observed the stars. 
  8. Describe a movie you would like to watch again
  9. Describe a place where you go to do outdoor activities or play a sport
  10. Describe a time you disagreed with someone
  11. Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed
  12. Describe a photo that you are proud of
  13. Describe an important thing you learned, not at school or college
  14. Describe something that was broken in your home and then repaired
  15. Describe a person you only met once and want to know more about
  16. Describe a thing you did to learn another Language
  17. Describe a time when you used your cellphone/ smartphone to do something important
  18. Describe a special cake you received from others
  19. Describe an interesting song
  20. Describe a creative person whose work you admire.
  1. Describe something (service, product, or anything) you received for free
  2. Talk about a time when you managed a happy or joyful event successfully
  3. Describe a time when you had lost something precious
  4. Talk about an occasion when you helped any child
  5. Talk about something (activity or technology) that saves your time
  6. Describe an activity or exercise that you do to keep yourself fit
  7. Talk about a positive change that took place in your life
  8. Describe an important or useful lake or river in your hometown or country
  9. Talk about an apartment or house where someone you know Lives in
  10. Talk about your favorite weather or weather you liked the most

Category Wise IELTS Speaking Cue Card 2023 (Topics) 

Here are the 7 different categories for IELTS speaking cue cards that students face during their speaking exam.


  • Describe your favorite Picture or Photography you like
  • A song that has special meaning to you
  • A story/ novel interests you
  • Describe A Special or favorite Toy you liked in your childhood
  • Describe a favorite song that you like


  • A person you admire/love essay
  • Describe someone you consider a good leader
  • Describe one of the family Member You Spend The Most Time With
  • An Occasion You Unexpectedly Met Someone for the first time
  • Describe Someone in the news you like to meet


  • Describe Your Family
  • Describe a family event you are looking forward to
  • Describe a family picnic or tour you have had


  • Describe a picture or photograph in your home
  • A Gift You Gave That Took A Long Time To Choose
  • Describe a piece of electronic equipment that you find useful
  • A Time You Borrowed Something useful
  • A house/apartment you like to live in


  • A Place you remember well that is Full of Color
  • A country you have not been to yet
  • A street that you like to visit
  • Describe a polluted place
  • A place near water you visited


  • A Project at Work or Homework Assignment
  • A Course You Like to Study and found useful
  • Describe a piece of work you did quickly
  • Describe your Dream/ideal/Perfect Job


  • Ambition You Have Not Yet Achieved
  • Describe something A Child that Made You Laugh
  • A Paid Job You Friend Enjoyed Doing
  • An experience you had as a member of a team
  • A disagreement you had with a friend
  • A recent activity or event that made you happy

This category-wise cue card 2023 list will help you get yourself a step ahead in your IELTS speaking preparation.

IELTS Speaking PDF

By clicking Here, you can download IELTS speaking pdf for a sample answer for the new cue cards 2023 you are facing trouble with.


In this blog, we have discussed the new IELTS speaking cue cards 2023 that students must practice to get desired band score in IELTS speaking. 

By practicing these new cue cards students can make sure that they have practiced every  cue that they can expect in the exam.

Students won’t face any cue cards out of this list, however, there can be a slight change in the statement. The examiner can ask you cue cards 2023 by rephrasing the cue cards given in this blog. 

If you have difficulty making answers for any cue card then you can download the pdf by clicking the link given upward.

We hope we have cleared all your queries or questions about the latest IELTS speaking cue cards. If you still have any queries or questions left related to the latest cue cards 2023 or need guidance about the IELTS exam, contact our experts.

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How do I answer a cue card?

While answering the cue card in IELTS speaking, you must cover all the points asked in the cue card in the given time. If you do not cover all the given points in your cue card, no matter how advanced-level vocabulary you use or at what fluency you speak, you may not get your desired score in the speaking module.

Is IELTS tough for Indian students?

The answer to this question varies from person to person. Of you prepare for the IELTS exam properly, then it is very simple to crack the IELTS exam even on the first try.

Which section is toughest in IELTS?

The writing section is said to be the toughest section of the IELTS exam as most of the students failed to get the desired band score in the IELTS writing. This is because sometimes students may get a topic in IELTS writing that they are not aware of or they misunderstand the question in IELTS writing.

Are IELTS cue cards repeated?

Yes, in IELTS speaking, the cue card topics may get repeated. There are chances that if you take the IELTS exam in a gap of 2 or 3 months, you get the same cue card question.