“Practice makes a man perfect” – Yes, this is true. Now, my question is, “Are you learning Python programming?” 

Yes, you might be, as it is one of the popular, demanding, and easy-to-understand languages. Now, being a beginner, it is necessary to practice your coding concepts. 

In this blog, I have detailed the top Python projects for beginners, along with the source code. These will definitely be going to help you to enhance your programming knowledge. 

So, let’s start learning another programming concept with the relevant examples. 

Why should I learn Python projects’ concepts?

  1. To build up more confidence by making python projects for beginners. It gives the freedom to build your program and tools that will give wings to your confidence, and it will surely increase them.
  1. To experiment as much as you can, experimenting with new tools and technology will expand your core knowledge in programming language and enhance your skills, which is required in project making.
  1. To make yourself ready to enter into real-world projects and make some remarkable python projects that contribute to the world of technology and learn properly in Software development Lifecycle diameter.
  1. For mastering your programming language, practice as much as possible because practice is the key to becoming successful in creating an innovative python project. You should know every bit of coding that develops the master in you in the field of computers.

Can I learn Python in 30 days?

Let me divided this question into 2 parts:

Can I learn Python in 30 days (if I have prior knowledge of coding): 

Yes, you can!! 

Python is the easiest language that you can easily understand. If you have any prior knowledge of any programming language (like C, C++, Java), then it is easy to learn Python programming. 

Apart from this, your prior programming knowledge can help you to learn its syntax easily. If you practice the programs regularly, you can learn the concepts of Python within 30 days.

Can I learn Python in 30 days (if I do not have prior knowledge of coding): 

No, you can’t!!

Being the easiest programming language, Python has its own concepts and functionalities that you need to learn. Apart from this, you do not have any prior programming knowledge; it might take some more days to understand the concepts of Python. 

But wait!! Check what I have mentioned- “It might take some more days.” It means you can easily learn it but not in 30 days. Moreover, it depends on you how much you put into learning it and how much you practice.

So, make a proper schedule and practice regularly to learn it quickly. 

Python projects for beginners: What projects can I do with Python?

Rock, Paper, Scissor

Rock, paper, scissors are the oldest and one of the most loved games that everyone used to play to spare their time. We all have once played this game in school or leisure time while going to a picnic or elsewhere.

Nowadays we don’t have many friends to play with, or we can say no one. So, computers came into action to play with us. Rock, paper, scissor is the easiest python project for beginners to work on for a beginner level. It is one of the most popular python projects for beginners.

The student can prepare the language of the game either by inserting one alphabet or the whole string. The student also needs to insert a function that will detect the correct movement of the game.

As the game gets over, the student can use a function that will allow an option to make an advanced move in the game or show the play again feature. 

Another function must be uploaded in the language that will decide the game’s winner in the end. 

Winning Rules will be as follows :

Rock vs paper-> paper wins.

paper vs scissor-> scissor wins.

Rock vs scissor-> Rock wins.

Source code:

Python projects for beginners


Python projects for beginners

Tic Tac Toe

Another popular game we all used to play in our leisure time was Tic Tac Toe. This game is very easy to play, and it just needed people to play with. It is one of the most exciting python projects for beginners, which is easy to build by a beginner.

The method to play Tic Tac Toe is very simple, it’s a two-player game, and usually, it requires a pen and paper. There are a total of nine grids, and we must use X and O to play the game. One player chooses X while the other one must choose O. It is one of the most popular python projects for beginners.

The game’s rule is to build a straight line of your marking either X or O in the direction, say horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Whoever makes the first one line wins the game. The game’s obstacle was to block the other player’s line and build your chain, which leads to winning the game.

The Tic Tac Toe can be built with the Pygame Python library’s help, which includes sounds, graphics, and alphabets.

Source code:

Python projects for beginners


Python projects for beginners


One of the favorite games out there was Hangman; this game had the tension of guessing the correct word with some limited guesses. We all have played this game in person or a team of groups. It is one of the simplest python projects for beginners.

The game is more likely to be like a guess-the-word game. The game’s method is to give a limited set of words to choose from until a man gets hanged; with each guessing, the game setter has to draw a man’s body part, the part includes; ahead, one back, two hands, and two legs. 

With each wrong guessing, the game setter draws the body part, and until the end, if the man gets hanged, the player loses.

The game must include many specific functions that regulate the whole language of the game. The project’s development consists of random, char, input, output, integer, Boolean, strings, and variables. It is much of a suspense kind of game.

Source Code:

Python projects for beginners


Python projects for beginners

Where do I start with Python?

There are numerous resources for learning Python. Below, we have classified each Python resource into different categories. Let’s check the list.

Non-interactive resources


  • Introducing Python, 2nd Edition
  • Python Basic: A Practical Introduction To Python 3
  • Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition
  • Learn Python 3 The Hard Way


  • Codeavail
  • Tutorialspoint
  • CallTutors
  • Statanalytica
  • Geeksforgeeks
  • Programiz
  • Google’s Python Class
  • Coursementor

Interactive Resources: Tools and Lessons

  • Tutorialspoint
  • Geeksforgeeks
  • PythonTutor
  • Coursementor
  • Datacamp

Video Resource

Live Courses

  • LiveLectures
  • General Assembly
  • Coursementor

Pre-recorded courses

  • TreeHouse
  • Pluralsight
  • Youtube channels (related to Python Courses)
  • Udemy
  • Envato TutsPlus
  • Real Python
  • EdX

Tips to make your Python project making process more fun

Direct FunIndirect Fun
Enjoy the Output: You can enjoy printing the different outputs with your projects.Swap learning source: Do you not like any blog? Just switch to another one. Do not waste your time understanding it by reading again and again.
Bite-size learning: Divide your learning method. Start with small blogs or videos.Compete Secretly: Learning individually might be boring. Get a companion and compete with him/her secretly.
Use an online IDE or a mobile app: Use different online IDE to execute your projects’ program from anywhere at any time.Create a daily habit: For developing a new thing, you must be consistent with it. So, create a habit of daily working on the project.


Python projects are necessary to enhance your Python skills. That is why it is mandatory that you must keep practicing daily. I have provided Python projects for beginners that help them improve their coding skills and confidence.  

If you find that you get stuck somewhere, contact our Python programming experts. They will definitely help you out in the hour of need. Apart from this, if you are looking for more projects like these, let me know through your comments.

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Keep practicing to polish up your Python programming skills in the best possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Python for free?

Python is one of the open-source programming languages. It is available absolutely free and accessible to all to use. If you want to install it, you can download it from at zero cost.

What are some good Python projects for beginners?

There are several Python project ideas that a beginner can use without facing any difficulty. Some of the projects are:

  • Number Guessing. 
  • Dice Rolling Simulator. 
  • Contact Book. 
  • Binary search algorithm.
  • Mad Libs Generator. 
  • Text-based Adventure Game. 
  • Hangman. 
  • Email Slicer.