PTE is one of the most taken tests to prove English language proficiency. Every year thousands of students take the PTE exam. 

They prepare for the PTE exam by joining a test center for the PTE exam or hiring a tutor online.

Some students are not able to join a test center for PTE preparation. This can happen because of a lack of time or money. 

For them, here in this blog, we will answer the question of how to prepare for PTE exam at home.

Now the question arises is it possible to prepare for the PTE exam at home? The answer is yes, with a little hard work and concentration, you can easily prepare for the PTE exam.

So now, without wasting any more time, let’s understand how to prepare for PTE exam at home, but before that, you need to understand what PTE is.

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What is PTE?

The PTE exam is for students to prove English language proficiency to migrate to an English-speaking nation. 

This exam measures students’ speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in English.

The test is of two types:

  • PTE Academic
  • PTE General
PTE GeneralIt is to reward excellent achievements for English language learners.
PTE AcademicsConducted as an English language proficiency test for those studying or working abroad.

Basic Tips To Prepare PTE At Home

If you do not have enough time to read this full blog, then you can check the tips in this section about preparing for the PTE exam at home.

This will help you to have basic information about this question.

These tips are enough for creating a strategy for your PTE exam preparation, but I suggest you read the full blog because this can decide your future, so you should not take it lightly.

So, here are some basic tips on how to prepare for PTE in 10 days that you should follow to prepare for your PTE exam from home:

  1. Decide a time and Dedicated Place.
  2. Create a Time Table.
  3. Don’t forget to add breaks between your studies.
  4. Understand the Exam Format.
  5. Learn the pronunciation of common English Words
  6. Work on your English Grammar.
  7. Work on your spelling; spelling mistakes are one of the biggest reasons for less Pte exam scores.
  8. Watch YouTube Videos of PTE exam experts to create a Strategy.
  9. Practice Exam Questions.

These are some basic tips that you should follow to prepare for your PTE exam from home.

How To Prepare For PTE Exam at Home?

Above, I have shared some basic tips for the guys who are so busy that they do not have time to read the full blog.

But if you have enough time and are serious about getting good scores in your Pte Exam, then for dedicated guys like you, here are some of the best tips or advice I want to give you to help you in this journey.

Get Basic Information about PTE

You want to prepare for your PTE exam on your own, so you should first get the information about the whole PTE exam.

This is the first step for each candidate who wants to attempt this exam by preparing on their own.

Many candidates will think that they do not have to follow this step because they have the information about this exam.

But trust me, if you are attempting this exam for the first or second time, then there are many things that you still do not know.

So, before going to any further steps, first get the complete information about PTE. (You Can Check Our “What is PTE” blog for PTE exam complete Information). It is the first tip on how to prepare for PTE exam at home.

Clear Your Confusion About Proficiency Tests

The next thing you should do is clear all your confusion about Proficiency tests.

Before preparing for your PTE exam, you have to prepare yourself mentally.

It should not happen that after starting preparation for your PTE exam, you think that it would be better if you choose any other exam like IELTS or TOEFL.

You can lose all your motivation due to this.

So, before starting your preparation for the PTE exam, get all the information about the other proficiency exams.

Find out the differences between PTE and IELTS or between CELPIP and IELTS.

And make sure that the PTE exam is the best choice for you. It is the second tip on how to prepare for PTE exam at home.

Understand the PTE Score Chart

After following the above two steps, you now have the information about the PTE exam and are sure you want to prepare for it.

Now, you have to understand the score chart of the PTE exam. 

This will help you to find out how many scores are known as good scores for this exam.

You already know you can’t fail or pass the PTE exam; you only get good or bad scores.

So, you have to find out how much a score you should get in your exam that can be considered a good score and can increase your chances of getting a visa.

This tip is connected to this blog’s next tip: set your goal. It is the third tip on how to prepare for PTE exam at home.

Set a Score Goal For Yourself

Now it’s time to set your goal; think about how much a score you want to get in your exam.

This is why I have told you to understand the PTE score chart in my previous tip.

Clear concepts about the score chart, check the country’s requirements in which you want to study, and then set a goal of scores that you want to achieve.

If you have an aim in mind, it will help you prepare an effective strategy.

For example, if you want to get 80+ scores in your exam, your strategy will be different from the candidate who wants to get 70+ scores.

So, before preparing a strategy, set a goal for yourself. It is the fourth tip on how to prepare for PTE exam at home.

Select a Specific Place and Time to Study

I also included this tip in the above basic tips section because this tip will help you a lot no matter for which exam you are preparing.

The tip is always to choose a dedicated space and time for study.

Make a routine that you will study in a particular space at a particular time, no matter what happens.

The reason for doing this is that it will help you to create a habit of studying.

If you study at a certain place every day for some time, then after some days, it will become your habit.

You will find yourself studying at that place at that specific time every day.

This is how human psychology works.

So, follow this tip because if you get into the habit of studying, you will surely get good scores in your PTE exam. It is the fifth tip on how to prepare for PTE exam at home.

Know the Exam format/Pattern

Get full information about the exam format or pattern of the PTE exam.

After getting information about the pattern, you can plan your study strategy and the material you can study for your exam.

There are four sections in the PTE exam: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

There are different types of questions in each section of this exam; you have to collect information about these sections and their question type.

The biggest mistake that a PTE exam candidate studying from home on their makes is that they need to get information about the exam pattern of the PTE.

Due to this, they need to improve while preparing a strategy for their exam. It is the sixth tip on how to prepare for PTE exam at home.

Attempt Full Mock Tests

Attempt Full Mock Tests

Just preparing for your exam is not enough; you have to test yourself.

For this, give some full mock tests before attempting the exam.

When you feel that you have prepared well enough for your exam and you are now ready to achieve your dream, then before attempting the real exam, give some mock tests.

Full mock tests are like the PTE exam, which you can use for your practice and check whether your preparation is good enough.

By this, you can check your strong and weak points, and once you know about weak points, then you work on them and turn them into your strong points.

This way, you can change your study strategy and make it more effective.

It will help you save time and increase your scores because you can decrease the time of study for your strong subjects and invest that time in your weak subjects. It is the seventh tip on how to prepare for PTE exam at home.

Get An Online Expert Coach

Get An Online Expert Coach

Getting online expert coaching is the best way to prepare for the PTE exam at home. 

Nowadays, many PTE coaches provide online coaching. 

If you need someone to guide you through the journey. 

Taking online classes or consultations from your home would be best without any time restrictions. 

An online PTE coach will give you the best guidance and extensive study materials to practice in real time. It is the eighth tip on how to prepare for PTE exam at home.

Get Connected

Get Connected

Nowadays, everyone has an internet connection at their home. 

When you prepare for the PTE exam, you should have a good internet connection. 

It is the first thing you have to do because it will help you connect with the web. 

After getting a good connection, you can be active on many PTE platforms/groups like Facebook and Instagram. 

It will help you get the latest things/updates on PTE. And you can also connect with someone already preparing for the PTE exam. It is the ninth tip on how to prepare for PTE exam at home.

Use Good Study Materials

Use Good Study Materials

Choose your materials wisely; most students make this mistake when preparing for the PTE exam.

They choose outdated study materials for their preparation, and even after preparing well enough, they need better scores in their exam.

You should select the latest study materials that cover the PTE exam’s important topics.

Please make sure the study materials that you choose should be beginner-friendly. 

Many study materials for this PTE exam are written in so much tough language that even an expert will have difficulty reading them.

So, think a lot while choosing a study material because your scores will depend greatly on this factor.

Note: Always use study material from a trusted source.

You also can choose some books for your preparation. It is the tenth tip on how to prepare for PTE exam at home.

Books For PTE Preparation at Home

Now, I will suggest some books to help you prepare.

I have spent a lot of time in search of these books; I hope these are going to be helpful for you, so here are some books for your PTE preparation:

Books For PTE Preparation
The Official Guide to PTE Academic
PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 2020-2021
A Masterpiece Of Essays 3
Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2
Wiley’s PTE Advantage for Academic Module

Create Notes While Preparing

Keep a notebook and a pen while studying for your exam, and make notes of what you have studied.

Now, most of you will think about the advantage of doing this; some will even say it wastes time.

But this is not true; it will benefit you in many ways; first, it will help you revise your concepts.

If you write the concepts after studying, you can learn them more efficiently.

And the other benefit you will get from this is that the notes you will prepare can be helpful for you in your last time revisions.

When your PTE exam is just 1 or 2 weeks away, you will not have enough time to study all the books and other study materials.

These notes will help you at that time because you have written them in your own words, so you can easily understand them. It is the twelfth tip on how to prepare for PTE exam at home.

Use Apps For Pte Preparation

Apps can be very useful for your PTE preparation.

Many official and unofficial PTE practice apps provide very good facilities for candidates.

These are some suggestions of the PTE apps from my side that you can use in your PTE preparation:

Apps for PTE preparation
PTE Exam Practice – Apeuni
PTE Academic Official Practice
Alfa PTE – PTE Practice App
PTE Champion – PTE Exam Practice
PTE Tutorials – Exam Practice

Tips for PTE Exam Day

Here are some PTE exam day tips:

  • Don’t miss your breakfast Whenever you go to give PTE exam. Having a good breakfast will help fuel you for a long time. So, carry a light snack or fruit with you while giving PTE exam. 
  • The second tip is to wear loose clothes. It will help you to feel comfortable while giving the PTE exam. 
  • You should reach 30 minutes before the reporting time at the PTE exam center. It would help you avoid any last-minute hassle and help you reach on time.
  • When you go for the PTE exam, you have to show your identification once. You should have a valid passport to proceed further. For security reasons, you should have biometrics scanned and your photograph at the time of verification of your id.
  • Where you will go to give your PTE exam, they will provide you with a locker facility for safely keeping your belongings that they bring to the PTE exam center. These can include their electronic devices such as mobile, watches, snacks, and bags.
  • While giving the test, Read all the exam instructions carefully.
  • You should use correct punctuation for your writing tasks; commas, capital letters, full stops, etc.

 What Is The Best Way To Preparing For PTE Exam?

You can prepare PTE exam at home. Many coaching centers provide online PTE classes, making it beneficial for students to prepare for the PTE exam. When you take coaching from PTE coaching centers, they will tell you the best way to prepare for PTE, following those points: 

  • Do practice listening to native English accents, especially podcasts and TED talks. 
  • You need to focus on speed and vocabulary. 
  • Practice PTE exam preparation free materials for grammar for writing.
  • You need to study only authentic materials. 
  • Rigorous practice.
  • Read English regularly
  • While speaking, record yourself.

So, these are the above tips and tricks to prepare for the PTE exam at home. If you also need the PTE Tips And Tricks pdf, then here below is the PTE Tips And Tricks pdf link. With this, you can learn these tips and tricks again in the future.

How To Prepare For PTE In 10 Days

Once you know how to prepare for PTE exam at home, here are some tips you can follow to get a good score in PTE. 

There are some students whose English level is quite good, and they can prepare for the exam in just 10 days.

They need just a little guidance to prepare for the exam. So for them, here are the best tips to prepare for PTE in just 10 days:

  • The first tip is to understand the format and score distribution of the PTE exam. You should also learn about PTE Speaking Mark Distribution, as speaking is the most important section of the PTE exam. These are the tasks for days 1 & 2.
  • On the day, start taking the PTE practice test. This will help you understand which question you need to practice more.
  • From the 4th day, you should start focusing on your weaknesses. If you focus and improve your weakness, you will get the best PTE result or your desired PTE score.
  • On the 5th day of the practice, you must learn time management for the PTE exam. Time management is the most useful trick or tip to get a high score. Here are some other tips for you on day 5, such as being familiar with the test, making and sticking to a plan, and learning new words daily. 
  • On days 6 and 7, you need to focus on the speaking and writing section of your PTE exam. Here are some tips for speaking and writing sections that students must follow to get a good score. To improve speaking, you must listen as much as possible in English, improve your pronunciation, speak normally, and prepare for the personal introduction for PTE. Here are some tips for the writing section, such as using a proper template for PTE writing, knowing all the rules about PTE writing, and learning how to summarize the content.
  • For the 8th day, here are some tips for you to follow for the PTE reading. The tips include reading regularly, learning the skimming technique, and learning how to find the keyword.
  • For the 9th day, here are some tips for PTE listening. These tips include staying focused and practicing in a noisy room. 
  • For the final day (day 10), you are ready to take the test. Try all the tips we provided above on the final day and see where you stand. 

These are some tips for you on how to prepare for PTE exam at home in just 10 days. Follow these tips and get your desired band score in 10 days.

How can I pass PTE easily?

Best 10 PTE Exam Preparation Tips 2023

  • Plan ahead.
  • Know what you’re getting into.
  • Take lots of practice tests.
  • Start studying vocabulary.
  • Focus on your subject.
  • Don’t ignore the other subject.
  • Use good materials.
  • Know question types.

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So, this is the end of the “how to prepare for PTE exam at home” blog.

In this blog, I have shared some tips that will help you prepare for the PTE exam if you are preparing for this independently.

Preparing for the PTE exam at home and getting good scores is hard, but it is not impossible; if you have the right strategy, you can do this easily.

So, believe in yourself and start taking steps now. 

If you face any problems with this, let me know in the comment section; I am always here to help.

So, that is for today’s blog; I hope you like it; stay connected to the course mentor for more such blogs.

We hope we have cleared all your queries about how to prepare for PTE exam at home. For more content like this, keep visiting CourseMentor™.


How can I self-study for PTE?

Create a strategy for your study, make a timetable by which you can organize all your subjects, select some good study material, take the help of the internet, and work hard; all these steps will help you if you want to do self-study for your PTE exam.

How can I pass PTE easily?

You can’t pass any exam easily; you have to work hard for this, but here are some tips that can help you prepare for the PTE exam:
1. Understand the pattern of the exam
2. Develop a Strategy
3. Prepare a timetable
4. Choose some good study materials
5. Take help from the internet
6. Do some practice tests

What is the most difficult part of the PTE exam?

Reading is the most difficult part of the PTE exam; the question types of the PTE reading section are considered the most confusing question types of the whole exam; many candidates’ overall scores got affected due to the reading section; so if you want to get good scores in the PTE exam, then give priority to the reading section.