The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a well-known English language test that measures students’ language proficiency who want to work or study in an English-speaking country.

This computer-based test provides students with a report card of their performance, known as a PTE score chart.

That chart or scorecard contains various things that we will discuss in this blog. We will try to understand everything about the PTE score chart because it is important to understand the score chart of an exam before taking the exam.

This will give an idea to students on which criteria the exam tests the students.  

So let’s get started!

What is the PTE Score Chart?

What is the PTE score chart?

Some will say that this question is not important because no one will ever ask you this question what a PTE score chart is?
They are right at some point because no one will ever ask you this question, but it does not mean it is not important.

A student must have proper knowledge of the PTE scorecard because this will help you determine which criteria your English language proficiency is measured.

Let me tell you this by using a real-life experience. Once, one of our (CourseMentor™) students got an overall 63 score in the PTE exam, but the interesting thing is that he does not have less than 64 in any of the four modules.
After listening to this, you may also be shocked that if he does not have less than 64 in any module, the overall score is less than 64. At this point, the knowledge of the PTE score chart comes into play. 

If you had a proper knowledge of the criteria based on which you get your PTE score or how the PTE score is calculated, you know know that there are six more factors on which your overall score depends.

So let’s understand the score chart of PTE properly, and to do that, let’s discuss how PTE’s overall score is calculated.

How PTE Overall Score Is Calculated

The overall PTE score depends upon two skills: communicative skills and enabling skills.

The communicative skill measures the student’s ability to speak, write, read, and listen in English and gives you a score in all four modules on a scale of 10 to 90. 

The enabling skill measure students’ skills in using accurate grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, oral fluency, and written discourse. The student will also get the score for enabling skills on a scale of 10 to 90.

The overall PTE score will be the average of the average communicative skill score and the average enabling skill score.

For example, if you score 62, 63, 65, and 66 in listening, reading, speaking, and writing, respectively, your average score in communication skills is 64 (62+63+65+66/4).
If you have scored 55, 56, 57, 59, 60, and 61 in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, oral fluency, and written discourse. Then your average score in enabling skills is 58 (55+56+57+59+60+61/6).

In this case, the overall score on the PTE score chart will be the average of the communicative skills score and enabling skills score. That will be 61 (58+64/2).
So, in this case, you can see the overall PTE score is less than the candidate’s score in all four modules.

Complete Analysis of PTE Score Chart

PTE Score Chart

Now I will share a chart with you which will explain PTE scores with you.

In this chart, first, you will see a range of PTE scores, and then you will see the level of excellence according to the scores in one or two words.

And then, there will be another chart in which I will explain the level of excellence in detail.

So, here is the charts that I am talking about -:

PTE Academic ScoreLevel of Excellence
30 – 36Limited
36 – 43Modest
43 – 50Modest
50 – 58Competent
58 – 65Competent
65 – 79Good
79 – 86Very Good
86 – 90Expert

This is the simplest PTE score chart, just check your scores in the table and then check the level of Excellence.

But if you want to get the detailed information about your PTE score, then you can see the below chart -:

PTE Academic ScoreLevel of Excellence
If the PTE score is between 10 and 29.The candidates who have such a score can mostly use basic phrases and some everyday expressions. They can introduce themselves and also they can interact a little bit with people.
If the PTE score is between 30 and 42.The candidates with these scores can usually use phrases and daily expressions; moreover, they can talk about some relevant topics. They can interact in a better way with other people. They can share basic personal information and can describe them in a better way.
If the PTE score is between 43 and 50.These candidates generally can understand the standard language that can be spoken at work, school, etc. They are also able to explain their experiences and also able to give their opinion on general topics.
If the PTE score is between 51 and 58.The candidates with such a score generally have good language knowledge. They can understand the standard spoken language and speak with some errors, but they can share their thoughts with others. Moreover, these people can share factual information about everyday life with a certain confidence. They are also able to get information from recorded and broadcast resources.
If the PTE score is between 59 and 75.The candidates who have these scores usually can speak and communicate fluently with other people with minor errors. Moreover, they can get information about the main concepts of a complex text.
If the PTE score is between 76 and 84.The level of excellence of the candidates with those scores is known as very good. They can usually understand a range of complex texts and also can get information about the main concepts of those texts. These candidates are generally very good at describing themselves. Moreover, these candidates can easily communicate for society, work and academic purposes.
If the PTE score is above 85.The candidates with such scores are said to have an expert level of excellence; candidates can easily communicate in English without any difficulty. They can understand the details from various types of written sources and audio sources. They can explain themselves with very much clarity, even in a complex situation.

PTE Exam Scores in Detail

After learning about the PTE score chart, you must also learn the PTE exam score. The PTE exam pattern has four sections: Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading.

In all of these four sections, candidates have to give various tests; if you do not know about these tests, then you can check my blog in which I have given complete information about what is PTE.

I have talked about them in that blog.

Here, I will explain the weightage of all of those tests in the particular section. For example, Speaking has tested like Read Aloud and Describe Image.

And the candidates get their overall results in these sections based on their performances in these tests.

Now, let’s see some tables which will tell you about the weightage of each test in each section.

Before explaining this, I want to mention that some tests have more than one section.

For example, Read aloud, which is the first test in the speaking section, is not a test of only Speaking but also of reading.

So, you have to keep that in mind.

With the weightage of the test, I will also tell you that those tests are partial credit or (correct or incorrect).

In Partial credit, the candidate is marked for every correct answer, but with every wrong answer, points will also be deducted.

In correct or incorrect, the candidate will get one point for each correct answer, and no point will be deducted for the wrong answer.

So, here are the tables with all that information.

Speaking Section

speaking and writing section
Speaking TestsScoringWeight
Read AloudPartial credit33%
Repeat SentencePartial credit30%
Describe ImagePartial credit22%
Re-Tell LecturePartial credit10%
Answer Short QuestionsCorrect or Incorrect5%

Writing Section

Writing SectionScoringWeight
Summarize Written TextPartial credit6%
Write EssayPartial credit17%
Fill in the Blanks (Reading & Writing)Partial credit25%
Summarize Spoken Text (Listening)Partial credit6%
Fill in the blanks (Listening)Partial credit for every correctly spelled correct word.18%
Write from Dictation (Listening)Partial credit for every correctly spelled word.28%

Listening Section

Listening section
Listening SectionScoringWeight
Repeat Sentence (Speaking)Partial credit23%
Re-Tell Lecture (Speaking)Partial credit9%
Answer Short Questions (Speaking)Correct or Incorrect4%
Summarize Spoken TestPartial credit6%
Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers)Partial credit2%
Fill in the BlanksPartial credit for each correctly spelled correct word.12%
Highlight Correct SummaryCorrect or Incorrect1%
Multiple Choice (Single Answers)Correct or Incorrect1%
Select Missing WordCorrect or Incorrect1%
Highlight Incorrect WordsPartial credit; points will be dedicated for wrong options chosen.16%
Write From DictationPartial Credit for every correctly spelled word.25%

Reading Section

Reading SectionScoringWeight
Read Aloud (Speaking)Partial credit27%
Summarize Written Text (Writing)Partial credit4%
Multiple Choice (Single Answers)Correct or Incorrect1%
Multiple Choice (Multiple Answers)Partial credit for each correct option; points will be deducted for each incorrect option.2%
Re-order ParagraphsPartial credit for every correctly ordered.7%
Fill in the blanks Partial credit20%
Fill in the blanks (Reading & Writing)Partial credit29%
Highlight Correct Summary (Listening)Correct or Incorrect1%
Highlight Correct Words (Listening)Partial credit for every word. Points will decrease for every wrong option chosen.9%

PTE Exams Score Card Explained

When you get your PTE exam result, you mostly get it in the form of a pdf that pdf is known as your PTE score chart.

In the pdf, you will get a scorecard; the scorecard you get consists of three parts -:

  • Personal Information
  • Overall Score
  • Scores

In this scorecard, first will be your personal information with your photo. This section includes your Date of birth, country of residence, country of citizenship, gender, email address, registration id, test date, test center country, test center id and other information like this.

Then, there will be your overall score. Then there will be scores in individual modules. There will be the communicative skills score on the PTE score chart, the enabling skills score will not be visible on the scorecard.
There will also be a breakdown of your scores in all four modules (shown in the image below) containing a bar graph for your score.

communicative skills

PTE vs IELTS vs TOEFL score chart

Once it is clear to you that Regarding proficiency tests, we mostly have 3 names: IELTS, TOEFL and PTE.

So, if we are talking about the score chart of the pte exam, then it is very necessary that we should compare it with its other two competitors.

PTE ScoresTOEFL ScoresIELTS BandsLevel of Excellence
0 to 300 to 310 to 4Extremely Limited
30 to 3432 to 344.5Limited
35 to 4135 to 455Modest
42 to 4946 to 595.5Modest
50 to 5760 to 786Competent
58 to 6379 to 936.5Competent
64 to 7294 to 1017Good
73 to 77102 to 1097.5Good
78 to 82110 to 1148Very Good
83 to 85115 to 1178.5Very Good
86 to 90118 to 1209Expert

So, this compares the score chart between the PTE vs IELTS vs TOEFL.

PTE score is calculated based on the results of the candidate in all sections.

As you know, there are four sections in the PTE exam: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

The score calculators of the PTE exam calculate scores of all the sections, and after that, they give scores to candidates.

This is the easiest way to understand the technique of calculating overall scores in the PTE exam.

I have shared this because I do not want to confuse you.

But if you want to have detailed information about this, I have another explanation for you.

So, the score of the PTE exam is calculated based on the candidate’s communicative skills and enabling scores.

These are the two factors on which scores of PTE exams are calculated.

Communicative skills check the candidate’s reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, and the scores of the communicative range between 10 to 90 points.

Enabling scores of the candidate checks the pronunciation, oral fluency, vocabulary, and written discourse, the scores of the enabling scores also range between 10 to 90 points.

How To Check PTE Result?

Here are some simple steps on how to check PTE results:

  • Visit the official website result page which is
  • After visiting the website, log in with your username and password, which you created when registering for the PTE test. 
registering for the PTE test
  • After logging in, you will see the activity option. You have to enter that option to see your PTE exam result.
  • You can also download it in PDF or TRF or PTE score chart. 

How to Send PTE Score Report?

Candidates can submit their PTE results using an online secure portal set up by PTE. PTE Academic score reports on paper or in PDF format are not accepted by universities. PTE test takers should be aware that there are no additional fees for sending PTE scores to universities. It is free of cost. But, they have to follow some steps that are mentioned below.

  • The first step is to log in to your PTE account.
  • Click on the “view score reports” button.
  • Click on the “Send Score” button
  • After that type the name of your chosen university, then select your university.
  • After choosing the university, type the name of your chosen course, and then select your preferred course.
  • Review all the detail that you submit and then scroll down and click on the “next” button to confirm.
  • Repeat each institution’s

PTE Score Chart for Australia & Canada

Many candidates ask for the score chart for Australia or Canada, so I think I have to answer this.

So, there is no such different score chart for the PTE exam for Australia or Canada.

The score chart of the PTE exam is almost the same for every country; you do not have to read anything extra for getting knowledge of these.

But, yes, the requirement of scores can differ if you are applying to different countries.

For example, for increasing your chances of getting a Visa in Australia, you need to get scores around 58 to 63.

And for Canada, you can get a visa with 58 to 60 scores.

So, these are the scores you need if you want to get a visa for Australia or Canada.

But, these are not the exact criteria; there is not a system like that; if you get scores between 58 to 63, you will surely get a visa for Australia.

Many other factors like the college you choose abroad or your reason for going abroad will also affect your visa.

Who Accepts PTE Scores?

If you want to know which countries accept PTE? These are many countries where PTE scores are accepted for both the migration process and student visa:

AustraliaNew ZealandCanadaUSA
ChinaSouth KoreaAustriaSouth Africa
BulgariaHong KongSingaporeEstonia
VietnamFranceSpainSri Lanka
EgyptThailandSaudi ArabiaGermany

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So, this is the end of this blog. In this, I have given you detailed information about the PTE score chart.

A score chart helps you know if your PTE academic scores are good or not.

Because it is very hard to decide whether you do not pass or fail in this exam.

I hope now you have complete information about it, and that this blog was helpful for you.

If you still have any queries, you can ask me in the comment section or contact our experts; stay connected with CourseMentor™ for more such blogs.

FAQ about PTE Score Chart

What is 6 each in PTE?

PTE academic score between 50 and 57 is known as equal to the IELTS 6 bands, so if a candidate has a score between 50 and 57 in each section: listening, writing, reading, speaking, then it means to have 6 each in PTE, means 6 bands in each section. 

What is 7 each in PTE?

When you have a PTE academic score between 64 to 72 in each section: listening, writing, reading, speaking, then it is known as 7 each in PTE.

Is 45 a good score in PTE?

A 45 score in PTE is an average score, there are very limited colleges who accept a student which has a 45 score in PTE, so if you want to join a college of your choice, you score should be more than 50.

For how long PTE Score is valid?

PTE scores are valid for two years from the date of the exam.

When can I appear for the PTE test again?

Candidates usually look to retake the PTE when they are unable to achieve the expected results. Candidates who wish to retake the PTE Academic exam can do so by registering for a second PTE exam five days after the first. There is no limit on the quantity of PTE exam attempts.