The University Of Exeter Courses, Fees & Rankings In 2023

University Of Exeter Courses

In today’s blog, we will discuss the University of Exeter courses, tuition fees, and the University of Exeter Qs rankings. It is a recognized public research university that offers amazing courses in historic and beautiful surroundings in South West England, United Kingdom. 

It is a prestigious member of the Russell Group of leading research universities in the UK. Also, the university combines excellence in research and teaching with a fantastic student experience. Every year, it welcomes more than 30,000 students from 150 countries to its campuses. 

The University provides various undergraduate, master, and research degrees across 40 subjects, which we discuss in the upcoming paragraphs. So, let us move on to our topic, “University Of Exeter Courses.”

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The University Of Exeter Courses

The university offers various courses and degrees in multiple subjects, including Accounting, Business, Finance, Marketing, law, Engineering, etc. So, here is the complete list of University Of Exeter Courses. 

Courses Fees (INR)Fees (GBP)
Bachelor Mathematics26.5 L/Yr24,500 /Yr
Bachelor of Arts [B.A] Communications23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.A] in Drama23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.A] in English23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.A] in French23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.A] in History23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.A] in International Relations23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.A] in Management23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.A] in Philosophy23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.A] in Sociology23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.A] in Spanish23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
Bachelor of Engineering [B.Eng] Engineering29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.Eng] in Civil Engineering29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.Eng] in Electronic Engineering29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.Eng] in Engineering and Entrepreneurship29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.Eng] in Engineering and Management29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.Eng] in Mechanical Engineering29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.Eng] in Mining Engineering29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.Eng] in Renewable Energy Engineering29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
Bachelor of Law [L.L.B] Law23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
Bachelor of Law [L.L.B] Law with Business23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery [M.B.B.S]44.9 L/Yr41,500 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] Animal Behaviour29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.Sc] in Biological Sciences29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.Sc] in Human Biosciences29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.Sc] in Marine Biology29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Accountancy25.4 L/Yr23,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Accounting and Finance25.4 L/Yr23,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Biochemistry29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Biological and Medicinal Chemistry29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Business23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Business Analytics25.4 L/Yr23,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Business and Environment23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Business and Management23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Business Economics23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Computer Science26.5 L/Yr24,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Criminology23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Data Science26.5 L/Yr24,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Economics23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Economics with Econometrics23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Engineering Geology and Geotechnics29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Environmental Geoscience29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Finance26.5 L/Yr24,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Forensic Science23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Geography and Geology29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Geology29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in International Business23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Marine Science29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Marketing and Management23.2 L/Yr21,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Mathematical Finance26.5 L/Yr24,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Mathematics26.5 L/Yr24,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Mathematics and Data Science26.5 L/Yr24,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Mathematics and Physics26.5 L/Yr24,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Mathematics with Accounting26.5 L/Yr24,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Mathematics with Economics26.5 L/Yr24,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Mathematics with Management26.5 L/Yr24,500 /Yr
[B.S] in Medical Technology29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Natural Sciences29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Neuroscience29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Physical Education29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Physics29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Physics with Astrophysics29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Psychology29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Zoology29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[M.A] in Anthropology28.7 L/Yr26,578 /Yr
[M.A] in Classics and Ancient History24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.A] in English Literature24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.A] in Food Science24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.A] in History24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.A] in Philosophy24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
Master of Education [M.Ed] Education24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
Master of Engineering [M.Eng] Civil Engineering29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
Master of Law [L.L.M]24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
Master of Law [L.L.M] European Law24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
Master of Philosophy [M.Phil] Art History24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
Master of Public Administration [M.P.A]24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
Master of Research [M.Res] Health Science24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
Master of Research [M.Res] Management24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
Master of Science [M.Sc] Accountancy24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Accounting and Finance33.5 L/Yr31,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Advanced Biological Sciences25.9 L/Yr24,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Advanced Computer Science24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Advanced Mathematics24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Applied Data Science and Modelling27 L/Yr25,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Applied Data Science and Statistics24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Applied Geotechnics28.6 L/Yr26,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Applied Social Data Science24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Behavioural Economics and Finance25.1 L/Yr23,200 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Biological Sciences25.9 L/Yr24,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Business24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Business Analytics29.7 L/Yr27,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Civil Engineering with Management28.6 L/Yr26,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Cyber Security Analytics27 L/Yr25,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Data Science28.6 L/Yr26,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Digital Marketing29 L/Yr26,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Economics25.1 L/Yr23,200 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Engineering Business Management24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology29.7 L/Yr27,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Finance and Investment24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Finance and Management30.4 L/Yr28,100 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Financial Economics25.1 L/Yr23,200 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Financial Mathematics30.4 L/Yr28,100 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Financial Technology (Fintech)25.1 L/Yr23,200 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Geotechnical Engineering28.6 L/Yr26,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Global Operations Management28.1 L/Yr26,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Healthcare Leadership and Management29.7 L/Yr27,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Health Data Science29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Human Resources24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in International Business24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in International Human Resource Management29 L/Yr26,800 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Management24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Marketing24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Mathematical Finance24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Mechanical Engineering28.6 L/Yr26,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Mining and Minerals Engineering28.6 L/Yr26,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Mining Engineering24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Mining Environmental Management28.6 L/Yr26,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Money, Banking and Finance24.3 L/Yr22,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Physics27 L/Yr25,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Renewable Energy Engineering28.6 L/Yr26,500 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Statistics27 L/Yr25,000 /Yr
Master Public Health29.2 L/Yr27,000 /Yr

So, it is the complete list of the University of Exeter courses. Now, we will provide the table that shows the University of Exeter Qs ranking.

University Of Exeter Qs Ranking

It is consistently ranked among the top institutes in the world by QS rankings. So, here are the rankings.

Ranking Agency Ranking 
QS World Rankings#153
THE World Rankings#137
World Report Best Global Universities by U.S. News#152
World Report Best Global Universities by U.S. News in the UK #18

So, it is the table of the University Of Exeter Qs Rankings.

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the University of Exeter courses. It offers various courses across various subjects, including Accounting, Business, Finance, Computer Science, Engineering, Data Science, Marketing, Law, and Entrepreneurship. With its prestigious reputation as a member of the Russell Group and its commitment to excellence in research and teaching, Exeter provides a fantastic educational experience for domestic and international students. 

The university’s stunning location in South West England’s historic and beautiful surroundings adds to its appeal. Moreover, the University of Exeter consistently achieves high global rankings, such as QS World Rankings (#153) and THE World Rankings (#137), reaffirming its status as a top institution. Choosing Exeter for higher education can be an enriching experience for students from all over the world. I hope you liked this post about the University of Exeter courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which course is best at the University of Exeter?

The University provides various top-ranked subjects at bachelor’s and master’s degree levels. Some top-ranked subjects at this university include Accounting, Business, Finance, Computer Science, Engineering, Data Science, Marketing, Law, and Entrepreneurship.

Q2. Is Exeter good for international students?

Exeter is an amazing place to choose for study. The city has two amazing schools: the University of Exeter and Exeter College. These institutes offer various courses and high-quality education. The city is known for its rich history, friendly atmosphere, and beautiful surroundings.

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