University of Huddersfield Courses, Fees, & Rankings In 2023

University of Huddersfield Courses

In today’s blog, we will discuss the University of Huddersfield courses, tuition fees and University of Huddersfield ranking. It is a well-recognized public research university founded in Huddersfield, England, UK. 

Around 20,000 students are currently studying at Huddersfield University and can choose from the UG, PG and research courses. The University provides a high standard of learning and teaching and excellent facilities that are exactly what students expect. 

The University has an impressive record for graduate employment, with 96.5% of undergraduate and 96.6% of postgraduate students. Also, graduates can find employment within fifteen months of graduating, making it an attractive option for students. So, let us move on to the University of Huddersfield Courses.

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University of Huddersfield Courses

The University offers Part-time, full-time undergraduate, postgraduate, and research courses in diverse subjects. Some top subjects of the university include Business, Sciences, Engineering, Arts, Accounting, Finance, Management, etc. So, below is the complete list of University of Huddersfield courses. 

Courses Fees (INR)Fees (GBP)
[B.A] in Accountancy16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Advertising and Marketing Communications16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Animation16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Architecture16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Broadcast Journalism16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Business Management16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Business with Travel & Tourism Management13.9 L/Yr12,900 /Yr
[B.A] in Contemporary Art16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Costume with Textiles16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Drama16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Education Human Resource Development & Training16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in English Literature16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Events Management16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Exercise Science16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Fashion Design with Marketing & Production16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Film Studies and Drama16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Global Marketing – Top-up 16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Graphic Design16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in History16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Hospitality Business Management16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Human Resource Management – Top-up16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Illustration16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Interior Design16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in International Accountancy – Top-up16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in International Business16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Journalism16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Marketing16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Media and Popular Culture16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Photography16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Product Design16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.A] in Textile Practice (Surface Design)16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.Eng] Automotive and Motorsport Engineering17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[B.Eng] Computer Systems Engineering17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[B.Eng] Electronic Engineering (Top-up)17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[B.Eng] Mechanical Engineering17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B] Law16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharma]25.1 L/Yr23,198 /Yr
[B.S] in Air Transport & Logistics Management16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
Bachelor of Science [B.S] in Applied Computing (Top-up)17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Behavioural Sciences16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Biochemistry16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Biology (Molecular and Cellular)13.9 L/Yr12,900 /Yr
[B.S] in Biomedical Science13.9 L/Yr12,900 /Yr
[B.S] in Business Economics13.9 L/Yr12,900 /Yr
[B.S] Chemical Engineering and Chemistry17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Computing16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Construction Project Management16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Criminology16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Economics16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Forensic and Analytical Science16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in International Politics16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Logistics and Supply Chain Management16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Medical Biochemistry16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Medical Biology16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Medical Genetics16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Nursing – Adult16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Occupational Therapy16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Pharmaceutical Chemistry16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Physiotherapy16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Podiatry16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Politics16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Psychology16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Sociology16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Software Engineering17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Sport Science16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Supply Chain Management16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Surveying (Quantity Surveying)16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[B.S] in Web Design16.2 L/Yr15,000 /Yr
[Ph.D] in Advanced Metrology & Optical Instrumentation18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
Master of Arts [M.A] Advanced Architectural Design17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.A] in Digital Media17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.A] in Education (Early Childhood Studies)17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.A] in Education (Leadership and Management)17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.A] in Graphic Design17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.A] in International Fashion Design Management17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
Master of Pharmacy [M.Pharm]17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
Master of Public Health [M.P.H]18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
Master of Science [M.Sc] Accounting17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Accounting and Finance17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Accounting and Finance (Professional Practice)17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Advanced Project Management in Construction17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Analytical Bioscience17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Analytical Chemistry17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Artificial Intelligence17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Automotive Engineering18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Automotive Engineering (with Placement)19.5 L/Yr18,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Banking and Finance17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Banking and Finance (Professional Practice)17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Behavioural Economics and Decision Science17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Business17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Business Intelligence and Analytics17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Business Intelligence & Analytics17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Clinical Pharmacy Practice with Placement19.5 L/Yr18,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Computer Science18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Computing17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Computing (with Placement)19.5 L/Yr18,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Data Analytics17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Digital Marketing17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Economics17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Electronic Engineering19.5 L/Yr18,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Embedded Systems Engineering18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Engineering Control Systems and Instrumentation18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Engineering Management18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Finance17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Forensic and Analytical Science17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Health Studies17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Information Systems Management17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Information Systems Management (with Placement)17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in International Business17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in International Business (Professional Practice)18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in International Business with Project Management17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in International Business with Tourism & Hospitality17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in International Finance with Law17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in International Marketing17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Leadership, Communication and Humanitarian Challenges17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Logistics and Supply Chain Management17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Management17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Management with Communication17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Management with Communication (Professional Practice)18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Management with Entrepreneurship17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Management with Entrepreneurship (Professional Practice)18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Management with Human Resource Management17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Management with International Business17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Management with Leadership17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Management with Leadership (Professional Practice)18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Management with Marketing (Professional Practice)18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Management with Tourism and Hospitality17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Marketing17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Marketing (Professional Practice)18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Marketing with Brand Management17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Mechanical Engineering17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Mechanical Engineering (with Placement)19.5 L/Yr18,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Mechanical Engineering (with Placement)19.5 L/Yr18,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Criminology and International Security17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Oil & Gas Engineering with Management17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Pharmaceutical and Analytical Science 17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Business Strategy19.5 L/Yr18,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Pre-Registration Nursing (Adult)17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Project Management and Operations Management17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Psychology17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Risk Disaster and Environmental Management17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Social Work17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Strategic Communication, Leadership and Sustainability17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Strategic Communication and Leadership17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Strategic Human Resource Management17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Sustainable Business Leadership17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Sustainable Business Leadership (Professional Practice)18.4 L/Yr17,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Sustainable Supply Chain Management17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
[M.Sc] in Theory of Podiatric Surgery17.3 L/Yr16,000 /Yr
Pre-Bachelor Engineering and Computer Science14.4 L/Yr13,300 /Yr
Pre-Master’s Business, Management & Marketing8.6 L/Yr7,950 /Yr

So, it is the complete list of the University of Huddersfield Courses. Now, we will discuss the University of Huddersfield Rankings.

The University of Huddersfield Ranking

Here is the list of rankings:

  1. QS World University Ranking: #567 Rank
  2. World University Rankings By (THE): #601 – 800 Rank
  3. Impact Rankings By (THE):  #101 – 200 Rank
  4. Young University Rankings By (THE): #151 – 200 Rank
  5. Best Global Universities By US News: #1085 Rank
  6. Best Global Universities in the UK By US News: #75 Rank

It is the University of Huddersfield Rankings list.

Final Remarks 

In this blog, we have discussed the complete list of University of Huddersfield courses. The University of Huddersfield is a prestigious public research institution in the UK. With a population of approximately 20,000, it offers a wide range of UG, PG, and research courses across various fields.

The university provides high-quality education and excellent facilities, from business and sciences to engineering, arts, and management. Moreover, the University of Huddersfield boasts an impressive graduate employment record, with a significant percentage of students finding employment within fifteen months of graduating. I hope you liked this post about the University of Huddersfield course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the IELTS score required for the University of Huddersfield?

To qualify for the Huddersfield University, IELTS generally requires a minimum of 6.0 bands with 5.5 bands in all sections.

Q2. What does Huddersfield University Specialize in?

Huddersfield consists of many world-leading applied research groups specializing in biomedical sciences, social sciences, physical sciences, engineering, arts, and humanities.

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