Sheridan College Courses, Fees & Requirements: Best Guide

Sheridan College Courses

In today’s blog, we will discuss Sheridan College courses and provide its tuition fees. Sheridan College was founded in 1967, a public college of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario, Canada. Every year, the college educates around 27,060 full-time and 4,020 part-time students on its three campuses. 

Sheridan College is a vibrant and innovative institution that offers many learning opportunities. Sheridan focuses on hands-on education and prepares students for success in various fields. The college’s supportive environment, modern facilities, and dedicated faculty enrich the learning experience. 

It is popularly known for its academic programs in business, animation and illustration, engineering technology, creative writing and publishing, etc., which we will discuss in the upcoming paragraph. So, let us move on to the Sheridan College courses. 

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Sheridan College Courses

Sheridan College is a well-known institution in Canada that offers more than 100 programs and courses to international students in diverse fields, including around 28 degree programs. 

They cover many subjects, including arts, business, technology, health sciences, and more. Below is the complete list of the courses with their average yearly tuition fees.

Sheridan College CoursesFees per year in (CAD)Fees per year in (INR)
Diploma in Veterinary Technician $18.99K₹11.58L
Diploma in Educational Support (Fast Track Intensive)$18.33K₹11.18L
Certificate in Animal Care $18.30K₹11.16L
Advanced Diploma in Business Administration –  (Accounting) $17.99K₹10.97L
Diploma in Electronics Engineering Technician$18.53K₹11.30L
Certificate in Welding Techniques$18.64K₹11.37L
Bachelor of Craft and Design (Furniture)$19.53K₹11.91L
Diploma in Personal Support Worker $19.05K₹11.62L
Bachelor of Computer Science – (Cloud Computing)$20.98K₹12.80L
Honours Bachelor of Interior Design $23.34K₹14.23L
Bachelor of Computer Science – (Data Analytics)$21.07K₹12.85L
Diploma in Business Administration – (Marketing)$17.99K₹10.97L
Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Care $17.90K₹10.92L
Advanced Diploma in Technical Production $19.40K₹11.84L
Graduate Certificate in Quality Assurance$20.18K₹12.31L
Graduate Certificate in Digital Product Design $25.45K₹15.52L
Bachelor of Craft and Design (Ceramics)$19.53K₹11.91L
Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Technology$17.93K₹10.94L
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technician And Technology$18.59K₹11.34L
Diploma in Business (Human Resources)$18.00K₹10.98L
Diploma in Office Administration (Health Services)$18.04K₹11.01L
Bachelor of Photography $26.23K₹16.00L
Diploma in General Arts & Science $17.99K₹10.97L
Diploma in Pharmacy Technician $18.11K₹11.05L
Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology $18.16K₹11.07L
Graduate Certificate In Environmental Control $23.49K₹14.33L
Graduate Certificate in International Business Management $19.82K₹12.09L
Bachelor of Information Systems Security $21.73K₹13.26L
Diploma in Educational Support $17.90K₹10.92L
Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)$18.70K₹11.41L
Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting $19.94K₹12.16L
Graduate Certificate in Project Management $21.32K₹13.01L
Graduate Certificate in Visual Effects $25.00K₹15.25L
Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management $20.32K₹12.40L
Advanced Diploma in Advertising & Marketing Communications$18.22K₹11.11L
Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance$36.29K₹22.14L
Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology and  Technician $18.44K₹11.25L
Diploma in Software Engineering $36.05K₹21.99L
Bachelor of Animation$30.09K₹18.35L
Diploma in Computer Programming $18.02K₹10.99L
Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Glass) $19.53K₹11.91L
Diploma in Community and Justice Services $17.99K₹10.97L
Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries Management $17.69K₹10.79L
Diploma in Early Childhood Education$17.88K₹10.91L
Diploma in Electromechanical Engineering Technician $18.50K₹11.28L
Advanced Diploma in Electromechanical Engineering Technology $18.59K₹11.34L
Diploma in Journalism $22.74K₹13.87L
Diploma in Makeup for Creative Arts And Media$19.39K₹11.83L
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technician $18.59K₹11.34L
Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – (Marketing) $18.18K₹11.09L
Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – (Marketing) $18.18K₹11.09L
Diploma in Mechanical Technician – (Tool Making) $18.82K₹11.48L
Diploma in Visual and Creative Arts $19.00K₹11.59L
Diploma in Police Foundations$17.93K₹10.94L
Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology $18.06K₹11.02L
Graduate Certificate in Game Development $27.35K₹16.68L
Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership$11.03K₹6.73L
Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technician $18.76K₹11.45L
Diploma in Environmental Technician $18.16K₹11.08L
Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – (Finance) $54.55K₹33.27L
Diploma in Interior Decorating $19.30K₹11.77L
Diploma in Investigation $18.03K₹11.00L
Diploma in Social Service Worker $18.00K₹10.98L
Diploma in Visual Merchandising Arts $18.80K₹11.47L
Certificate in Electrical Techniques $18.80K₹11.47L
Certificate in Electrical Techniques $18.76K₹11.44L
Certificate in Media Fundamentals $18.42K₹11.24L
Certificate in Technology Fundamentals$17.90K₹10.92L
Diploma in Practical Nursing $22.90K₹13.97L
Diploma in Architectural Technician $18.25K₹11.13L
Certificate in Mechanical Techniques – (Plumbing)$18.50K₹11.28L
Bachelor of Community Safety$16.93K₹10.33L
Bachelor of Computer Science$19.56K₹11.93L
Bachelor of Craft and Design (Textiles)$19.53K₹11.91L
Bachelor of Interaction Design$20.86K₹12.72L
Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology $18.25K₹11.13L
Bachelor of Film and Television $27.56K₹16.81L
Graduate Certificate in Public Relations $22.87K₹13.95L
Graduate Certificate in Television and Film$31.74K₹19.36L
Diploma in Business Administration – (Finance) $54.55K₹33.27L
Graduate Certificate in Digital Creature Animation$25.00K₹15.25L
Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management$20.33K₹12.40L
Diploma in Paralegal $18.00K₹10.98L
Diploma in Social Service Worker – (Gerontology)$17.99K₹10.97L
Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management  $20.32K ₹12.40L
Graduate Certificate in Advanced Manufacturing Management $21.43K₹13.07L
Advanced Diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology $18.53K₹11.30L
Graduate Certificate in Game Level Design $25.59K₹15.61L
Diploma in Plumbing Technician$18.40K₹11.23L
Certificate in Arts Fundamentals$18.97K₹11.57L
Diploma in Business – (Marketing)$18.18K₹11.09L
Diploma in Business – (Finance) $18.18K₹11.09L
Certificate in Performing Arts – (Preparation)$19.47K₹11.88L
Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology$18.59K₹11.34L
Certificate in General Arts & Science$17.89K₹10.91L
Graduate Certificate in Journalism – (New Media)$22.74K₹13.87L
Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Management$23.53K₹14.35L
Graduate Certificate in Advertising – (Account Management)$20.37K₹12.42L
Diploma in Business – (Accounting) $17.99K₹10.97L
Bachelor of Game Design$20.83K₹12.71L
Bachelor of Illustration $27.49K₹16.77L
Diploma in Chemical Laboratory Technician$18.16K₹11.08L
Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting)$18.52K₹11.30L
Diploma in Business$17.99K₹10.97L
Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing Management)$18.70K₹11.41L
Bachelor of Craft and Design (Industrial Design)$19.53K₹11.91L
Bachelor of Creative Writing and Publishing$17.95K₹10.95L
Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences$26.54K₹16.19L
Diploma in Business Administration – (Human Resources)$18.00K₹10.98L
Diploma in Office Administration – (Executive) $17.88K₹10.90L
Certificate in Mechanical Techniques $18.82K₹11.48L
Graduate Certificate in Computer Animation$15.38K₹9.38L
Advanced Diploma in Internet Communications Technology$18.00K₹10.98L
Advanced Diploma in Visual and Creative Arts$19.00K₹11.59L

So, it is the complete list of Sheridan College Courses. Now, we will discuss Sheridan College requirements.

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Sheridan College Requirements

Here is the list of required English language proficiency exam scores.

Exam Scores for Diploma and Certificate programsScores for Graduate Certificate and Degree programs
CAEL (Canadian Academic English Language)Overall score 60 Overall score 70 
Cambridge (B2 First/C1 Advanced/C2 Proficiency score) English Test Exams Overall 169 Overall 176 
Duolingo Overall score of 105overall score of 115
IELTS Academic Overall 6.0 bands Overall 6.5 bands 
TOEFL iBTOverall score 80 Overall score 88 
PTE Academic Overall score 58Overall score 60

So, it is the list of the requirements.

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the Sheridan College courses, their tuition fees, and the Sheridan College requirements. Sheridan College offers diverse programs across arts, business, technology, and health sciences, catering to over 100 fields of study. 

With a focus on hands-on education, modern facilities, and dedicated faculty, the college provides a vibrant learning environment. The tuition fees vary for each course, ranging from around $15,000 to $54,000 per year, providing options for different budget considerations.

For admission, international students must meet English language proficiency requirements, with accepted scores in exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and more. Sheridan College is an attractive choice, promoting career readiness and personal growth. I hope you liked this post about Sheridan College courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why choose Sheridan College Canada?

Sheridan College programs are all purposeful that empower you in good outcomes, social responsibility, career readiness, and life and work skills. Students can choose from various programs, including diplomas, certificates, advanced diplomas, graduate certificates, and bachelor’s degree programs.

Q2. How much is Sheridan’s application fee for international students?

Sheridan College does not have any paper applications. But, students must pay the non-refundable application fees of $100 at the time of the application process.

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