Saskatchewan Polytechnic Courses For International Students

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Courses

Today’s blog will discuss Saskatchewan Polytechnic courses for international students. Saskatchewan Polytechnic College was established in 1959 in Saskatchewan, Canada. It was formerly known as SIAST, or Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology.

But now, it’s a primary public Polytechnic institution providing students with post-secondary skills training and technical education. It is also recognized worldwide for its expertise and innovation. It offers more than 50 programs to international students. 

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is known for providing innovative and industry-focused programming with a consistently high graduate employment rate. As a student, you can expect to excel in your future career with the help of this institution. So, let’s move on to the topic “Saskatchewan Polytechnic courses.”

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Saskatchewan Polytechnic Courses For International Students

Saskatchewan Polytechnic College offers various courses and programs to international students. It includes certificates, diplomas, degrees, graduate certificates, and advanced diplomas in many study fields. 

The study fields of this college include:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Hospitality and Food services
  • Health Services
  • Engineering, etc.

So, here is the complete list of Saskatchewan Polytechnic courses for international students.  

Courses Course Duration Total Fees (CAD)Total Fees (INR)
Certificate in Agricultural Equipment Technician 1 Year $12,6207,75,950 INR
Diploma in Agriculture and Food Production2 Years $18,22011,20,275 INR
Post-Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence1 Year $11,5207,08,320 INR
Certificate in Auto Body Technician 1 Year $8,6505,31,855 INR
Certificate in Automotive Service Technician 1 Year $9,650 5,93,340 INR
Bachelor of Applied Management 2 Years $20,70012,72,760 INR
Bachelor of Construction Management 2 Years $21,98013,51,460 INR
Diploma in BioScience Technology 2 Years $16,67010,24,970 INR
Certificate in Building Systems Technician 1 Year $7,890 4,85,125 INR
Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Accountancy 1 Year $15,1809,33,360 INR
Diploma in Business Information Systems2 Years $16,90010,39,115 INR
Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Management 1 Year $12,920 7,94,400 INR
Diploma in Chemical Technology 2 Years $16,41010,08,985 INR
Post-Graduate Certificate in Cloud Computing and Blockchain 1 Year $11,5207,08,320 INR
Diploma in Commercial Pilot2 Years $78,500 48,26,650 INR
Diploma in Computer Automated Systems Technician 2 Years $12,8007,87,020 INR
Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology3 Years $23,330 14,34,470 INR
Certificate in Computer Networking Technician 1 Year $6,6104,06,420 INR
Diploma in Computer Systems Technology2 Years $17,92011,01,830 INR
Bachelor of Construction Management 2 Years$21,98013,51,460 INR
Certificate in Continuing Care Assistant 1 Year $8,5605,26,320 INR
Diploma in Culinary Arts 1 Year $15,3009,40,735 INR
Post-Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security 1 Year $14,5508,94,620 INR
Diploma in Design 2 Years$18,81011,56,550 INR
Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering Technology 2 Years$18,81011,56,550 INR
Certificate in Disability Support Worker 1 Year $8,4805,21,400 INR
Diploma in Early Childhood Education 2 Years$14,8509,13,070 INR
Certificate in Educational Assistant 1 Year$7,840 4,82,050 INR
Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology 3 Years $17,45010,72,930 INR
Diploma in Electronic Systems Engineering Technology 2 Years$16,0509,86,850 INR
Diploma in Engineering Design and Drafting Technology 3 Years $21,99013,52,075 INR
Post-Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship1 Year$8,1004,98,035 INR
Diploma in Environmental Engineering Technology 3 Years $23,12014,21,555 INR
Certificate in Fabricator – Welder1 Year$10,5806,50,520 INR
Post-Graduate Certificate in Financial Services 1 Year$12,5007,68,575 INR
Diploma in Food and Nutrition Management 2 Years$14,3108,79,865 INR
Certificate in Geographic Information Science 1 Year$8,420 5,17,710 INR
Diploma in Graphic Communications 2 Years$17,58010,80,925 INR
Certificate in Health Care Cook 1 Year$10,150 6,24,085 INR
Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management 2 Years$15,5609,56,720 INR
Certificate in Truck, Transport Technician & Heavy Equipment1 Year$9,020 5,54,600 INR
Diploma in Innovative Manufacturing 2 Years$16,68010,25,585 INR
Diploma in Instrumentation Engineering Technology 3 Years$27,25016,75,495 INR
Diploma in Integrated Resource Management 2 Years $18,46011,35,030 INR
Diploma in Interactive Design and Technology 1 Year$9,660 5,93,955 INR
Diploma in Library and Information Technology 1 Year$6,6704,10,110 INR
Certificate in Machinist1 Year$8,6405,31,240 INR
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology 2 Years $17,83010,96,295 INR
Diploma in Media Production 2 Years $17,21010,58,175 INR
Diploma in Mining Engineering Technology 2 Years$19,12011,75,610 INR
Diploma in Practical Nursing 2 Years$20,41012,54,930 INR
Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety 1 Year$13,030 8,01,160 INR
Certificate in Office Administration 1 Year$9,600 5,90,265 INR
Diploma in Power Engineering Technology 2 Years$17,11010,52,025 INR
Post-Graduate Certificate in Project Management 1 Year$12,1907,49,515 INR
Diploma in Recreation and Tourism Management 2 Years$19,030 11,70,080 INR
Diploma in Resource and Environmental Law 2 Years $17,94011,03,060 INR
Certificate in Retail Meat Specialist 1 Year$9,400 5,77,970 INR
Post-Graduate Certificate in Software Developer 1 Year$13,7108,42,975 INR
Post-Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management 1 Year$12,1907,49,515 INR
Post-Graduate Certificate in Technology Management 1 Year$11,620 7,14,470 INR
Certificate in Welder – Fabricator 1 Year$10,5806,50,520 INR
Certificate in Welding 1 Year$9,5105,84,730 INR
Certificate in Youth Care Worker1 Year$8,2805,09,105 INR

So, it is the complete list of Saskatchewan Polytechnic courses for international students.   

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Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed Saskatchewan Polytechnic courses. Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a renowned institution offering international students various courses. With a rich history and commitment to technical education, it stands out for its industry-focused programs and strong graduate employment rates. 

The courses are in various fields, including Business, Technology, Science, Hospitality, Health Services, and Engineering. The college’s affordable and quality education makes it an attractive option for international students seeking valuable skills and career advancement. 

Whether in healthcare, engineering, business, or other fields, the institution’s programs prepare students for successful careers in their chosen fields. I hope you liked this post about Saskatchewan Polytechnic courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Saskatchewan good for education?

Yes, it is a good college that offers affordable and high-quality education that attracts thousands of international students worldwide.

Q2. What types of courses does Saskatchewan Polytechnic offer?

Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers diverse diploma, certificate, and degree programs. These programs cover healthcare, engineering technology, business, information technology, trades, and more.

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