Georgian College Fees – Tuition & Ancillary Fees: Best Guide

Georgian College Fees

Today’s blog will discuss Georgian College fees and courses for international students. Georgian College was established in 1967 and is a well-recognized public college in Ontario, Canada. Georgian is a vibrant college known for its practical education and welcoming environment.

It offers students various diplomas, certificates, advanced diplomas, and graduate certificates. These programs are hands-on learning or emphasize practical and provide an amazing platform for students to succeed in their future life. 

This blog will provide the complete list of courses and their tuition and ancillary fees for students that they need. It will help students to choose the best course according to their needs and interests. So, let’s move on to the Georgian College fees. But before discussing this, you must know about tuition and ancillary fees. 

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What Are Tuition & Ancillary Fees?

Tuition Fees refer to fees charged by academic institutions, like schools, universities, and colleges, for the teaching, instruction, and guidance students provide. Usually, students pay this fee to attend classes and receive an education. Tuition fees depend on the level of education, institution type, and location.

Ancillary fees refer to additional charges beyond tuition that students may need to pay. These fees include various amenities and services, like technology support, library access, extracurricular activities, health services, and facility maintenance. Also, these fees contribute to the overall student experience and the functioning of the academic institution.

Now, let us move on to the Georgian College fees.

Georgian College Fees – Tuition & Ancillary Fees

Here is the complete list of the college courses with their tuition & ancillary fees.

Courses International tuition fees per semester International ancillary fees per semesterTotal fees per semester 
Certificate Art & Design Fundamentals 7,145 CAD
1,942 CAD 9,087 CAD 
Advanced Diploma Acupuncture 7,145 CAD 1,882 CAD 9,027 CAD 
Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications 7,145 CAD 1,882 CAD 9,027 CAD 
Graduate Certificate Addictions: Treatment and Prevention 7,802 CAD 1,800 CAD 9,602 CAD 
Graduate Certificate Artificial Intelligence7,802 CAD 1,902 CAD 9,704 CAD 
Diploma Anishnaabemowin and Program Development 7,145 CAD 1,882 CAD 9,027 CAD 
Diploma Architectural Technician 7,145 CAD 2,097 CAD 9,242 CAD 
Advanced Diploma Architectural Technology 7,145 CAD 2,097 CAD 9,242 CAD 
Graduate Certificate Autism and Behaviour Sciences 7,802 CAD 2,275 CAD 10,077 CAD 
Diploma Automotive Business 7,145 CAD 2,097 CAD 9,242 CAD 
Advanced Diploma Aviation Management 7,145 CAD 2,807 CAD 9,952 CAD
Diploma Business – Accounting 7,145 CAD 2,097 CAD 9,242 CAD 
Advanced Diploma Business Administration 7,145 CAD 2,097 CAD 9,242 CAD 
Advanced Diploma Business Administration – Human Resources 7,145 CAD 2,097 CAD 9,242 CAD 
Bachelor of Interior Design8,660 CAD 2,113 CAD 10,773 CAD
Certificate Baking and Pastry Arts7,145 CAD 2,382 CAD 9,527 CAD
Graduate Certificate Big Data Analytics 7,802 CAD 1,902 CAD 9,704 CAD 
Diploma Biotechnology – Health 7,145 CAD 1,882 CAD9,027 CAD 
Graduate Certificate Business Management 7,802 CAD 1,852 CAD 9,654 CAD 
Diploma Business – Marketing 7,145 CAD 2,097 CAD 9,242 CAD 
Certificate Business Fundamentals 7,145 CAD 1,764 CAD 8,909 CAD 
Diploma Business7,145 CAD 2,097 CAD 9,242 CAD 
Certificate Cabinetmaking Techniques  7,145 CAD 2,092 CAD 9,237 CAD
Certificate Community Integration 7,145 CAD1,962 CAD 9,107 CAD 
Diploma Community and Justice Services 7,145 CAD 1,830 CAD 8,975 CAD 
Advanced Diploma Computer Programming and Analysis 7,145 CAD 2,147 CAD 9,292 CAD 
Diploma Computer Programming 7,145 CAD 2,147 CAD 9,292 CAD 
Graduate Certificate Communicative Disorders Assistant 7,802 CAD1,852 CAD 9,654 CAD 
Certificate College Foundations 7,145 CAD 1,633 CAD 8,778 CAD
Certificate Construction Techniques 7,145 CAD 1,764 CAD 8,909 CAD
Certificate Carpentry and Renovation Techniques 7,145 CAD 1,970 CAD 9,115 CAD
Diploma Computer Systems Technician – Networking7,145 CAD 2,127 CAD9,272 CAD
Certificate Culinary Skills 7,145 CAD 2,382 CAD9,527 CAD
Diploma Culinary Management 7,145 CAD2,597 CAD 9,742 CAD 
Diploma Civil Engineering Technician 7,145 CAD 2,097 CAD 9,242 CAD
Advanced Diploma Civil Engineering Technology 7,145 CAD 2,097 CAD 9,242 CAD
Advanced Diploma Child and Youth Care 7,145 CAD 1,715 CAD 8,860 CAD
Graduate Certificate Cybersecurity 7,802 CAD 2,067 CAD9,869 CAD
Certificate Dental Assisting (Levels I and II) 7,145 CAD 2,175 CAD 9,320 CAD 
Advanced Diploma Dental Hygiene 7,145 CAD 2,052 CAD 9,197 CAD
Advanced Diploma Denturism 12,881 CAD 4,882 CAD17,763 CAD 
Diploma Developmental Services Worker7,145 CAD 1,830 CAD8,975 CAD 
Diploma Early Childhood Education7,145 CAD 1,830 CAD8,975 CAD 
Diploma Electrical Engineering Technician7,145 CAD2,122 CAD9,267 CAD
Advanced Diploma Electrical Engineering Technology7,145 CAD2,122 CAD9,267 CAD
Certificate Electrical Techniques  7,145 CAD 1,764 CAD8,909 CAD
Diploma Environmental Technician7,145 CAD2,097 CAD 9,242 CAD
Advanced Diploma Environmental Technology 7,145 CAD 2,097 CAD9,242 CAD
Diploma Esthetician 7,145 CAD 2,098 CAD 9,243 CAD
Graduate Certificate Event Management 7,802 CAD2,002 CAD9,804 CAD
Graduate Certificate Food and Nutrition Management 7,802 CAD1,852 CAD9,654 CAD
Diploma Fitness and Health Promotion 7,145 CAD 2,127 CAD9,272 CAD
Certificate Flight Services 7,145 CAD1,370 CAD8,515 CAD
Diploma Game – Design and Simulation7,145 CAD1,932 CAD9,077 CAD
Certificate Gas Technician 7,145 CAD 1,882 CAD9,027 CAD
Graduate Certificate Global Business Management 7,802 CAD 3,302 CAD11,104 CAD
Diploma Golf Industry Management 7,145 CAD 2,597 CAD9,742 CAD
Advanced Diploma Graphic Design  7,145 CAD1,972 CAD9,117 CAD
Diploma Graphic Design Production7,145 CAD 1,972 CAD 9,117 CAD
Graduate Certificate Supply Chain Management – Global7,802 CAD1,852 CAD9,654 CAD
Diploma Hairstyling7,145 CAD 1,882 CAD9,027 CAD
Graduate Certificate Human Resources Management 7,802 CAD2,067 CAD9,869 CAD
Diploma Interior Decorating7,145 CAD1,912 CAD 9,057 CAD
Graduate Certificate Kitchen and Bath Design7,802 CAD1,852 CAD9,654 CAD
Diploma Law Clerk7,145 CAD 1,882 CAD9,027 CAD
Advanced Diploma Massage Therapy 7,145 CAD1,882 CAD9,027 CAD
Graduate Certificate Mobile Application Development 7,802 CAD1,852 CAD9,654 CAD
Graduate Certificate Marketing Management 7,802 CAD1,852 CAD9,654 CAD
Certificate Medical Laboratory Assistant 7,145 CAD1,987 CAD9,132 CAD 
Advanced Diploma Marine Engineering Technology 7,145 CAD1,987 CAD9,132 CAD 
Graduate Certificate Museum and Gallery Studies7,802 CAD 1,882 CAD9,684 CAD
Diploma Opticianry 7,145 CAD2,097 CAD9,242 CAD 
Diploma Paramedic7,145 CAD1,932 CAD9,077 CAD 
Graduate Certificate Paralegal 7,802 CAD 1,852 CAD9,654 CAD
Graduate Certificate Advanced Care Paramedic12,120 CAD 1,902 CAD 14,022 CAD
Advanced Diploma Power Engineering Technology 7,145 CAD 1,987 CAD9,132 CAD
Diploma Police Foundations7,145 CAD 1,830 CAD8,975 CAD
Diploma Pharmacy Technician 7,145 CAD 1,882 CAD 9,027 CAD
Certificate Plumbing Techniques7,145 CAD1,764 CAD8,909 CAD
Diploma Practical Nursing 7,145 CAD 2,022 CAD9,167 CAD 
Graduate Certificate Project Management7,802 CAD1,852 CAD9,654 CAD
Certificate Personal Support Worker 7,145 CAD1,882 CAD 9,027 CAD
Graduate Certificate Research Analyst 7,802 CAD2,117 CAD9,919 CAD
Diploma Sport Administration 7,145 CAD 1,882 CAD 9,027 CAD
Diploma Social Service Worker 7,145 CAD 1,830 CAD8,975 CAD
Graduate Certificate Therapeutic Recreation7,802 CAD 2,155 CAD9,957 CAD 
Diploma Tourism7,145 CAD 2,247 CAD 9,392 CAD 
Diploma Visual and Digital Media Arts 7,145 CAD1,992 CAD 9,137 CAD 
Certificate Welding Techniques 7,145 CAD1,764 CAD 8,909 CAD 

So, it is the complete list of courses and Georgian College fees. Now, we will discuss the approximate living fees for students that they must have to live in Canada. 

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Georgian College Fees (Cost Of Living)

Here are the approximate living fees.

Expenses Cost 
Living accommodations Single room rent – $600 to $700 per month
Private or share occupancy – $450 to $550 per month 
Basement apartment rent – $1,100 to $1,750 per month
Food and groceries $400 to $500 per month
Transportation Student monthly pass – $68.15
Daily student pass – $9
Cell phone $75 to $100 per month
Internet $45 to $55 per month
Entertainment$150 to $200 per month
Books $250 to $350 per seven-week semester 

So, these are the average cost of living for students. 

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the Georgian College fees. Georgian College in Ontario, Canada, offers international students a diverse range of practical and hands-on courses. 

The college fees consist of tuition and ancillary fees, with tuition covering the educational aspect and ancillary fees encompassing various services and amenities. 

These fees contribute to a holistic student experience and the institution’s functioning. The list outlines the tuition and ancillary fees for various programs, helping students make informed choices based on their interests and needs. 

While fees vary among courses, Georgian College offers a welcoming environment and practical education, making it a valuable choice for international students seeking quality education in Canada. I hope you liked this post about Georgian College fees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the application fee for Georgian College?

The application fee for international students to apply to postsecondary programs is $100.

Q2. Is Georgian College expensive for international students?

The Georgian College fees per semester range between 7,500 CAD to 16,000 CAD for international students. 

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