A Complete Guide On Northern College Courses & Fees In 2023

Northern College Courses

Today’s blog will discuss Northern College courses and tuition fees for international students. Northern College was established in 1967 and is a well-known public college of applied arts and technology in Ontario, Canada.

It offers various career-enhancing programs and courses to students. The College offers various accessible education opportunities and services to help the requirements of a mixed set of students with both part-time and full-time, online and in-person studies. 

Also, these programs provide students with the knowledge, skills and connections for a fulfilling and successful career in our ever-changing world. So, let’s dive into know Northern College courses. 

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Northern College Courses

Northern College is a well-recognized college that offers many courses and programs to international students. It includes certificates, diplomas, graduate certificates, advanced diplomas, and bachelor’s degrees in diverse study fields. 

The top fields include:

  • Business & Office Administration
  • Community Services
  • Health Sciences
  • Emergency Services
  • Veterinary Sciences
  • Engineering Technologies & Trades
  • Mining
  • Welding

So, here is the complete list of Northern College courses with their average tuition fees for international students. 

Courses Course Duration Tuition + Ancillary Fees in CAD per semesterTuition + Ancillary Fees in INR per semester
Diploma in Addiction and Mental Health Worker 2 Years$15,805 9,74,390 INR
Certificate in Animal Grooming1 Year$15,920 9,81,480 INR
Bachelor of Computer Science Degree2 Years$15,805 9,74,390 INR
Bachelor of Science in Nursing4 Years$27,40016,89,235 INR
Diploma in Business2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Certificate in Business Fundamentals1 Year$15,835 9,76,240 INR
Diploma in Business – Accounting 2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Diploma in Business – Agriculture2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Diploma in Business – Human Resources2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Diploma in Business – Marketing 2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Diploma in Civil Engineering Technician2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Graduate Certificate in Companion Animal Physical Rehabilitation 1 Year$16,0359,88,570 INR
Diploma in Computer Engineering Technician 2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Diploma in Computer Programming2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Diploma in Construction Engineering Technician2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity1 Year$16,105 9,92,890 INR
Diploma in Early Childhood Education2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technician 2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology3 Years$15,8359,76,240 INR
Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management, Pandemic Response, and Terrorism 1 Year$15,8059,74,390 INR
Diploma in  Environmental Technician2 Years$19,120 
11,78,765 INR
Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Technology2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion 2 Years $15,8059,74,390 INR
Certificate in General Arts & Science1 Year$15,8359,76,240 INR
Diploma in Global Business2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Certificate in Health Care Management1 Year$15,770 9,72,230 INR
Certificate in Heavy Equipment Techniques1 Year$15,8059,74,390 INR
Graduate Certificate in Information Systems Business Analysis 1 Year$15,8359,76,240 INR
Diploma in Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician 2 Years$15,8359,76,240 INR
Diploma in Law Clerk2 Years$15,8159,75,000 INR
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technician2 Years$15,8059,74,390 INR
Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology 3 Years$15,8359,76,240 INR
Diploma in Mechanical Technician – Industrial Millwright2 Years$15,8159,75,000 INR
Certificate in Mechanical Techniques – Industrial Millwright1 Year$15,8059,74,390 INR
Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technician1 Year$20,27012,49,660 INR
Certificate in Mineral Exploration Techniques1 Year$15,8359,76,240 INR
Diploma in Mining Engineering Technician2 Years$16,005 9,86,720 INR
Diploma in Automotive Service (Motive Power Technician)2 Years$15,855
9,77,475 INR
Diploma in Heavy Equipment (Motive Power Technician)2 Years$15,7709,72,235 INR
Diploma in Office Administration – Executive2 Years$15,855 9,77,475 INR
Certificate in Office Administration – General1 Year$15,8359,76,240 INR
Diploma in Paramedic2 Years$16,1059,92,890 INR
Certificate in Personal Support Worker1 Year$15,8359,76,240 INR
Diploma in Police Foundations2 Years $15,8059,74,390 INR
Diploma in Practical Nursing 2 Years $17,440 10,75,190 INR
Certificate in Pre-Service Firefighter 1 Year $20,27012,49,660 INR
Certificate in Project Management1 Year $15,855 9,77,475 INR
Diploma in Social Service Worker2 Years$15,770 9,72,235 INR
Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management  2 Years$15,805 9,74,390 INR
Certificate in Veterinary Assistant1 Year $15,870 9,78,400 INR
Diploma in Veterinary Technician 2 Years $15,870 9,78,400 INR
Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Technology3 Years $19,120 11,78,765 INR
Diploma in Welding Engineering Technician – Inspection2 Years$16,070 
9,90,730 INR
Certificate in Welding Fitter – Mechanical Technician 1 Year$26,485 
16,32,820 INR

So, it is the complete list of Northern College courses. 

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Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed Northern College courses. It offers various courses and programs in different fields, including business, health sciences, engineering, and technology. The college also offers a variety of scholarships and awards to help international students pay for their education.

The tuition fees for international students vary depending on the program they choose. However, the average tuition fee for a semester is CAD 9,000 to CAD 15,000. 

The college offers a variety of career-oriented programs that can help you get a good job after graduation. Also, it is located in a beautiful and safe part of Canada with a strong academic excellence reputation. I hope you liked this post about Northern College courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the band requirement for Northern College?

For Diplomas and certificate programs, students must score a minimum of 6.0 bands in IELTS, with no individual bands scoring under 6. However, the college will also accept one band at 5.5.

Q2. Why do students choose Northern College?

Northern College offers various career-entrance preparation, post-secondary, and academic programs. These programs help students to guide in their desired direction. The college also provides unique academic and real-world experiences and helps students to reach their highest potential.

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