Bow Valley College Courses, Fees & Requirements In 2023

Bow Valley College Courses

Today’s blog will discuss the Bow Valley College Courses, tuition fees, and the score requirements. Bow Valley College was established in 1965 and is a well-recognized public and board-governed college founded in Calgary, Alberta. 

Bow Valley is considered one of the leading 50 research colleges in Canada. The college has earned a stellar reputation for providing exceptional learning opportunities and fostering a diverse, inclusive, supportive community.

It offers various programs and courses to students, which we will discuss in the upcoming paragraphs. So, let us move on to the Bow Valley College courses. 

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Bow Valley College Courses

Bow Valley offers a wide range of diplomas, certificates, advanced diplomas, graduate certificates, and degree programs for international and domestic students. 

Some top programs of this college include Business, Arts, Technology, Communities studies, Health and Wellness. So, here is the complete list of Bow Valley College Courses.

Courses Fees (CAD)Fees (INR)
Diploma in Business Administration (Major – Supply Chain Management)$33,520 20,77,400 INR 
Diploma in Business Administration (Major – General Business)$33,900 21,00,950 INR
Diploma in Information Technology Systems$43,265 26,81,340 INR
Diploma in Pharmacy Technician $30,460  18,87,880 INR
Diploma in Practical Nurse $33,900 21,00,950 INR
Diploma in Addiction Studies $33,520 20,77,400 INR 
Diploma in Software Development$39,170 24,27,550 INR
Diploma in Social Work$42,500 26,33,930 INR
Diploma in Legal Assistant$30,240 18,74,120 INR
Diploma in Justice Studies (Specialization – Law Enforcement)$26,500 16,42,330 INR
Diploma in Justice Studies (Specialization – General Justice)$26,50016,42,330 INR
Diploma in Justice Studies (Specialization – Correctional Studies)$26,500 16,42,330 INR
Diploma in Interior Decorating$28,18017,46,450 INR
Diploma in Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant$48,61030,12,600 INR
Diploma in Esports Business Management$35,490 21,99,490 INR
Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development$28,180 17,46,450 INR
Diploma in Disability Studies $30,600 18,96,430 INR
Diploma in Digital Design $42,730 26,48,190 INR
Diploma in Child and Youth Care $35,89022,24,275 INR
Diploma in Business Administration (Major – Integrated Marketing Communications)$34,340 21,28,215 INR
Diploma in Business Administration (Major – Insurance and Risk Management)$33,800 20,94,750 INR
Diploma in Business Administration (Major – [HR] Human Resources)$33,720 20,89,790 INR
Diploma in Business Administration (Major – Financial Services)$33,900 21,00,950 INR
Diploma in Business Administration (Major – Accounting)$33,900 21,00,950 INR
Diploma in Advanced Visual FX (Virtual Production)$68,410 42,39,700 INR
Diploma in Advanced Film Production$67,765 41,99,720 INR
Diploma in Advanced Entertainment Arts Production Management$63,060 39,08,130 INR
Advanced 3D Animation & 3D Modelling Diploma$68,410 42,39,700 INR
Diploma in Advanced Game Development$67,750 41,98,800 INR
Certificate in Veterinary Office Assistant$15,240 9,44,500 INR
Certificate in Foundation in Entertainment Arts$21,460 13,29,980 INR
Certificate in Human Resources$16,890 10,46,755 INR
Certificate in Recreation Therapy Aide$16,890 10,46,755 INR
Certificate in Health Care Aide$19,91512,34,230 INR
Certificate in Education Assistant $13,420 8,31,700 INR
Certificate in Disability Studies$14,320 8,87,480 INR
Certificate in Business Administration$16,835 10,43,345 INR
Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Development$16,890 10,46,750 INR
Certificate in Administrative Professional $16,980 10,52,330 INR
Certificate in Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk$14,280 8,85,000 INR
Post-Diploma in Certificate Software Development $20,875 12,93,730 INR
Post-Diploma in Certificate Kitchen and Bath Design $20,550 12,73,580 INR
Post-Diploma in Certificate Health and Human Services Management $16,555 10,25,990 INR
Post-Diploma in Certificate Digital Marketing$19,120 11,84,960 INR
Post-Diploma in Certificate Data Management and Analytics $29,685 18,39,720 INR
Post-Diploma in Certificate Cybersecurity$26,670 16,52,870 INR
Post-Diploma in Certificate Cloud Computing$28,310 17,54,500 INR

So, it is the complete list of Bow Valley College courses. Now, we will discuss Bow Valley College requirements.

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Bow Valley College Requirements

Here is the list of the requirements.

Score Requirements

English Language Proficiency Exam Required Scores 
Canadian Language Benchmarks 
IELTS 6.0 
CELPIP General 7

Documents Required

Here is the list of documents:

  • Passport Copy
  • Photograph
  • All your previous academic transcripts
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency Scores
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Financial Proof of Income
  • Resume/CV
  • Work Experience (if required)
  • Application fees – $140 
  • At last, you need a letter of acceptance

So, these are the Bow Valley College requirements.

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the Bow Valley College courses, tuition fees, and Bow Valley College requirements. Bow Valley College, established in 1965, is a reputable and well-recognized public college in Calgary, Alberta. 

It offers a diverse range of diplomas, certificates, advanced diplomas, graduate certificates, and degree programs in fields such as Business, Arts, Technology, Health, and more. 

The college’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive community has contributed to its star reputation. International and domestic students can benefit from exceptional learning opportunities.

The English language proficiency requirements also include acceptable scores in exams like IELTS, CELPIP, TOEFL, CAEL, and PTE. With an extensive list of programs and dedicated faculty, Bow Valley College continues to provide high-quality education to aspiring learners. I hope you liked this post about Bow Valley College courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much is the application fee for Bow Valley College?

To apply for Bow Valley College, students must pay an application fee of $140. Without application fees, your application will not be processed. Also, both fees are non-refundable.

Q2. Is Bow Valley College good?

Bow Valley is a world-class and innovative college that offers high-quality education to students with over 600 faculty and staff who speak 50+ languages.

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