Centennial College Courses, Fees & Requirements: Best Guide

Centennial College Courses

Today’s blog will discuss the Centennial College courses, their tuition fees and English language score requirements. Centennial College was established in 1966 and is a College of Applied Arts and Technology. 

It is one of Ontario’s oldest publicly funded colleges and is a well-known diploma and degree-granting college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The College has also been recognized as one of Canada’s most culturally diverse post-secondary institutions. It represents around 100 ethnocultural groups, and 80+ languages are spoken on campus. 

With a rich history and a commitment to excellence in education, Centennial College offers diverse programs designed to empower students for success in their chosen fields, which we will discuss in the upcoming paragraph. So, let us move on to Centennial College Courses. 

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Centennial College Courses

The College offers various diplomas, certificates, degrees, post-graduate certificates, and advanced diplomas across many study fields. 

The leading programs of this college include communication arts, business, applied computing, health sciences, engineering technology, music, animation, film and design.

Below is the complete list of Centennial College courses with their average tuition fees. 

CoursesTotal Course Fees (CAD)Total Course Fees (INR)
Diploma in Addiction and Mental Health Worker$17,260 10,68,690 INR
Graduate Certificate in Advertising$17,300 10,71,165 INR
Graduate Certificate in Advertising (Media Management)$25,590 15,84,460 INR
Diploma in Advertising & Marketing Communications Management$17,300 10,71,165 INR
Diploma in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technician$18,380 11,38,040 INR
Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance (Aviation Technician)$21,240 13,15,120 INR
Graduate Certificate in Alcoholic Beverages Management$17,26010,68,690 INR
Diploma in Animation – 3D$19,50012,07,385 INR
Diploma in Architectural Technician$18,350 11,36,180 INR
Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology$18,350 11,36,180 INR
Certificate in Art and Design Fundamentals $17,50010,83,550 INR
Graduate Certificate in Arts Management $17,34010,73,650 INR
Diploma in Auto Body Repair Technician$18,350 11,36,180 INR
Diploma in Automation and Robotics$18,45011,42,370 INR
Certificate in Automotive Foundations$18,270 11,31,230 INR
Bachelor of Information Technology $21,590 13,36,790 INR
Bachelor of Public Relations Management $20,550 12,72,400 INR
Bachelor of Science in Nursing $33,000 20,43,265 INR
Diploma in Baking & Pastry Arts Management$18,390 11,38,650 INR
Certificate in Baking Skills$18,550 11,48,560 INR
Advanced Diploma in Biomedical Engineering Technology $18,600 11,51,660 INR
Diploma in Biotechnology$18,550 11,48,560 INR
Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology$18,550 11,48,560 INR
Certificate in Bookkeeping $17,400 10,79,120 INR
Advanced Diploma in Broadcasting (Film, Digital Media, TV, and Radio$17,400 10,79,120 INR
Diploma in Business $17,400 10,79,120 INR
Diploma in Business (Accounting)$16,85010,45,010 INR
Diploma in Business (Human Resources)$17,260 10,68,690 INR
Diploma in Business (International Business)$17,400 10,79,120 INR
Diploma in Business (Marketing) $17,400 10,79,120 INR
Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics and Insights$25,520 15,82,710 INR
Certificate in Business Foundations $17,375 10,77,570 INR
Advanced Diploma in Child and Youth Care $17,320 10,74,160 INR
Graduate Certificate in Children’s Media $25,590 15,84,460 INR
Certificate in Communications and Media Fundamentals $17,300 10,71,165 INR
Certificate in Community and Child Studies Foundations $17,350 10,76,020 INR
Diploma in Community and Justice Services$17,350 10,76,020 INR
Diploma in Community Development Work $17,320 10,74,160 INR
Certificate in Computer Repair and Maintenance$18,350 11,36,180 INR
Graduate Certificate in Construction Project Management $27,15016,83,800 INR
Certificate in Contact Centre Operations$9,0705,62,500 INR
Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Journalism $25,590 15,84,460 INR
Certificate in Court Support Services$17,430 10,80,980 INR
Diploma in Culinary Management $18,550 11,48,560 INR
Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity$18,27511,33,390 INR
Diploma in Dance Performance $17,340 10,73,650 INR
Diploma in Developmental Services Worker $17,32010,74,160 INR
Diploma in Digital Visual Effects $17,400 10,79,120 INR
Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technician $18,710 11,60,365 INR
Certificate in Electrical Techniques $18,275 11,33,390 INR
Diploma in Environmental Technician $18,550 11,48,560 INR
Diploma in Esthetician $17,450 10,82,220 INR
Graduate Certificate in Event Management $17,330 10,74,780 INR
Diploma in Event Planning $17,600 10,91,525 INR
Diploma in Fashion Business and Management $17,600 10,91,525 INR
Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning $17,460 10,82,840 INR
Diploma in Financial Services $17,430 10,80,980 INR
Diploma in Fine Arts Studio $17,45010,82,220 INR
Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion $17,360 10,76,640 INR
Diploma in Food and Beverage Management $18,18011,27,500 INR
Graduate Certificate in Food Media$17,52510,86,875 INR
Advanced Diploma in Food Science Technology$18,450 11,42,370 INR
Certificate in Food Service Worker $9,140 5,66,850 INR
Graduate Certificate in Food Tourism $17,47010,83,465 INR
Diploma in Game – Art $19,500 12,07,385 INR
Advanced Diploma in Game – Development $19,400 12,03,160 INR
Certificate in General Arts $17,320 10,74,160 INR
Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management$18,085 11,21,600 INR
Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design $17,400 10,79,120 INR
Advanced Diploma in Health Informatics Technology $17,920 11,11,370 INR
Certificate in Health Studies and Communications Skills $17,360 10,76,640 INR
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Administration $17,710 10,98,350 INR
Certificate in Hospitality Foundations $17,410 10,79,740 INR
Certificate in Hospitality Skills$17,510 10,85,950 INR
Graduate Certificate in Insurance Management $17,485 10,84,390 INR
Graduate Certificate in Interactive Media Management $25,590 15,84,460 INR
Graduate Certificate in International Business Management $23,32014,46,270 INR
Advanced Diploma in Journalism $17,300 10,71,165 INR
Diploma in Law Clerk $17,350 10,76,020 INR
Diploma in Liberal Arts $17,320 10,74,160 INR
Graduate Certificate in Lifestyle Media $17,300 10,71,165 INR
Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management $17,500 10,83,550 INR
Advanced Diploma in Massage Therapy $17,370 10,77,260 INR
Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technician $21,845 13,54,790 INR
Graduate Certificate in Mobile Applications Development $18,275 11,33,390 INR
Graduate Certificate in Museum & Cultural Management $17,330 10,74,780 INR
Diploma in Nutrition and Food Service Management $17,470 10,83,460 INR
Graduate Certificate in Paralegal $25,660 15,91,390 INR
Diploma in Paramedic $17,450 10,82,220 INR
Certificate in Performing Arts Fundamentals $17,450 10,82,220 INR
Certificate in Personal Support Worker $17,450 10,82,220 INR
Diploma in Pharmacy Technician $17,370 10,77,260 INR
Diploma in Photography $17,430 10,80,980 INR
Diploma in Police Foundations $17,370 10,77,260 INR
Diploma in Practical Nursing $17,410 10,79,740 INR
Graduate Certificate in Public Relations $17,350 10,76,020 INR
Diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services $17,400 10,79,120 INR
Diploma in Social Service Worker$17,350 10,76,020 INR
Diploma in Software Engineering Technician $18,47011,45,480 INR
Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management$17,690 10,97,100 INR
Graduate Certificate in Sports Journalism $25,590 15,84,460 INR
Certificate in Technology Foundations (ICET) $18,450 11,42,370 INR
Advanced Diploma in Theatre Arts and Performance $17,400 10,79,120 INR
Diploma in Tourism $17,55010,88,420 INR
Graduate Certificate in Workplace Wellness & Health Promotion$17,380 10,77,880 INR

So, it is the complete list of Centennial College courses. Now, we will discuss the score requirements of Centennial College.

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Centennial College Requirements

Here are the score requirements:

Exam Scores for Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma Scores for Graduate Certificate
CAEL- CE and CAEL- Online 60 70
TOEFL 550 580 
Michigan English Test (MET) 56-57 61+
IELTS Academic6.0 bands6.5 bands 
Pearson Test of English (Academic) 51+60+

So, it is the Centennial College requirement for English language proficiency exams. 

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed the Centennial College courses, tuition fees and Centennial College requirements. Centennial College offers various diplomas, certificates, degrees, post-graduate certificates, and advanced diploma programs across various fields. 

As one of Ontario’s oldest publicly funded colleges, it has a rich history and a commitment to providing diverse and quality education to its students. 

With its location in Toronto, Canada, the college embraces cultural diversity, representing around 100 ethnocultural groups and fostering an inclusive environment where over 80 languages are spoken on campus. 

Students can choose from leading communication arts, business, applied computing, health sciences, engineering technology, music, animation, film, and design programs. Centennial College continues to empower students for success in their chosen careers. I hope you liked this post about the Centennial College courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the success rate of Centennial College visas?

The success rate of the Centennial College visa is 70%.

Q2. Does Centennial College have an application fee?

A $110 application fee allows students to apply for up to 5 programs.

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