As you all know, it is the dream of many people to visit new places. They want to go to every place in the world and explore those places. And I know that you are also one of them. 

If you work without a break, you will get nothing from your boring life. So, if you want to make your life to be better than boring life, then you should have some fun in your life. 

That is the reason Traveling is one the important part of people’s life because it helps them explore new things. It also provides a break from a boring lifestyle. 

There are a lot of places and USA is one of the best places to visit where you can explore new things. But the question is how you can go to the US. 

Don’t worry! I will help you with this. To go to the US, you will have to apply for a tourist visa. You can’t easily get a tourist visa for the USA. you have to fulfill all the US tourist visa requirements and you must also be eligible according to U.S. laws. 

In this blog, i have provided all the US tourist visa requirements information. With this, you can easily get your US tourist visa. So, let’s get started. 

What is a U.S tourist visa? 

The US tourist visa is a nonimmigrant visa for people who want to enter the USA for business (B-1) and tourist (B-2) and for both purposes (B-1/B-2). 

With a B-1/B-2 visa, you can travel to the USA temporarily. If you want to go to USA to consult with your business colleagues, attend conferences linked to your business, or participate in professional, educational, and scientific convention purposes, then you can apply for a B-1 visa. 

If you want to go to the USA to visit your family or relations or for any other reasons, then you can apply for the B-2 visa.

To get these visas, you have to fulfill the US tourist visa requirements.

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US Tourist Visa Requirements: Types of US Tourist Visas

Types of US Tourist Visas

The United States provides many types of short-term visitor visas such as tourist, business visitors, and future spouses. 

Anyone contemplating a brief trip to the US, whether for travel or business, may need to obtain a visitor or transit visa. 

23165The type of US visa to be requested will depend on why you want to travel there. Here are below some types of United States tourist visas:

  • B-1
  • B-2
  • Transit C1
  • Transit D

B1 Visa

This Visa is for business travelers. Using this visa, one can-

  • Participate in a conference,
  • Consult with colleagues in the field,
  • Contract negotiations, or
  • Complete an estate settlement.

Documents required for a B1 US visa

Below are the US tourist visa requirements for B-1 Visa:

  • Form DS-160 (confirmation page and bar code)
  • Valid passport
  • Social media accounts of the applicant
  • Interview confirmation letter
  • Photographs 
  • A letter describing purpose for the visit
  • Bank statements
  • Documents detailing ties to native country
  • Criminal or background check records
  • Documents detailing the prior US visits (if any) 
  • Last three months’ payslips
  • A letter from the employer detailing the visit

The application process for a B1 US visa

  • Complete Form DS-160
  • Pay your visa Fees
  • Take interview date at embassy
  • Complete required documents file for US B1 visa
  • Give the interview and get your visa to approve

This type of visa is valid for six months only in starting. After that, you can extend your visa for another six months or more. The extension of your visa only depends upon the work you are in the US for.

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B2 Visa

This visa is for those who are either Tourists on vacation, persons visiting the United States to compete in amateur contests or social events or to receive medical care. The B-2 visa is a non-immigrant visa to the United States. The visa allows individuals to enter the United States for a limited time for tourist, pleasure, or family visits.

There are some key points you should know before getting this visa.

  • You must make the officer at the embassy who is taking your interview that you are not planning to become an immigrant to the US country.
  • You need to show solid evidence that you will come back to your country. Now let’s know the US tourist visa requirements for B-2 Visa.

Below you will see US tourist visa requirements for B2 US tourist visa.

Documents required for a B2 US visa

  • Valid passport
  • Proof of funds
  • The letter related to your purpose for the visit
  • Insurance coverage
  • Details with whom you will stay and your air ticket
  • Solid evidence that you will come back to your country
  • All necessary financial documents

The application process for a B1 US visa

  • Submit the Form DS-160
  • Pay the visa fees
  • Schedule the interview
  • Complete the B-2 visa document file
  • Attend the visa interview

When in the United States, B-visa holders can do the following-

  • Come to the country for a vacation.
  • Explore the country’s numerous cities.
  • Pay a visit to their relatives.
  • Participate in social gatherings organized by organizations.
  • Travel to the country for medical care.
  • Take part in sporting or musical events.
  • Take part in short-term courses.

Transit C1

This visa is for foreign nationals traveling via the United States to another destination, pausing in the United States for a brief period of time before continuing on their route. You are not allowed to stay in the US under this visa. You have to leave the US when your time period of layover ends. You have to take your scheduled flight from the US. Below you will see US tourist visa requirements for transit C1 visa.

Documents required for a transit C US visa

You must submit the following documents to fulfil US Tourist Visa Requirements for transit C US visa.

  • DS – 160 application form
  • Passport with a blank page
  • One photograph
  • Proof of paid transit visa fees
  • Visa of final destination country
  • The letter that explains why you are visiting your final destination
  • Fund proof to cover your expenses during your transit
  • Solid proof that you.
  •  won’t stay in the US
  • Valid medical health insurance
  • Ticket to your final destination from the US

The application process for a transit C US visa

  • Submit DS – 160 form
  • Pay transit visa fee
  • Schedule your transit visa interview
  • Gather all necessary visa documents
  • Give interview

Transit D

This visa is for crew members of international airlines or marine vessels heading to the United States.

Requirements for a transit D US visa

  • You should be appointed as a pilot or flight attendant on a commercial aeroplane
  • Engineer, Deckhead, or captain on a sea vessel can apply for this visa
  • Staff at cruise ships can have this visa
  • A trainee on board of training vessel can apply for this

Documents required for a US D visa

  • Complete DS 160 form
  • A valid passport
  • A photograph
  • Proof of paid transit visa fee
  • Interview Confirmation
  • A letter detailing your purpose for the trip
  • Letter from the employer, which includes
    • Vessel name
    • The time period for which you will be in the US
    • Port of entry and exit with dates
    • Job designation
    • Salary proof 
  • Employer work record copies
  • CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate)
  • Authorization from company to travel
  • Qualification related documents
  • PCC (police clearance certificate)

The application process for a transit D US visa

  • Submit DS 160 form
  • Pay transit visa fees
  • Submit required documents
  • Apply and attend the interview

For all the above visas, first, you have to know the US tourist visa requirements, and then fulfil them and plan a trip to the US.

What are the processing time and prices for US Tourist visas?

The total amount of US tourist visa will differ depending on how long the processing takes and what country you are from. 

With IVisa, you have three options. The three options are:

  • Standard processing
  • Rush processing 
  • Super rush processing

Standard Processing

In this option, your visa will be processed within 9 days, and the price for this visa is USD $216.99 including the service fees.

Rust processing

In this option, your visa will be processed within 7 days, and the price for this visa is USD $256.99 including the service fees.

Super Rust Processing

This visa has a very fast process. In this option, you will get your US B-1/B-2 visa within 5 days, and the total price for this visa is the USA $300.99 including the service fees.

US Tourist Visa Requirements: How to Apply for a US tourist visa?

US Tourist Visa Requirements: To obtain a tourist visa, you must first complete the following steps of US Tourist Visa Requirements:

  • To begin, you must send the required photos and complete the DS-160 form.
  • After that, you will be given a ten-digit barcode.
  • The second step is to pay the Visa application fee. The price for obtaining a tourist visa is USD 160.
  • Third, you must make two appointments. One interview will take place inside the embassy or consulate, while the other will take place at the Offsite Facilitation Centre (OFC)
  • Following these appointments, you must submit your biometrics to the Visa Application Centre.
  • You will be granted a visa if you match the qualifying conditions after the personal interview.
  • Moreover, because of recent events of covid-19, you are also required to submit proof of vaccination and a recent history of disease if any.

Eligibility criteria for the US tourist visa

The following are US tourist visa Requirements one must fulfil to be eligible-

  • You must provide adequate proof of funds. 
  • An original passport with a minimum of 6 months validity on arrival.
  • You must have a permanent address in your native country.
  • You must provide evidence that you are a foreigner.
  • Display proof of your travel-
  • If it is for tourism, you must provide a travel itinerary, tickets, and so on. 
  • You must present an invitation letter while visiting relatives or friends.
  • If it is for business, you must show business invites, for example.
  • To the immigration officer, you must demonstrate your purpose in exiting the country.
  • You are not permitted to work, study, or perform for pay.

Can parents visit their child in the United States with B-2  Visa?

If the child is living in the United States, studying or working, then they can invite their parents to visit them. 

But they have to fulfill all the processes that have explained above. Your parents should follow the below requirements: 

  • Passport – Parents should have valid passport
  • A complete DS-160 form.
  • Bank Verification Letter – child must give the proof that they are capable of supporting their parents financially in the United States. 
  • Invitation Letter – child must write a letter to their parents inviting them to meet in the United States. 

Some of the documentation must be collected by the child for their parents. Also, they will need to collect extra in their home nation.

Conclusion (US tourist visa requirements)   

In this blog, we have discussed the US tourist visa requirements. You are now ready to board the airline, having finished all procedures, and gathered all relevant documents. After you have obtained your visa. Pack your baggage, buckle your seat belts, and prepare to have some of the finest times of your life packed with excitement, adventure, and unique experiences. 

FAQs (US tourist visa requirements)

Is a B-2 visa valid on an expired passport?

If your B-2 visa is still valid, you can use it even if your passport has expired. Don’t Remove it from your passport. You can still visit the United States with your expired passport and your new passport.

How much money do I need to actually prove for a tourist visa to the United States?

There is no official restriction to the amount of money that can be demonstrated for the US Tourist Visa. Any sum that may justify your overall costs for your travel to the United States must be sufficient. This covers plane tickets, medical insurance, boarding, hotel, shopping, and so forth. It takes into account the duration and purpose of the journey. The greater the sum, the better.

A 15-day journey for one individual, for example, is expected to cost between $5,000 and $6,000 USD. As a result, the corresponding quantity of money must be in your or your sponsor’s bank.

How much funds do you have to show for the US tourist visa?

It depends upon that how long you have to stay in the US. For example, For a trip of 15 days, you need to have $5000 to 10000 in your bank account for your living expenses.

Is it very difficult to get a tourist visa for the US?

The process for a US tourist visa is quite simple but to get a tourist visa to the US is very hard. The US embassy is very strict in this, they cross-check every document closely before granting a visa. US official rejects numerous tourist visa applications every day.