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Canada is a dream country to pursue higher education for many International students. Canada has one of the most advanced and practical based education systems. It is also ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. 

Increasing job opportunities and a high standard of living attract thousands of international students to Canada each year. When you plan to study abroad, there are several things you need to figure out. 

Choosing a country, university, or course, applying to the course, submitting several documents, including English test scores, etc. The cost of moving to a foreign country can be very high. 

You need to consider ways to save money in your study abroad journey. One way to do this is by studying at a university with no application fees.

This blog will list down the top universities in Canada without application fees.

Why Look For Universities Without Application Fees?

The answer to this question is very simple. The tuition fees, accommodation, meals, and miscellaneous costs will add up to a big number when you start your study abroad journey. Saving some dollars from the start will help you financially and build a habit of saving. The application fees for universities can be 50 to 250 CAD. 

So, when you apply to multiple universities, this will sum up to around 500-2500 CAD. The application fees of most universities are non-refundable, which means you don’t get a refund if you are not selected. 

You may think applying to fewer universities is an option to save money, but the more universities you apply to, the more chances you get the best one. Top universities in Canada without application fees allow you to save money and apply to the top colleges to ensure the best education.

The second reason for applying to universities with no application fees is that you will benefit from multiple universities. Even if you think a college is too easy or too ambitious for you to get into, you must apply to them just in case you get accepted to the ambitious one. 

Applying to such universities is not convenient when the application cost is too high, and the chances are less. Universities in Canada without application fees allow you to take your chance and apply to multiple universities. 

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List of Top Universities in Canada Without Application Fees

Fortunately, Canada has many universities with no application fees. Still, you need to know the best ones to avoid missing them. 

While applying, try to apply to these universities first. In the section below, we will also discuss some other universities in Canada without application fees. 

  • University of British Columbia 
  • Northeastern University Vancouver 
  • Tyndale University 
  • University of Alberta
  • Booth University College

University of British Columbia

The topmost university on our list is the University of British Columbia. This university has acquired the first position due to its recognition worldwide and the multicultural environment it supports. 

The University of British Columbia is a public university based in Vancouver. This University doesn’t charge any application fees for international students from the 50 least developed nations. 

The United Nations released this list. If you are not from any of these nations, you can contact the university and inquire about a need-based fee waiver program. These programs are run by many universities for students who don’t have the financial background to support the cost of application. 

The Department of Chemistry of the University of British Columbia doesn’t require international students to pay any application fees for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. 

This is a huge plus point if admitted to a chemistry course. The University of British Columbia supports research-based education and industry-based curriculum, shaping its student for job opportunities. 

You can expect to meet students from all around the world. The QS world university ranking 2022 has ranked the University of British Columbia as the 31st top university globally.

Some popular courses here are MS Computer Science, MS Pharmaceutical Sciences, MBA, and Doctor of Dental Medicine in Dentistry.

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Northeastern university Vancouver 

The next on our list of top universities in Canada without application fees is Northeastern University Vancouver. This is one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. The northeastern university holds up a unique way of educating its students. 

It focuses on quality and practical based education. The northeastern university is recognized worldwide for its effective way of education and has produced many students who thrived in their fields. 

Although this university has an application fee for domestic and international students, you can apply for a fee waiver by showing your need. Most universities run these programs where you can apply for a waiver if you show proof that you need one. 

You have to contact the university directly; they will let you know the steps ahead. Ask them all the documents they need to prove your eligibility for the fee waiver. 

Even if you don’t get a 100% fee waiver, they may give you some discount on the application fees. The popular courses at the northeastern university Vancouver are MS in computer science, MS in data analytics, MS in information systems, etc. 

Tyndale University

The next on our list of top universities in Canada without application fees is Tyndale University. It was established over a century ago and thus is one of the oldest universities in Canada. Tyndale University is a Christian university trusted by thousands of students there. 

Studying at Tyndale University will provide you with several choices in the type of course you want to pursue. They have a range of courses like part-time, full-time, modular courses, night classes, online courses, etc. This will allow you to take a course that suits your schedule. 

You can also choose a part-time course and work part-time to support yourself financially. Quality education and practical education are key features of this university. You will get a lot of course options to choose from.

Apart from providing the best education, Tyndale University also doesn’t charge any application fees for students from Canada and the USA. Even if you are an international student, you can contact the university and inquire about the application fee waiver program. Inform them about your financial situation, and they may consider you for a fee waiver. 

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University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of Canada’s most popular and prestigious universities. Thousands of international students have trusted it. The University of Alberta is located in Edmonton, Canada. 

It is a public university with one of the largest campuses in Canada. The University of Alberta is home to approximately 42,000 students; more than 8,000 are international students. 

Thus, it also provides you with a multicultural environment to study. The University of Alberta is one of the leading universities in technological courses. It also provides excellent research facilities for innovations that can improve this world. 

The University of Alberta does not charge application fees for undergraduate programs from international students from the least developed nations. The list of least developed nations can be found on the website of UN. 

Booth University College

The Booth University College has been one of the top universities in Canada for studying liberal arts. Fortunately, it is also on our list of universities in Canada without application fees. 

This is a comparatively smaller university with a limited variety of courses. It focuses just on liberal arts. Booth University is divided into 4 departments: Business, Social Work, Humanities and Social Studies, and Continuing Studies. 

The booth university college charges no application fees for students of Canada and the USA. You can contact the university and inquire about the application fee waiver program if you are an international student. Inform them about your financial situation, and they may consider you for a fee waiver. 

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The Application Process For Universities In Canada Without Application Fees

Now that you know the universities that do not charge application fees let us now discuss the application process for these universities. The application process has to be followed step by step. 

  • The first step to applying to universities without application fees is to research all the Universities that offer application waiver programs so that you have all the choices available. Shortlist the course that you want to pursue you and the university that you want to go in. 
  • The second step is to get all the paperwork ready. You need several documents to apply to a university that does not charge application fees. If you are applying to an application fee waiver program, you must submit some documents to prove your need. You would also need academic records, English test scores, a statement of purpose, a letter of recommendation,  and several other documents while applying to these universities.
  • The third and final step for applying to universities without the application fees is to submit your application before the deadline. usually, you will get a response from the universities within 1 to 2 months, but to be safe, you should always apply at least two months before the start of your course.

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The above-given universities in Canada without application fees are some of the top universities in Canada. You can choose to apply to all of them. You can also search for more Universities that do not charge any application fees. 

Remember that even though some universities have their application fees, they may consider you for an application fee waiver program if you contact them and let them know your financial situation. 

By applying to more universities, you can increase your chance of getting accepted into one of them. Even if you think a university to ambitious for you, apply to it if it does not charge any application fees. 

I hope this blog has cleared all your queries about universities in Canada without application fee. If you still have any questions, please contact our experts. Keep visiting

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Can I get free admission in Canada?

Yes, it is possible to get free admission in Canada without paying the application fee, many top universities don’t require candidates to pay the application fee to get an acceptance letter.

Which course is cheapest in Canada?

Here are some of the most affordable courses in Canada for International students;
1. Accounting
2. Marketing
3. Finance
4. Project Management
5. Supply Chain Management
6. International Business Management