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Indian Students Must Sign A Compulsory Form For Canada Visas: Studying abroad is now popular among Indian students. Canada is one of the best countries for students to pursue their education and follow their dreams. Indian students who are going to Canada and increasingly becoming unaware of laws in Canada.

For these, the (ICCC) Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce is bringing up the topic with the Immigration Minister to handle this problem. This article will discuss how Indian students must Sign a compulsory form for Canada visas.

Indian Students Must Sign A Compulsory Form For Canada Visas

To tackle the problem of Indian students who don’t know Canadian rules, the ICCC raised the problem with Immigration Minister and demanded strict steps to handle this critical situation. President of the ICCC, Murarilal Thapliyal, reported that Indian students’ ignorance of Canadian laws has led to devastating consequences. 

Sad incidents like pond drowning and road accidents have happened due to students’ failure to adhere to regional law. Moreover, the lack of awareness among Indian students has contributed to depression and suicide without appropriate support.

The (ICCC) Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce is offering a new step to save Indian students in Canada. ICCC is encouraging Immigration Minister Sean Fraser to add a declaration form for Indian students to get Canada visas. 

This form would need parents and their students to believe that they read all the basic laws of Canada and know the consequences of violating them. This new form should precondition all students to be admitted to Canadian colleges.

IRCC knows that most of the paperwork for Students is handled by Indian agents, leaving them and their parents know very little about Canadian regulations and laws. This knowledge gap increases the Indian students’ risks and challenges while studying in Canada. 

Murarilal Thapliyal states that most Indian students do not pay their rent or leave their homes when their lease is up. It caused resentment in the community of Canada against Indian students.

To solve this critical issue, the ICCC urges the immigration minister to execute an acknowledgment form as a required part of the admission process for Indian students. Murarilal Thapliyal says that this form needs students and their parents to sign and confirm the awareness of the laws and regulations in Canada and the consequences of violating them.

The ICCC suggests signing this form becomes a basic requirement for admission to colleges in Canada. By making it compulsory, students will be inspired to educate themselves about Canadian regulations and rules before starting their academic journey.

ICCC says that all the institutes of Canada open a counter for international students at airports to give post-landing services. It includes distributing a booklet to every student containing important details regarding Canadian regulations and laws. 

This book covers all the important topics like the consequences of traffic violations, behavior in public places, emergency contact numbers, failure to pay rent, and contact information for consulates and NGOs.

The ICCC says that students violating the acknowledgment form should face powerful consequences, including deportation, without leniency. This step ensures students understand the importance of adhering to Canadian laws and regulations. 

The ICCC’s steps to increase awareness about Canadian regulations and improve safety measures for Indian students demonstrate their relentless dedication to protecting their welfare.

ICCC collaborating with the Canadian colleges and immigration minister, aims to bridge the knowledge gap and create an atmosphere that promotes compliance with local regulations and provides a safe and positive experience for all students in Canada.

So, it is all about Indian Students Must Sign A Compulsory Form For Canada Visas. 

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