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The number of students moving abroad for higher education is increasing each year. Thousands of Indian students move to foreign countries for quality education and better career opportunities. 

Most students prefer to move to an English-speaking country, but some also move to non-English-speaking countries like Germany, Finland, Denmark, etc. 

Canada has emerged as one of the most popular countries for Indian students. Canada has various world-class universities which provide quality education to international students. 

To better organize the education system for international students, Canada has taken several measures to ensure quality education. 

The introduction of the DLI list in Canada is one such measure. Designated learning institutions (DLI) are those institutions that have been given the permit to admit international students. 

In this blog, we will discuss it in detail. 

So, let’s get started!

What is a DLI? 

The Canadian government has introduced the concept of DLI to support international students coming to study in Canadian institutions. 

DLI list is a list of government-recognized institutions permitted to admit international students. Designated learning institutions can be colleges, universities, or other educational institutions. 

These institutions are under DLI because they have policies and other requirements for international students. As an international student, you must ensure that the college you plan to attend supports international students and understands their needs. 

Thus DLI list in Canada is one of the most important topics you should be aware of if you plan to study in Canada. It helps you save yourself from not enrolling in blacklisted colleges in Canada.

Reasons To Select College From DLI List In Canada 

There are a lot of good universities in Canada, so why should you choose a college on the DLI list? The answer is multilayered, but we will discuss why you should choose a college from the DLI list in Canada. 

Support for international students

As an international student, settling in a foreign country is always challenging. The rules and regulations in every country are different, and one can take months to learn them. 

During your stay in Canada as an international student, you would need additional support in the form of information, connections, and other things. 

The colleges on the DLI list will give you specific support through their policies and procedures, especially for international students. 

World-class education 

Canada is a hub for world-class education, but still, you need to find the best college in Canada to start your studies. One way to find the best college is to choose one from the DLI list in Canada. 

This is because all the colleges in the DLI list host international students and have a global reputation. 

This allows you to study in a college with all the facilities you need and is globally recognized. This will boost your career when you look for a job in Canada or any other country. 

Work opportunities 

Studying in Canada will help your career, but remember that competition is everywhere, and Canada keeps changing their policies for highly skilled workers occasionally. In a country like Canada, everyone wants to get the best job. 

To create a better image of yourself for the job market in Canada, you need to have work experience. Studying in a DLI college will enable you to work part-time as an international student. 

This means you can support yourself financially and gain some work experience to help you get the best job in Canada. 

Settle in Canada easily 

Most international students need to settle in Canada after completing their studies. By choosing to study in a DLI college, you can easily qualify for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP). This will help you settle in Canada and work full-time after completing your studies. 

Networking opportunities 

A good network in your field is another important thing you will need to succeed. Studying in a DLI college in Canada enables you to connect to other international students from all around the globe. 

This will increase your chances of landing a job by reference. You can also meet some Indian seniors at your DLI college who can help you with your career.

What is a DLI number? 

The DLI number is a concept you need to understand while discussing the DLI list in Canada. The DLI number is a unique code given to all the Designated learning institutions by the Canadian government. 

This is an 11-digit code that starts with the letter ‘O’. You will need the DLI number of your college while applying for a study permit. 

Giving DLI numbers to institutions is also a way for the government to keep a record of international students. 

How to find the DLI number? 

You can find the DLI number of your institution from the Canadian government website

Here are simple steps to find the DLI number of a Canadian institute;

  • First, visit the official Canadian website and select your preferred language out of English and French.
  • Secondly, click on ‘Immigration and Citizenship.‘ 
  • After that, click on ‘Study.’
  • Then, you will see an option, ‘Find a school,’ click on it and find your institution. 

Detailed List of Designated Learning Institutions in Canada

After discussing all the important information regarding the DLI list in Canada, you are ready to review the detailed list of designated learning institutions. 

The location of the universities categorizes this list. This list also contains the official DLI numbers of these colleges. You can check if your preferred college is on the list, and if it is, then note down its DLI number.

DLI universities in Montreal

Designated Learning InstitutesDLI number
McGill UniversityO19359011033
Universite de MontrealO19359011045
Concordia UniversityO19073475522
Dawson CollegeO19359201433
Cegep de MaisonneuveO19359201705

DLI universities in British Columbia 

Designated Learning InstitutesDLI number
University of British ColumbiaO19330231062
Simon Fraser UniversityO18781994282
Langara CollegeO19319074622
Vancouver Island UniversityO19395299688
Okanagan CollegeO19395299488

DLI colleges in Ontario

Designated Learning InstitutesDLI number
University of TorontoO19332746152
University of WaterlooO19305471522
Western UniversityO19375892122
Centennial CollegeO19394700003
Sheridan CollegeO19385946782

DLI colleges in Alberta

Designated Learning InstitutesDLI number
University of AlbertaO19257171832
University of CalgaryO18886830282
MacEwan UniversityO19092022262
Bow Valley CollegeO19273769422
Northern Alberta Institute of TechnologyO18713200642


DLI list in Canada is an important concept you need to understand if you plan to study in Canada. The Canadian government has organized its education system to keep a record of and to help international students. 

By giving DLI status to certain institutions, the government helps students choose the best college for themselves. 

These are the institutions that have special policies and procedures for international students. In this blog, we have discussed the DLI institutions, the reason for choosing them, and what is a DLI number. 

From the above-provided list of government-approved DLI institutions, you can find your college and note down its number. 

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Is Seneca College DLI listed?

Yes, Seneca College is on the DLI list in Canada, and its DLI number is O19395536013. You can visit the official Canadian govt. Website.

Does Niagara College provide work permit?

Niagara College is also on the list of Designated Learning Institutes, and it offers PGWP-eligible programs. Its DLI number is O19396019469.