Study Abroad

Among Indian students, studying abroad has become a popular option. More and more students every year are choosing to study abroad.

There are numerous options available for students to study abroad, but Canada and Germany have shown an emerging number of international students.

But which of these two countries is the better option for Indian students? In this blog, you will get the best answer for Canada vs Germany for Indian students, which is better. 

I will discuss the factors considered necessary when choosing a country to study. 

Let’s start by discussing the advantages of studying in both countries.

Canada vs Germany For Indian Students

Here you will learn the overview of studying in both countries and the benefits of studying there.

Studying in Canada

Canada welcomes students from different backgrounds or cultures and provides them with a safe environment for students. 

Also, Canada is known for its high-quality education and is home to many top universities for their excellent academic standards.

For example, the University of Toronto, McGill University, the University of British Columbia, and many more.

So Indian students will have greater research opportunities with high-quality education if they study in Canada.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of studying in Canada. As it is important to learn the advantages of studying in Canada to get a proper answer for Canada vs Germany for Indian students which is better?

Advantages Of Studying In Canada For Indians

  1. Canada offers good post-study work opportunities for international students, including Indians. The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) allows students to work in Canada for up to three years after completing their studies.
  2. Canadian universities offer various scholarships and financial aid programs to support international students, including Indians. These opportunities can help relieve the financial burden of studying abroad from students and make education more affordable.
  3. Canada has a large Indian population that provides a supportive network and a sense of familiarity for Indian students who are studying there.
  4. Canada consistently ranks high in quality of life and safety. Indian students can enjoy a high standard of living, access to healthcare services, and a secure environment. 
  5. After completing their study and gaining a valuable work experience in Canada, Indian students can easily apply for PR in Canada to settle there.

Studying In Germany

Germany is globally known for its outstanding academic reputation research programs. Germany has many universities and institutes consistently ranked among the best in the world. 

A degree from a German university is highly regarded globally, providing Indian students with valuable qualifications.

Germany also offers study at affordable prices, and many public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees, even for international students. 

Students only have to pay a minimal administrative fee. 

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Advantages Of Studying In Germany For Indians

  1. German universities have a strong global reputation for academic excellence and research contributions.
  2. Germany provides plenty of opportunities for internships and practical training. Indian students can gain hands-on experience and industry exposure to develop valuable skills through internships with big German companies and research institutions.
  3. Germany is renowned for its technological advancements and engineering expertise. It offers a wide range of STEM programs that are highly respected globally. 
  4. Germany provides international students with scholarships and funding opportunities, including Indians.

Factors To consider Between Canada vs Germany For Indian Students

Different factors should be considered while choosing a specific country for study. 

  1. You must consider your preferences, including the cultural environment, lifestyle, and weather you prefer. You must also consider your long-term career goals and research which country suits better to you according to your goals.
  2. Check your language proficiency in both English and German. If you are fluent in English, Canada may be a good choice as it is a native English-speaking country. While if you are good in German or have a basic understanding, Germany can also be a good option.
  3. Consider your financial situation and the cost of living and tuition fees in both countries. Check the availability of scholarships and funding options for Indian students in both countries.
  4. If your goal is to settle permanently in the country after completing your studies, research the immigration policies offered by both Canada and Germany. After doing research, select the country where you can easily settle after your study and can start your career.

It is important to consider these factors carefully and do proper research to make an informed decision that is best for you in every situation. The choice between Canada vs Germany for Indian students will depend on a combination of the above factors.

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Comparison Between Canada And Germany For Indian Students

There are various things that you must compare between Canada vs Germany for Indian students. 

Tuition feesAround $36,100 per year (Varies with the university)Around €2000 per year (varies with the university)
Cost of livingC$3,488 per month (For a single person)
C$6,341 per month (For a family of four people)
€2,417 per month (For a single person)
€4,349 per month (For a family of four people)
Average course duration4 years (UG courses)
1-2 years (PG courses)
3-4 years (UG courses)
1-2 years (PG courses)
Native languageEnglishGerman
PR chancesHigh (If you complete two years of study and get valuable work experience)Slightly less


In this blog, I have discussed Canada vs Germany for Indian students, which is better to study. When choosing a country between Canada vs Germany, you must do good research before concluding.

If you have financial issues and cannot pay a huge amount of fees, you can choose to study at public universities in Germany. There you will get free education. But to study and live in Germany, you must have a good knowledge of the German language.

Canada is a better choice if you are looking for a good future and want to settle in the country after completing your study.

I hope this blog has cleared up all your queries about Canada vs Germany for Indian students, which is better?

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Are there any scholarships available for Indian students studying in Canada or Germany?

Both Canada and Germany offer scholarships and funding options specifically for Indian students. These scholarships can help students to manage tuition fees and living expenses, to make studying abroad more affordable.

How long can Indian students work after completing their studies in Canada and Germany?

In Canada, Indian students can apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), which allows them to work for up to three years after completing their studies. In Germany, Indian students can apply for an 18-month post-study work permit to search for employment and gain practical experience.