How to get 65 in PTE academics? This is the concern of most test takers, with this score, they can easily get admission to most of the top-ranked universities worldwide. 

PTE Academic is a computer-based English language test that assesses language proficiency for students who wish to study or work abroad. Achieving a score of 65 on this test is a great achievement, and it is achievable with the right preparation and strategies. 

PTE consists of four sections:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Each section is evaluated on a scale of 0-90, and a score of 65 or higher is needed to get admission to the top reputed institute.

In this article, we will discuss how to get 65 in PTE Academic. So read the complete blog to know everything about it.

How To Get 65 In PTE Academic? 

There are a total of three steps that every student must follow to get a 65 or higher score on the PTE exam.

  • Understand the structure of the exam.
  • Practice every question.
  • Follow the right strategies for the exam.

Understand The Structure Of The Exam

The first step to getting a good score on the PTE Academic test is to understand the structure of the test. The test is divided into different sections that include listening, reading, writing, and speaking. It is important to know the format of each section and what type of questions are asked in each section.

Here is the structure of the exam that will help you understand the exam.

But before that, you must know which PTE exam you must take as there are a total of 2 types of PTE exams:

PTE GeneralThe PTE General is not applicable for immigration purposes. This exam is applicable for higher education and works in Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine. 
PTE AcademicsPTE Academic is accepted for higher study in international institutes and for immigration purposes. It is accepted in countries like the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.

So now let’s look at the format of the exam:

SectionDurationType of questions
Speaking & Writing54 – 67 minutesRepeat sentence
Describe image
Re-tell lecture
Answer short question
Summarize written text
Essay (20 mins)
Reading30 – 43 minutesReading & writing: Fill in the blanks
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
Re-order paragraphs
Reading: Fill in the blanks
Multiple-choice, choose single answer
Listening29 – 30 minutesSummarize spoken text
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
Fill in the blanks
Highlight correct summary
Multiple-choice, choose single answer
Select missing word
Highlight incorrect words
Write from dictation

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Practice Every Question

The second step is to practice. Taking practice tests is a great way to get familiar with the format and the types of questions asked in the test. 

Practice tests will also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and give you an idea of how much preparation you need to do.

It is important for you that you practice from the best resources for the PTE exam. Here are some resources to practice for the PTE exam and get a score of 65 or higher.

Follow The Right Strategies For The Exam

The third and final step on how to get 65 in PTE academics is to follow the right strategies for the exam. It is important to understand the different strategies that you can use to answer each type of question. 

For example, when answering multiple-choice questions, you should read the question carefully and eliminate the incorrect answers first before selecting the correct answer. For essay questions, it is important to plan your answer before writing it.

Here are some tips that every student must follow to score high in the PTE exam.

  • Read the instructions carefully.

It is important to read the instructions carefully before answering any question. This will help you understand what is expected of you and make it easier for you to answer the questions correctly.

  • Read Carefully

Reading carefully is essential when taking the PTE Academic. Make sure you read the questions and instructions carefully so that you understand what is being asked.

  • Speak Clearly

The speaking section of the PTE Academic is an important part of your score. Make sure you speak clearly and correctly when answering questions.

  • Use Grammar and Vocabulary

Grammar and vocabulary are key when taking the PTE Academic. Make sure you use correct grammar and the correct vocabulary words when answering questions.

  • Time management

It is essential for success on the PTE Academic test. It is important to manage your time effectively so that you can complete all the tasks within the given time frame.

  • Focus

It is important to stay focused throughout the test. You should not get distracted by the other questions or tasks.

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After learning these tips about how to get 65 in PTE Academic, you must be aware of some common mistakes that most students do during the PTE exam.

Common Mistakes That Stop Students From Getting 65 in PTE

Here, we will discuss some of the mistakes that students must avoid if they are aiming for 65 in PTE on their first attempt.

  1. Studying Without a Plan
  2. Fast is not always fluent
  3. Use of filler sounds
  4. Do not pause for too long
  5. Writing without knowing the word limit

Studying Without a Plan

The first and most common mistake that most students make is that they start preparing for the exam without creating a proper strategy. Due to this, they won’t come to know about their weak and strong points and without proper planning, they fail to get achieve a good score on the exam.

Fast is not always fluent

You may hear that speaking fast will increase your fluency score, but that is the biggest lie of your life. Speaking fast is not going to help with fluency; speaking at a natural speed with a clear and understandable tone will.

Use of filler sounds

Sometimes we do not know, but we use fillers while speaking in PTE. For example, ‘aah,’ ‘Uhm,’ etc. This will affect your score in the speaking section. You can overcome this habit by creating your own template or using templates available on the web.

Do not pause for too long

Taking too long pauses can also affect your PTE speaking score. At punctuation, take only necessary pauses do not take pauses to think while speaking.

Writing without knowing the word limit

Writing over the word limit can also affect your score in the writing section. Try to stick to the 200 – 300 word limit for better results.

65 In PTE Equivalent To IELTS

After learning how to get 65 in PTE Academics, the question that arises in the test taker’s mind is that 65 in PTE is equivalent to what score in IELTS. 

A 65 score in the PTE exam is said to be equal to the 7 bands in the IELTS exam.

To understand easily we will provide the score comparison table for both exams, below.

Skill Level PTE IELTS
Expert 89-909
Very Good 83-858.5
Very Good 74-848
Good 73-777.5
Good 64-727
Competent 58-636.5
Competent 50-576
Modest 42-495.5

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In this blog, we have discussed how to get 65 in PTE academics. Getting a good score on the PTE Academic test is a challenging task. It requires a lot of practice and preparation. 

As understanding the structure of an exam to get a high score in that exam is essential, so we have described the structure of the exam before providing detail of some helpful resources to practice for the exam. 

You can easily get a high score if you follow the tips we have described above. As it is not difficult to score high score in the PTE exam if you follow the right strategies.

We hope we have cleared all your queries about how to get 65 in PTE academics. For more content like this, keep visiting CourseMentor™. Good luck!

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Is 65 good score in PTE Academic?

Yes, 65 is considered as a good PTE academic score because with a score of 65 or above you can get enrolled in most of the top institutes, whether you are going to study bachelor or master’s.

Which part of PTE is difficult?

For most students, the PTE reading is the most difficult module of the exam as they fail to achieve a good score in the PTE reading. This is also considered the most complicated module in the PTE exam.

Which day is easy for PTE exam?

There is no specific day on which the PTE exam is easy. It only depends on your preparation, if you prepare well for the exam you will find the exam easy, no matter which day you take the test.