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It can happen that students may lose their precious money by getting enrolled in blacklisted colleges in Canada. They may be unaware that the institute they are enrolling in is blacklisted.

The degree or diploma from a blacklisted institute is not recognized by the government. So degree taken from these institutes is useless for the students.

Students waste their precious time after studying in these colleges. Students’ hopes and dreams were broken due to this fraud. To avoid situations like this, you should do a lot of research before applying to any college in Canada. You can also get help from a study visa expert with great experience and knowledge. 

Before learning how to find the blacklisted colleges in Canada, you should understand what “blacklisted college” means. If you want to know about the most expensive college in the world, then you should read our blog on this.

What does blacklisting mean?

It is an act in which a government, group, or organization makes a list of countries, companies, or individuals to stop working with them because they are involved in any type of criminal activity. 

A college or university gets blacklisted when it violates rules created by the authorities for colleges. The degree or diploma you got becomes a piece of paper if you got it from a blacklisted college or university. 

What is a blacklisted college?

A blacklisted college is one that has lost all of its licenses due to illegal activity. After getting blacklisted, degrees from that college become unrecognized by the government. There is no use for the diploma and degree issued by a college that is blacklisted. 

There are many reasons why a college can get blacklisted. The most common reason is the college’s involvement in any type of criminal activity. There are some other reasons given below which can cause a college to be on the list of blacklisted colleges. 

  • If a college refuses to renew its registration or application
  • College has poor infrastructural facilities
  • When a college is involved in the illegal admission of students
  • College doesn’t have a proper relationship between students and lecturers
  • If the management of the college is poor, if there is bullying or other criminal activity in the college, it can also lose its license.
  • The college can get blacklisted if it recruits unqualified and unprofessional staff, then it can get blacklisted.
  • When a college is not able to pay its financial penalties, it can also get blacklisted by the authorities.

How To Find blacklisted colleges in Canada

Tip 1 – Visit the official website of the college you choose to check its license.

Tip 2 – You should also check the agency website that provided the license. This is to check if the license is true.

Tip 3 –  You can also check the designated learning colleges’ list in Canada on the official website of Canada Immigration. You must enter the name of the province where your choice of college is situated. 

There you will get a list of designated learning colleges in that province. There you can check whether your choice of college is on that list or not. If your choice of college is not on the list there, then it is one of the lists of blacklisted colleges in Canada.

So you must check the college you are applying to that whether that college is in the list of designated colleges list in Canada by visiting the link given in the previous paragraph. You must save yourself by not entering any of the blacklisted colleges in Canada.

The consequences of getting a degree or diploma from a blacklisted college

  • Most companies and government organizations don’t consider the degrees and diplomas from blacklisted colleges. They don’t allow you to work for them based on a degree or diploma from a blacklisted college.
  • You will waste your money and time studying at a blacklisted college. You will only earn a piece of paper from that college, which is useless.
  • To get a job, you have to get that degree again from a licensed college. This will cost you extra money and can also be very stressful sometimes.
  • If a college gets blacklisted, then it damages the reputation of the college. As no one wants to study in a college that does not have a license from the government. Due to this, students take back their applications from college, and the college may even stop working.

So, there is no use in wasting your hard-earned money and precious time by getting enrolled in the blacklisted colleges in Canada. Check the list of the colleges that got blacklisted by the government of Canada by visiting the Canada Immigration official website (Link has been provided above).

Final Words

In this post, we have discussed how to search for blacklisted colleges in Canada. It is also explained what a blacklisted college means and why a college gets blacklisted. If you plan to move to Canada for higher studies, you should not apply to blacklisted colleges. 

This is because the chances that you will get a visa from the Canadian embassy for these colleges are very low, almost nil. To save your time and money, avoid these colleges for studying.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this post about how to search for blacklisted colleges in Canada. Also, we hope this blog will help you to get enrolled in a blacklisted college in Canada.


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