Victoria University Courses For International Students 

Victoria University Courses

In today’s blog, we will discuss the complete list of Victoria University Courses. Victoria University is a highly recognized public research university in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. For over 100 years, it has offered accessible education to students and is only one of Australia’s six universities that offer TAFE and higher education courses. 

The University offers various globally recognized industry-focused qualifications from research to vocational education. VU aims to create positive industry, education, and community outcomes. If you want to go to Australia to study at Victoria University, you must decide on the courses we discussed in this blog. So, let us dive into the Victoria University Courses. 

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Victoria University Courses

The University offers various bachelor, master’s, certificates, diplomas, graduate certificates, degrees, and postgraduate courses in multiple fields. The college offers all these courses in Arts & Humanities, Business, Computers & IT, Engineering & Science, Education, Health & Biomedicine, Law & Justice, and Trades. So, here are the complete lists of Victoria University Courses with their tuition fees and requirements. 

Victoria University CoursesDuration of Course Fees Per Semester
Bachelor of Accounting3 Years$15,800
Master of Applied Information Technology2 years$16,400
Master of Applied Research2 years$13,100 – $17,000
Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence0.5 years$15,500
Bachelor of Arts3 years$13,700
Bachelor of Biomedical and Exercise Science3 years
Bachelor of Biomedical Science3 years$16,700
Bachelor of Biomedicine3 years$18,200
Diploma of Building and Construction2 years $7,077 
Bachelor of Building Design3 years$16,400
Master of Business Administration2 years$ 17,600
Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics0.5 years
Master of Business Analytics2 years$16,400
Bachelor of Business3 years
Diploma of Business (Enterprise)1 year $14,000
Master of Clinical Exercise Science and Rehabilitation1.5 years
Certificate III in Commercial Cookery 1 year$9,045
Bachelor of Community Development3 years
Bachelor of Construction Management4 years$16,400
Master of Counselling2 years
Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Psychological Studies3 years$13,700
Bachelor of Criminal Justice3 years$13,700
Bachelor of Criminology3 years$14,300
Bachelor of Cyber Security3 years
Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security0.5 years$16,400
Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security1 year
Bachelor of Data Science3 years$16,100
Bachelor of Dermal Sciences4 years
Graduate Certificate in Digital Media0.5 years$14,900
Graduate Diploma in Digital Media1 year$14,900
Master of Digital Media2 years$14,900
Certificate III (Early Childhood Education & Care)1 year$7,910
Diploma (Early Childhood Education & Care)1 year$9,085
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education & Leadership4 years$14,600
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education3 years$14,600
Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education1 year$14,600
Graduate Certificate in Education0.5 years$14,600
Graduate Diploma in Education1 year$14,600
Master of Education2 years$14,600
Bachelor of Education4 years$14,600
Bachelor of Education Studies3 years$14,600
Diploma of Education Studies1 year$12,800
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) 4 years$18,800
Master of Engineering2 years$19,400
Master of Enterprise Resource Planning2 years$16,400
Bachelor of Exercise Science (Clinical Practice)3 years$17,000
Bachelor of Exercise Science (Sports Practice)3 years$17,000
Master of Finance2 years$16,400
Graduate Certificate in Global Public Health0.5 years$16,400
Master of Global Public Health2 years$16,400
Bachelor of Health Science3 years$17,600
Associate Degree in Hospitality & Hotel Management2 years$14,000
Bachelor of Human Nutrition3 years$15,800
Master of Human Resource Management2 years$16,400
Bachelor of Information Technology3 years$16,100
Diploma of Information Technology1 year$14,300
Bachelor of Information Technology (Professional)3.5 years$16,100
Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Project Management0.5 years$16,100
Graduate Certificate in International Community Development0.5 years$13,700
Graduate Diploma in International Community Development1 year
Master of International Community Development2 years$13,700
International Foundations at VU (Extended)39 weeks$11,220
International Foundations at VU26 weeks$11,220
Certificate IV in Kitchen Management1.5 years full time$7,256
Bachelor of Laws4 years$15,800
Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Criminology4.5 years$15,200
Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry)3 years$15,800
Master of Marketing2 years$16,400
Bachelor of Midwifery/Bachelor of Nursing4 years$17,600
Graduate Diploma in Migration Law1 year$17,000
Bachelor of Music3 years$13,700
Bachelor of Nursing3 years$17,600
Bachelor of Outdoor Leadership3 years$16,400
Bachelor of Paramedicine3 years$16,700
Doctor of Philosophy4 years$15,200 to A$17,900
Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated)4 years$15,200 to A$17,600
Bachelor of Physical Education and Sport Science3 years$16,400
Master of Professional Accounting2 years$16,400
Graduate Diploma in Project Management1 year$17,000
Master of Project Management2 years$17,000
Bachelor of Psychological Studies3 years$15,500
Bachelor of Psychological Studies / Bachelor of Business4 years$15,800
Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)4 years$15,500
Master of Research1.5 years$13,100 – $17,300
Master of Research Practice1 year$13,100 – $17,000
Bachelor of Science1 year$16,700
Bachelor of Screen Media3 years$13,700
Bachelor of Social Work4 years$14,300
Bachelor of Sport Management3 years$17,000
Bachelor of Sport Management / Business4 years$16,400
Bachelor of Sport Science3 years$15,500
Bachelor of Sport Science / Bachelor of Psychological Studies4 years$15,800
Bachelor of Sport Science / Sport Management4 years$16,100
Master of Supply Chain Management2 years$16,400
Master of Teaching (Primary Education)2 years$14,600
Master of Teaching (Secondary Education)2 years$14,600
Bachelor of Youth Work3 years$13,700

So, these are the complete list of Victoria University Courses.

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English Language Requirements

Here are the requirements according to the degree:

Exam For Bachelor DegreeFor Master Degree For Graduate Certificates & Graduate Diplomas
IELTSOverall 6.0 bandsOverall 6.5 bandsOverall 6.5 bands
TOEFLOverall scores of 67Overall scores of 79Overall scores of 79
CAEOverall Score of 169Overall scores of 176Overall scores of 176

Final Remarks

In this blog, we have discussed a complete list of Victoria University Courses. Victoria University offers various courses across various fields, including Arts & Humanities, Business, Computers & IT, Engineering & Science, Education, Health & Biomedicine, Law & Justice, and Trades. With its accessible education and industry-focused qualifications, the university has established itself as a leading institution in Australia. 

Whether it’s undergraduate or postgraduate studies, Victoria University provides a diverse range of programs to cater to the needs and interests of international students. The university offers online and in-person learning opportunities, even in uncertain times, providing a seamless academic experience. I hope you liked this post about Victoria University Courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the most popular course in Victoria?

Health, Nursing, and business-focused areas are the most famous courses selected by more than 5300 students as a part of the (VTAC) Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre.

Q2. Why is Victoria University the best for study?

The Victoria University Courses provides online classes and activities, safe-in-person learning opportunities for students to continue studying without any interruption in changing circumstances.

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